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  1. I think the base model calipers were unpainted but with the sport pack you got red calipers?(or black painted as a non cost option). My 2013 Sports Racer S has black painted calipers as that's what the original owner specced.
  2. To add to the MPG knowledgebase, My supercharged IPS showed 30mpg on a long mostly motorway run to and from Silverstone this weekend. That's a record for me - I normally see high teens driving on mostly B roads. The IPS 6th is similar to the long ratio box, great for 70mph cruising but 5th gear needed for rapid acceleration.
  3. Ahh, sorry I missed you and your car. Three Evoras on one site is a pretty good haul. Great photo with the balloons in the background too.
  4. The grey one's mine.. We were right down the bottom of the golf club field - I washed it on the Thursday night and by Friday lunchtime it was caked in mud. I saw the lovely yellow SR up near the pizza van but didn't see the owner, good weekend but would have been so much better with some sun.
  5. Assuming you can get one of the others out you could measure the thread and length then get yourself onto eBay for an E14 M12 bolt or whatever size it is, there are plenty of good fixing suppliers on there. There's only a few likely thread pitches but if in doubt you can buy a pitch gauge for about a fiver. To get the knackered one out try an Irwin Bolt Grip extractor
  6. It does looks that way 😞. I suspect grit gets into the foam block and scratches the coating off the pipe allowing rust to set in. The pipes are clamped in foam throughout the sill as well as in the arch so there's a good chance this could become a very difficult repair. Hopefully yours has gone in the arch like mine, see if you can get a photo from Oakmere. I'll look out for details of their solution.
  7. Thanks Phil. Before and after photos below. In truth the red isn't quite as vivid as it looks below, but a definite improvement after 2 minutes of t-cut.
  8. Flag/Jack - In the scouts I also learnt it was only a jack when on a ship but now believe that to be incorrect. While a jack is a pennant flown on a ship, our flag is called the Union Jack because of its naval origin. the 'Union Jack flag' if you will. Anyway, the badges. Deroure sell the lotus ones at a pisstaking fifty quid a pair. I can find others at more honest pricing but where specified they are shorter/fatter at 50mm x 30mm.
  9. My union jacks have faded but Lotus want a downright unreasonable £48 for a pair. Lotus badges are 55mm x 25mm. Loads of places sell 50mm x 30mm badges for about £8 each but I worry the proportions would look wrong. Has anyone fitted a non Lotus badge and can tell me where from and ideally share a picture? Thanks. (NB. I know we should support Lotus and their dealers but 3x the price is taking the pee)
  10. Thanks, good point. Just checked my 2013 S and thankfully all fine.
  11. I'm going for the first time as a substitute for the LM Classic and using the LDC discount. We're also camping on the golf course, not sure whether to take the Evora or go semi-classic in the Caterham though. Quite looking forward to it. Roll on 2022 when we can get back to the red sausages though.
  12. I had the OS back wheel off a few weeks back and didn't spot any cracks but then again I wasn't looking for any either. One cracked side is unlucky, to crack both looks a worry. I'll check mine.
  13. The tray below the windscreen has holes which drain straight down over the mudguards/bulkhead and the grills over the radiator drain down a corrugated pipe which exits by the upper wishbones. The grills in particular are quite a big rain funnel.
  14. 5th in the auto is quite long as is the final drive. SELOC has a helpful ratio chart here:
  15. That trough drains straight down over the pipework clipped to the bulkhead and caused my corroded pipe so covering that would be ideal, although it would make the design trickier.
  16. I fixed mine as follows.. Run a hose over the boot for a few mins to force it to leak then open the boot lid and look at the seal. If it's leaking it'll be wet on the top of the seal where it isn't squished up tightly against the boot lid. You can tighten it by screwing the rubber feet in on each corner. If you adjust it lots then you might need to adjust the boot lock mech down as well to keep it aligned. Bear in mind the boot lid might end up sitting a fraction lower than the wings when you are done. If that worries you can instead take off the boot seal and pack out the slot before refitting so it sits a fraction higher. Something like washing line string would probably do.
  17. I'd be a maybe depending on price. I've actually been pondering why one doesn't exist as they are standard issue for Caterham owners. An Evora one could solve water ingress issues, protect the dashboard and keep temperature down (think of that black roof).
  18. I suspect we'll be biased on this thread but I feel the same way.. With Gig Esprits it's the first and last that seem to me most sought after, I reckon it'll be the same with Evora S1s.
  19. Interesting... The Covercraft one is available from the US on ebay, £82 shipped including prepaid VAT and duty. That's an awful lot of money compared to the 7 quid Disney cardboard one but it does look smart. I'll hold off for a bit though and see if there's an better alternative.
  20. Good choice.. get yourself over to the Sports Racer thread and post a photo..
  21. Thanks all. The covercraft one looks the business but I'd be bound to get stung for import vat, handling charges and everything so it would end up costing a fortune, real shame they're not sold over here. I've already got a homemade one so those are out. The Disney Cars one has a certain appeal 🙂 . But then the covercaraft one..maybe I'll give, thanks for link to the Greggs site.
  22. Can anyone recommend a windscreen sun shade that fits an Evora and folds for storage? I'm using a homemade one right now but it doesn't fold and looks crap. I've seen a fancy folding American one but they don't seem to be available here.
  23. For completeness I thought I'd post how I fixed this. First I cut the pipe off using a multitool. Before cutting I pushed a cotton wool ball down to just below the cut. After cleaning the cut I took off the back wheel and liner, disconnected the other end of the return oil pipe and blew my airline down it to fire out the cotton wool and flush the pipe out. Top tip.. the pipes cross over in the sill so check the diagram carefully. I took the cut pipe to a hydraulics place in Watford ( who put a solution together for me comprised of an 18mm to 1/2" BSP single ferule compression fitting, 1/2" x 80mm stainless BSPT pipe and a 1/2" BSP to 5/8" 60 degree fitting to match the car. I sealed the taper threads with Loctite anaerobic sealant. Access to tighten the compression fitting is limited - I just about got a crows foot in using wood blocks to hold the pipes apart. The second photo shows the pipe fitted and tested. If you do anything similar i recommend buying a bag of 8mm scrivets as you'll probably need to replace some. I also bought some M5 stainless bolts to refit the mudflap as the old ones were shot. Looking at why this happened, there is a drain hole in the tray under the windscreen which just drips down the bulkhead and down the pipes soaking the foam (and the mudguard brackets 🙂 ).
  24. Interesting. I was thinking about painting the pipe but might paint all of them. Assuming that's true it doesn't bode well for all that foam in the sill. Update so far - Lotus did reply but not with anything useful. I asked if they had a repair solution and if not what the fitting type was. I got a short reply that pretty much said get someone else to fix it and don't email us back 😞. I've left the cut-off pipe with a local hydraulic fitting place who are ordering some bits in for me, I'll call them in the morning. For info the pipe is 18mm and the fitting thread is 5/8" BSPP, not sure what the conical mating surfaces are called though. I'll post a picture of the fixed pipe once it's done.
  25. And the second Lotus article in a fortnight on some other minor motoring website. Amazing how many people have realised there's not long left to scratch their itch, so to speak.
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