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  1. Thanks Bibs.. I took the carpets out last week and despite heavy rain since, the inside is dry which points to the condensate issue as in that post you linked to. Except the car is a 2013 so AFAIK it shouldn't have the valves on the drain hose and shouldn't block. I'll investigate anyway and report back on another post.....
  2. I was driving the grey Evora going in the opposite direction.
  3. I think I sorted mine today. Clue that it was not fitting tightly to the seal was that after heavy rain the top face of the rubber seal was visibly wet on the offside side of the boot only. I started off by screwing the rubber stoppers fully in so that they were out of the equation, dried off the seal and wiped some wd40 on the underside of the boot lid so I could see where it touched the seal. Quick check confirmed the leak so I slackened off the two 8mm bolts on the strike plate and moved it down a few mm. A bit of trial and error later and the seal was touching and the boot still popped open on the button. To finish I screwed the stoppers back out a bit at a time, pushing on each corner of the boot lid to check when they were just far enough out to stop the boot lid flopping about. I washed the car after and nothing got in so fingers crossed. Now I just need to work out why the passenger footwell is leaking but that can wait for another thread.
  4. Update to this.. after saying my knobs didn't light up I checked and they do, albeit not particularly brightly. The dimmer control doesn't have any effect on them but the red/blue bit and numbers does just about glow.
  5. My heating knobs aren't illuminated.. The buttons are but the aluminium knobs aren't. Not sure how they could be unless from above?
  6. Evening all, My boot had a slight leak because the boot lid wasn't sitting tightly against the rubber seal. I've fixed the leak by screwing the two rubber stoppers on each corner in slightly so the boot lid sits tighter against the seal but now the boot won't pop open when I press the button. It does open if I pull up on the spoiler while I press the button. Is there a way to realign the catch after I've adjusted the two twisty stopper things or some magic way to align everything? Thanks..
  7. I ordered three wipers which all arrived today - looks like I was lucky. The £2.40 Vs £1.20 is a bit of a red herring.. they were 2.40 when I posted but as always there's an ECP discount code on their site which at the time was 50% off. Today they are priced at £25.99 with a 37% discount code so I suspect the previous £2.40 should have been £24.00.
  8. Right now (the week before black Friday) EuroCarParts are selling Valeo Evora wiper blades for..wait for it... £1.20. I've ordered a couple which are on the way and hopefully the right size...
  9. Thanks. The IPS thing started as a cheapskate head Vs heart thing to be honest: Manuals have the risk, however remote, of an expensive clutch change and they also fall into the £500 a year road tax bracket. IPS is 200 quid cheaper tax and no clutch to worry about. When I drove the IPS I was very pleasantly surprised.. In Drive it's perfectly ok - smooth changes and a very relaxed drive. In Sport its completely different.. nicely timed changes, nice use of revs that varies depending on how you are driving the whole thing just works really well. Paddle shift is good once you adjust to the lag. The day I picked it up I was wondering if I'd done the right thing as it just didn't feel quite right not having to change gear but a week on and I'm sold on it. For me at least the IPS will be the right choice about 80% of the time and I've got the Caterham for the other 20%.
  10. You have a keen eye - it is Silverstone. I've been looking for a few months and had my eye on this car for a while. I also read most of the market watch thread looking for mentions of this particular car but it's never happened, which I'm hoping is because it's pretty unremarkable as SRs go and not because it's such a basket case that no one would touch it....
  11. New member. Not a great photo but you get the idea. SR S IPS on a 63 plate, I reckon it must be the only SR specced with black calipers ...
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