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  1. Sat in a jam with the windows open. I was in my Evora going the other way.
  2. That explains exactly what I'm hearing. I'd assumed Sports mode left the bypass open, not that it opened, it, closed it and then opened it again. Thanks for taking the time to respond.
  3. So not just me which is good.. but perhaps only Carbon Grey 2013 Evora S Sports Racers in Hertfordshire. I wondered if that was me replying to myself for a minute :-). Reindeer.. is yours an IPS? If not that would eliminate gearbox solenoids for me.
  4. I've noticed a tick/hiss sound that happens at about 2500 rpm which i can only hear with windows open. Today I realised it's the same sound I get when press the sport button while at idle which makes me think it's the exhaust bypass valve solenoid opening - except I hear it in Sports mode when the valve is already open. Is that possible or is the noise going to be something different but similar, e.g. an IPS solenoid? Thanks
  5. My 2013 S IPS has a satisfyingly sporty clunk when you press the D button from parked but is really smooth at all other times. The only time it's clunked in use was on the test drive when I tried dropping two gears in one (down-down) in manual mode which caused a jolt. With hindsight I could well have made it go 3rd to 1st so perhaps unsurprising. It's never jolted when in auto either Drive or Sports mode. In auto drive it's quite sensitive to throttle position though and will sometimes shift down if you accelerate even slightly but nothing I'd describe as violent. What you are describing
  6. Thanks both.. Once the nearside washer is up it stays up so no problems getting to it. I'll have a look at the weekend and see if wd40 works. I have to push it firmly all the way down so suspect it could be the spring issue though.
  7. One my headlamp washers is staying popped out after use, instead of sinking back down. I can manually push it back down. Is there an easy fix, e.g. cleaning something or will it need replacing? If the latter I'll try out the Silverstone used car warranty. I was going to speak to them about a sticky paddleshifter anyway so will ask about this too.
  8. Thanks Dave and all for taking the time to reply. So it looks like it is the correct and only belt for the Evora S by virtue of the more exciting types not coming in the right size. At least I've done my bit by supporting my local-ish a lotus dealer. In their and Lotus's defence it was also very sensibly priced. I recall Dave at H111 saying spares prices were were being reviewed which does look to have happened - and kept me off ebay.
  9. Just received a drive belt for my Evora S from deroure. I was expecting a gatorback but the belt I've been sent is branded as Bando with no packaging or labels on it. Is this the lastest and best one or should I have just bought generic Gates etc?
  10. Thanks all.. as others have said the meguiars stuff is meant to be gentle and not like the old 'wonderwheels' that ate through anything it touched. To answer one of the questions the difference between the photos is that one shows the metallic silver patch of damaged lacquer and the other is after I poked it and it fell off. I suspect Ramjet is right (good spot) that the lacquer was holed/damaged and water or the cleaner has got in and finished it off. A wheel refurb was on the list of things Silverstone had highlighted to be done before I collected but for whatever reason they didn't and
  11. A couple of weeks ago I cleaned my car and used Meguiars Ultimate all wheel cleaner ('Safe on all wheels') on my gloss black Design wheels . Today I noticed an odd grey shiny patch on one wheel and when I rubbed it, it flaked away leaving the paint underneath. Photos below are before and after rubbing and the stuff I used. I'm a bit miffed but before I contact Meguiars and ask if it could be their product has anyone else had a similar problem?
  12. Me and my two girls sat in the one at silverstone when I bought my 'S' SR back in November. It was as mint as it looked and really was lovely but old english white and tan leather were just a bit too grown up for me. I've kept an eye on it as it deserves a good home. It's not on the previously sold cars section of the Silverstone website so I guess has been taken back by its owner until the zombie apocalypse is over.
  13. I'm currently a paid member of a 'related but not really Lotus' car club that gets me 15% off my Classic Line Evora policy. I don't get much value out of it though so am thinking of not renewing. Instead which Lotus car clubs qualify for a car club insurance discount with Classicline? Thanks.
  14. Being a tightarse I was hoping to find the belt OEM packaged rather than Lotus packaged - 50 quid versus £120. I might give up in the end though
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