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  1. I have the same aftermarket Alarm Meta. It’s also with the number codes that you have to push in?
  2. Thank you, this information really helps! Can you finally shed a light on the location of the alarm module location?
  3. Dear Sailorbob, Does this mean that the cobra module controls it? Or is there another separate alarm module? Any chance that you know where the cable from the locks go to? Because in the eletrical scheme it says it goes to the CDL module because the door handles are not getting any power. Kr, Vincent
  4. Hello, There again so I found the place which is on the scheme at the beginning of the thread. And I went looking and there is no CDL module located. Only thing I found was the airconditioning amplifier and resistor. Can I conclude now that the central door locking is done from the Cobra Module and that there is a problem there? Kind regards, Vincent
  5. With the Key only 1 door is locked each time indeed. With the fob both should be locked but it's not working, only the driver side door is getting locked with the fob.
  6. The reason I'm doubting because the car are created in LHD / RHD so the documentation is sometimes not very accurate The door mechanism isn't receiving any signals so we suspect it's the central door locking or alarm module. The car is locking with the keys but not with the cobra.
  7. Dear, I would like some more information on this topic. The passenger door is not locking on my Lotus Esprit V8 LHD from 2001. We are trying to find the problem so we are currently wanting to test the CDL module. But we can't seem to locate it. So the documentation says it's located at the passenger footwell, but for me that would be my on drivers side? But I'm also confused by your answers saying that the car may not have it? Is it then send from the Alarm Module? Thank you for your help. Kr, Vincent Bump ^
  8. Thank god! It was with me also the fuse box!!! It is fixed now, such an easy fix.. topic can be closed.
  9. Hello!! Thank you for this topic! For me it was also the fuse! A simple fix where hours were spend! Kr, VIncent
  10. Hello Barry, Any luck that one you know which posts exactly? Kind regards, Vincent
  11. Dear, I'm having some troubles with my lotus esprit V8 from 2001. Whenever I hit the gas when standing still in Neutral the speedo also goes up and my kilometers also go up even when the car is not moving. So I've done by accident 30.000 km + .... What I've done so far: - check that the speedo has power, so + & - is working even tried directly from the battery - reset the ECU, battery, sensors via the ODB V8 application I found on this forum - removed the alarm system (I have this extended alarm which kills the car if the code is not entered) - removed the the third wire which feeds the speedo Nothing helps so far! Has anyone seen this before? Or does anyone know where the car reads the data for the speedo? I have read that the data comes from the ABS sensor, but I don't dare to disconnect it and then test. Kind regards, Vincent
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