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  1. Yes I get the impression that over the years most Excel's have had the lower guard removed and can't say I'm surprised. In the end it was too painful to remove completely so I just removed the lower bolt & squeezed the belt past it. Seemed to work OK. The upper bolt is inaccessible.
  2. Thanks for all the responses - they're all very much appreciated. In reply to some of the questions: - Gates 5146 is indeed the correct belt for my '84 (LC) Excel. - Yes I've started and run the engine (and rechecked the tension once cool). - As well as changing the belt, at the same time I've serviced the tensioner using SJ's overhaul kit (bearing, piston, bushes, washers, earth strap) and replaced the alternator & PAS belts. - I used a Krikit gauge to set the tension, plus the twist test. I'm aware there's a lot of discussions around belt tension setting so I'm just hoping it's set correctly. I'm actually tempted to visit my local Lotus place to get it checked (probably Sportmotive) - if only to set my mind at rest. Cheers
  3. I've just changed the cam belt on my '84 Excel. It took me a while - my 1st time and taking a lot of care. Engine starts & runs OK, but I notice that the belt seems to sit towards the back of the pulleys. The whole belt seems to sit quite a way back, noticeable on the cam pulleys but really obvious on the aux pulley, where it sits right back, leaving a big gap at the front but none at the back. It sits in a similar position on the tensioner (semi-auto tensioner on my car). The belt is a (trapezoidal tooth) gates 5146, whereas the old one was the Lotus part. I didn't take a lot of notice of the position of the old belt before I took it off (note to self: should always take pictures before dismantling) so can't really compare. Also the Gates belt is a little narrower than the Lotus one. Anyone got any views on this? Should I be worried? Have I put something together wrong? Cheers PS I've attached some pics - one showing the belt position on the auxilliary pulley and the other showing it on the cam pulleys.
  4. I'm attempting my first cam belt change on my Excel and I've come up against a problem. My car has the lower timing belt guard fitted and I can't see how to remove it. It's located near the power steering pump & has 2 bolts. The lower bolt is easy to undo but the upper one is a real pain,- it sits up above the PAS pump & I can't even see it, just touch it with fingertips. No way can I undo it. Has anyone else managed to undo it - and if so, how did you manage it? Alternatively I might be able to feed the cam belt around/under the guard if I undo just the lower bolt - anyone tried this option? Cheers
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