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  1. Thanks all.. as others have said the meguiars stuff is meant to be gentle and not like the old 'wonderwheels' that ate through anything it touched. To answer one of the questions the difference between the photos is that one shows the metallic silver patch of damaged lacquer and the other is after I poked it and it fell off. I suspect Ramjet is right (good spot) that the lacquer was holed/damaged and water or the cleaner has got in and finished it off. A wheel refurb was on the list of things Silverstone had highlighted to be done before I collected but for whatever reason they didn't and said they were they were ok. Guess I'll get them done as a post-lockdown treat
  2. A couple of weeks ago I cleaned my car and used Meguiars Ultimate all wheel cleaner ('Safe on all wheels') on my gloss black Design wheels . Today I noticed an odd grey shiny patch on one wheel and when I rubbed it, it flaked away leaving the paint underneath. Photos below are before and after rubbing and the stuff I used. I'm a bit miffed but before I contact Meguiars and ask if it could be their product has anyone else had a similar problem?
  3. Me and my two girls sat in the one at silverstone when I bought my 'S' SR back in November. It was as mint as it looked and really was lovely but old english white and tan leather were just a bit too grown up for me. I've kept an eye on it as it deserves a good home. It's not on the previously sold cars section of the Silverstone website so I guess has been taken back by its owner until the zombie apocalypse is over.
  4. I'm currently a paid member of a 'related but not really Lotus' car club that gets me 15% off my Classic Line Evora policy. I don't get much value out of it though so am thinking of not renewing. Instead which Lotus car clubs qualify for a car club insurance discount with Classicline? Thanks.
  5. Being a tightarse I was hoping to find the belt OEM packaged rather than Lotus packaged - 50 quid versus £120. I might give up in the end though
  6. I've been trying to find the Gatorback belt for my Evora S (Gates K071130). I gather that in US they are sold as Goodyear Gatorback and in Europe they are branded as Continental but I can't find a supplier.. please post if you do find anywhere.
  7. I found a magimix spatula in the kitchen which was thin enough to slip under the headlining and lift it just enough to push the cable in. Don't tell the wife but it might still be in the garage. I tried the A Pillar trim but was scared it would break before it came away.
  8. I bought my car from Silverstone in November and noticed a really soggy passenger front carpet after a couple of weeks - I hadn't checked it previously. I took the carpet out to dry and left it bare metal but despite some really heavy rain and me washing the car not a drop has come in. That left me thinking it must be the a/c drain, except I keep the a/c on all the time and still nothing. I'm left with two theories.. either it is the a/c but there isn't enough humidity at this time of year for it to back up, or the water came in through some other means (jetwash etc) and has just been held in the carpet for months. If you haven't already, lift the front mats and carpets out and leave it with the bare ally floor for a while and see if anything gets in.
  9. Let me out of a car park in my Sports Racer.
  10. USB in the glovebox is factory fitted for the stereo - you can plug in a USB stick or mp3 player etc. I have the 12v socket at the rear of the console under the arm rest and also one right at the front of the console between the two footwells. I've put one of those plug in USB adaptors in it - when I first tried it the socket didn't work which turned out to be a blown fuse.
  11. Thanks Bibs.. I took the carpets out last week and despite heavy rain since, the inside is dry which points to the condensate issue as in that post you linked to. Except the car is a 2013 so AFAIK it shouldn't have the valves on the drain hose and shouldn't block. I'll investigate anyway and report back on another post.....
  12. I was driving the grey Evora going in the opposite direction.
  13. I think I sorted mine today. Clue that it was not fitting tightly to the seal was that after heavy rain the top face of the rubber seal was visibly wet on the offside side of the boot only. I started off by screwing the rubber stoppers fully in so that they were out of the equation, dried off the seal and wiped some wd40 on the underside of the boot lid so I could see where it touched the seal. Quick check confirmed the leak so I slackened off the two 8mm bolts on the strike plate and moved it down a few mm. A bit of trial and error later and the seal was touching and the boot still popped open on the button. To finish I screwed the stoppers back out a bit at a time, pushing on each corner of the boot lid to check when they were just far enough out to stop the boot lid flopping about. I washed the car after and nothing got in so fingers crossed. Now I just need to work out why the passenger footwell is leaking but that can wait for another thread.
  14. Update to this.. after saying my knobs didn't light up I checked and they do, albeit not particularly brightly. The dimmer control doesn't have any effect on them but the red/blue bit and numbers does just about glow.
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