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  1. Do we have a TLF award for services rendered in the cause of Lotus? If so this man should be nominated!
  2. It's a really impressive Lotus resource, the site owner(s) deserve a medal for the effort they've put into maintaining it. I've used it in the past for the Lotus modelcar listing - it's the most comprehensive I've seen anywhere for any marque. I wonder if Ronald (the site owner) is on TLF?
  3. Sadly I don't think I'm going to be able to get to the Mayfly on Tuesday. However that does mean one less for the rule-of-six planning for everyone else!
  4. Looking very clean & tidy on Esplanade Road and making a very pleasing change from the ubiquitous VW vans & campers around here...
  5. I'll happily support the desire for more factory events but ... being a pedant I need to say that the first Lotus F1 GP win was actually Monaco in 1960. And just to confirm my status as a total nerd, I'd also add that the first F1 (non-GP status) victory for Lotus was in 1954 in Cornwall: Lotus wins Pasty F1 at Davidstow
  6. Cheers guys! Great pleasure to meet you all last night and thank you for the very warm welcome. 22nd September at the Mayfly is also looking good for me at the moment.
  7. I've just posted this: don't know if that's any good for you?
  8. Just noticed some Elan+2 interior and other parts listed on ebay from this seller: Anyone restoring one of these needs some bits?
  9. Sadly we have "509 Bandwidth Limit Exceeded" on again today. However I'm sure the techie guys will be on this pretty quickly
  10. Anyone else watching the Goodwood "live" streaming?
  11. Hi Richard It looks like Simon240 on this forum is the current owner - here's his post from the "The Elite and Eclat Register" thread: On 03/03/2019 at 13:31, Simon240 said: Hi, I have owned my Series 2 Eclat ref no JAN44W for the last fourteen years or so unfortunately she is SORN not because of any defect but too many projects and not enough time I suppose. We won best in show at the last Stoneleigh Lotus show when the wedges were the choose feature cars. She is Monaco white, about 45000 miles and apart from the wheels being refurbed she I see totally origi
  12. Thanks for your efforts Richard, we'd be upset to lose, too much good stuff on there!
  13. I've got same situation, mines due in July. However I would think it's possible to get it MOT'd before the end of the 6 months eg September/October. That's assuming a) The MOT stations are open by then. b) The lockdown's lifted by then. c) I'm still around to care about things like that!
  14. I've just noticed it's gone too. Really bad news, it's a good site with a great history of detailed information and friendly, knowledgeable contributors. Hope it reuturns soon...
  15. Yes I get the impression that over the years most Excel's have had the lower guard removed and can't say I'm surprised. In the end it was too painful to remove completely so I just removed the lower bolt & squeezed the belt past it. Seemed to work OK. The upper bolt is inaccessible.
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