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  1. There are quite a few reports of IPS flappy paddles getting stiff or failing completely and requiring replacement. In case anyone is interested here is what's inside them and why they fail:: First, lets look at how they work: The paddle consists of a cast lever and an ABS box. A small rubber block (circled in blue) provides a soft landing when the paddle is pulled: The return spring sits in a blind hole, topped with a white nylon(?) domed plunger - we'll come back to this in a minute: When assembled, a notch in the lever engages with a sliding switch contact (red circles) - when the switch closes you shift up or down. The white domed plunger sits in a divot (yellow circles, plunger removed but you can make out the greasy spring). This photo shows the top of the moulding, the plunger goes up in the concave underside of that dome: The sliding contact is topped by a circuit board with the contacts on: So far so good. So what goes wrong? Two things, the paddles either get stiff or they fall apart, but both appear to be caused by the same thing. Remember that white plunger? It runs in a blind hole in the casting, moving up and down a couple of mm each time the lever is pulled. The hole has a sharp edge and the plunger has a side force on it, so over time the plunger wears a steps gets caught on the edge of the hole. To start with that will just be notchy but eventually it will get stuck - pull the lever and all the force goes into snapping the thin but normally strong enough ABS box. Here's mine, I expect the other side to be similar: So - what's the solution. Replacing the whole switch will work, but that's £130 a time. Provided you catch it before the switch breaks completely a new 10p plunger is all that's needed but they aren't available on their own. Perhaps something 3d printed and treated as a consumable, or maybe an abrasion resistant brass one though that might cause wear elsewhere. I presume the switch is the same in the Exige, not sure what the Emira will use. Hope someone finds this useful.
  2. Thanks Bibbs. Straight after posting I decided to have a quick look and yes, the IPS switches can be removed in about 3 minutes without taking the airbag and wheel off: 1) Turn the steering wheel so the switch is at 12 o'clock 2) Adjust wheel rake to move the wheel up 3) Remove the two screws on the back side of the wheel using a stubby #2 posidrive screwdriver 4) Withdraw switch and disconnect the plug by depressing the catch on it. Good new over, the switch plastic casing is broken. The paddle is cast metal but the switch body is brittle cheap plastic. Pics below show the side that's broken and what it should look like. Not great for £137 really. There's a thread on Lotustalk where someone repaired the same fault with a metal bracket. I'll have a proper look tomorrow but will most likely have to replace it.
  3. Thread resurrection and a question for @Breeze and anyone else that's attempted this. Was it possible to replace the switch without removing the steering wheel? My left switch gave up today - It's become slightly wobbly and is sticking on preventing me from manually shifting. £135 quid a side is more than a little pricey for what they are but I'm inclined to change both while I'm at it. Bibbs, I'll drop you a line to see if you can sort these for me.
  4. I believe that there was an issue with the IPS wiring loom on some cars made before 2013 send that can cause errors code and of behaviour. There's a lot of info on the US lotus talk website. My own IPS is October 2013 and had a loom replacement under warranty in 2014.
  5. Some more info on the 25HP compound fitted as standard that I remember from my seven days:
  6. I was, but sadly not in the Evora. I was with the family in my filthy 12 year old 3 series estate. Great looking car you have there.
  7. Red Evora S, 11 plate with black pack heading towards London, near princes risborough. Looked fantastic, in fact it reminded me just how exotic Evora's can look and how much red suits them.
  8. My 'up' paddle is also a bit stiff but not bad enough to change yet. Link below is to instructions from our US cousins. The full how-to includes taking off the steering wheel, but towards the end he says it might be possible to remove the switch without taking off the wheel. The paddles are held in with two screws through the rear of the wheel so with the right length screwdriver that might be possible. Have a look at the pics and let me know if you try it..
  9. The wrong forum for a lovely classic but spotted an Elan +2 heading north on the A41 near Watford on 30th Jan. I was in the grey Evora.
  10. Supercharged cars slightly over-fuel to aid cooling so a bit of unburnt fuel on start up is probably nothing to worry about. Hard to tell from the video but looks like a lot of water vapour coming out, are you sure it's not just steam you're seeing? 41K for the Toyota lump is nothing so you'd be unlucky to have any significant wear.
