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  1. My front nearside TPMS valve used to leak, I'd tighten it and a few weeks later it would leak again. Eventually I used some threadlock before tightening and since then its been fine.
  2. Dave.. many thanks. I'll pass them your details.. not convinced they're joined up enough to actually act on it but worth a go! Thanks..
  3. Another week on and I've finally got a semi answer from autoglass. They're apparently waiting for everything but the glass: Left and right A pillar trims and the upper and lower windscreen rubbers They can't tell me who they ordered from, only that they might be available on 30 October. No idea if lotus are taking 3 months to supply them or autoglass have messed up. Moral of the story is don't expect a new windscreen in a hurry 🙂
  4. I booked a windscreen with Autoglass (the insurer's approved supplier) at the start of August and still waiting. As far as I can tell they have the glass but are waiting for several other bits but can't or won't tell me what they are missing. I guess they'd need A-pillar trims but not sure what else. Can it really take lotus 2 months to supply whatever it is they need? Anyone else dealt with Autoglass and been able to help them get whatever's needed? My MOT is due in November so I'm starting to worry....
  5. I think the base model calipers were unpainted but with the sport pack you got red calipers?(or black painted as a non cost option). My 2013 Sports Racer S has black painted calipers as that's what the original owner specced.
  6. To add to the MPG knowledgebase, My supercharged IPS showed 30mpg on a long mostly motorway run to and from Silverstone this weekend. That's a record for me - I normally see high teens driving on mostly B roads. The IPS 6th is similar to the long ratio box, great for 70mph cruising but 5th gear needed for rapid acceleration.
  7. Ahh, sorry I missed you and your car. Three Evoras on one site is a pretty good haul. Great photo with the balloons in the background too.
  8. The grey one's mine.. We were right down the bottom of the golf club field - I washed it on the Thursday night and by Friday lunchtime it was caked in mud. I saw the lovely yellow SR up near the pizza van but didn't see the owner, good weekend but would have been so much better with some sun.
  9. Assuming you can get one of the others out you could measure the thread and length then get yourself onto eBay for an E14 M12 bolt or whatever size it is, there are plenty of good fixing suppliers on there. There's only a few likely thread pitches but if in doubt you can buy a pitch gauge for about a fiver. To get the knackered one out try an Irwin Bolt Grip extractor
  10. It does looks that way 😞. I suspect grit gets into the foam block and scratches the coating off the pipe allowing rust to set in. The pipes are clamped in foam throughout the sill as well as in the arch so there's a good chance this could become a very difficult repair. Hopefully yours has gone in the arch like mine, see if you can get a photo from Oakmere. I'll look out for details of their solution.
  11. Thanks Phil. Before and after photos below. In truth the red isn't quite as vivid as it looks below, but a definite improvement after 2 minutes of t-cut.
  12. Flag/Jack - In the scouts I also learnt it was only a jack when on a ship but now believe that to be incorrect. While a jack is a pennant flown on a ship, our flag is called the Union Jack because of its naval origin. the 'Union Jack flag' if you will. Anyway, the badges. Deroure sell the lotus ones at a pisstaking fifty quid a pair. I can find others at more honest pricing but where specified they are shorter/fatter at 50mm x 30mm.
  13. My union jacks have faded but Lotus want a downright unreasonable £48 for a pair. Lotus badges are 55mm x 25mm. Loads of places sell 50mm x 30mm badges for about £8 each but I worry the proportions would look wrong. Has anyone fitted a non Lotus badge and can tell me where from and ideally share a picture? Thanks. (NB. I know we should support Lotus and their dealers but 3x the price is taking the pee)
  14. Thanks, good point. Just checked my 2013 S and thankfully all fine.
  15. I'm going for the first time as a substitute for the LM Classic and using the LDC discount. We're also camping on the golf course, not sure whether to take the Evora or go semi-classic in the Caterham though. Quite looking forward to it. Roll on 2022 when we can get back to the red sausages though.
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