  11. Just perusing eBay and noticed body panels from a burnt orange 2014 S sports racer at a breakers in Swansea. There aren't many SRs and even fewer in orange. Being nosey, does anyone know what the story is? The panels themselves have some sporty pricing.. £600 for the brake fluid hatch??
  12. If you want an idea of rear space here's my two, just about to leave knebworth, 14 and 11 at the time. Eldest is 5'6 and sits behind my 5'5 wife with her knees either side of the backrest. It doesn't look comfy but they never complain. Before buying i took them to Silverstone and we all went out on the test drive.
  13. To close the topic.. I eventually got my screen fitted today. Autoglass customer service were unhelpful throughout but fitters at their Queensbury workshop (in a Morrison's car park no less) took their time and did a good job. New A Pillar covers were fitted and they gave me the old ones which had come off in one piece. If anyone in the north/west London area needs a screen I'd recommend the fitters if not the company.
  14. I have a carbon grey S IPS (sadly/gladly not for sale) and felt the same about colours when I was buying. I really wanted yellow but quite liked the stealth look of mine when I saw it - see profile pic. At car shows I sometimes wish I'd held out for yellow but the rest of the time I'm glad to have a car that attracts attention...but not too much attention.
  15. Did this ever go anywhere? It'd be a neat product but I guess the market is pretty limited.
  16. My front nearside TPMS valve used to leak, I'd tighten it and a few weeks later it would leak again. Eventually I used some threadlock before tightening and since then its been fine.
  17. Dave.. many thanks. I'll pass them your details.. not convinced they're joined up enough to actually act on it but worth a go! Thanks..
  18. Another week on and I've finally got a semi answer from autoglass. They're apparently waiting for everything but the glass: Left and right A pillar trims and the upper and lower windscreen rubbers They can't tell me who they ordered from, only that they might be available on 30 October. No idea if lotus are taking 3 months to supply them or autoglass have messed up. Moral of the story is don't expect a new windscreen in a hurry 🙂
  19. I booked a windscreen with Autoglass (the insurer's approved supplier) at the start of August and still waiting. As far as I can tell they have the glass but are waiting for several other bits but can't or won't tell me what they are missing. I guess they'd need A-pillar trims but not sure what else. Can it really take lotus 2 months to supply whatever it is they need? Anyone else dealt with Autoglass and been able to help them get whatever's needed? My MOT is due in November so I'm starting to worry....
  20. I think the base model calipers were unpainted but with the sport pack you got red calipers?(or black painted as a non cost option). My 2013 Sports Racer S has black painted calipers as that's what the original owner specced.
  21. To add to the MPG knowledgebase, My supercharged IPS showed 30mpg on a long mostly motorway run to and from Silverstone this weekend. That's a record for me - I normally see high teens driving on mostly B roads. The IPS 6th is similar to the long ratio box, great for 70mph cruising but 5th gear needed for rapid acceleration.
  22. Ahh, sorry I missed you and your car. Three Evoras on one site is a pretty good haul. Great photo with the balloons in the background too.
  23. The grey one's mine.. We were right down the bottom of the golf club field - I washed it on the Thursday night and by Friday lunchtime it was caked in mud. I saw the lovely yellow SR up near the pizza van but didn't see the owner, good weekend but would have been so much better with some sun.
  24. Assuming you can get one of the others out you could measure the thread and length then get yourself onto eBay for an E14 M12 bolt or whatever size it is, there are plenty of good fixing suppliers on there. There's only a few likely thread pitches but if in doubt you can buy a pitch gauge for about a fiver. To get the knackered one out try an Irwin Bolt Grip extractor
  25. It does looks that way 😞. I suspect grit gets into the foam block and scratches the coating off the pipe allowing rust to set in. The pipes are clamped in foam throughout the sill as well as in the arch so there's a good chance this could become a very difficult repair. Hopefully yours has gone in the arch like mine, see if you can get a photo from Oakmere. I'll look out for details of their solution.
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