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  1. I'm based on the South Coast near Romsey and the pics are from a number of shows - Port Solent, Departure Lounge, the Wallops and Hardley (we seem to have some eccentric names for villages around here btw).
  2. I've been to a few local car shows near me over the last few weeks and amidst the usual mire of MGBs, Minors and Escorts/Cortinas there has been a few heroes keeping the Lotus flag flying:
  3. We managed to snap this one at the time - note the admiring glances from the locals: You can tell them I was the one following in the noisy Corvette 🙂
  4. An M100 and a Sprint heading south on their way through Lyndhurst today. Both looking very cool in the sunny weather!
  5. It's things like this that give Lotus a bad name: Seen at Fleet services on M3. Serious footnote: My sympathies - I'd be gutted if it was mine, hope it's back on the road soon mate!
  6. SJ Sportscars?
  7. I'd never even heard of a Sonicrafter until I read this post. Did some googling and just realised this is the power tool I've always promised myself. I immediately ordered one...
  8. Another IBM mainframe guy - brilliant! However - PL/1 is for wimps, cool guys use Assembler. But I think we can both look down on COBOL programmers....
  9. Just seen this on ebay Coventry Climax 1020cc FWP engine modified for road use with mazda 5 speed g/box I think the Coventry Climax FW engine was fitted to the type 14 - anyone doing a resto and need an engine? Don't know how much he wants for it as there's a reserve set. Based in Bournemouth. Worth a look at the picture - that engine looks great!
  10. I've used for a couple of things, had no problems. Also for some lettering, all went OK.
  11. Here's a few of my favourites: Dual carriageway: A34 north from M3 juction, drop on to A303 heading west up as far as Amesbury where the dual carriageway runs out. (Note speed cameras on A303 approaching Amesbury) Single carriageway (mainly straights): A30 from Micheldever to Firsdown - fast A roads, but not many bends. Slow crawl though Stockbridge High St, otherwise mainly fast and straight. Stop at The Haven (bikers cafe) for a coffee. Single carriageway (with a few twisty bits): B3084 from Dunbridge to Thruxton Hill good variety of roads (all single carriageway). If you need more coffee continue east on Thruxton Hill & visit the Jackaroo cafe at the circuit (check opening times). NB There's been some re-surfacing recently on B3084 so check for closures. A3057 from Stockbridge to Kings Somborne to Timsbury. Good variety of roads, bit difficult to overtake though in places. Enjoy!
  12. Just found these whilst idly browsing: and I think they look superb. I suggested these to the wife as a Birthday treat for me - she says I've got too much time on my hands. Maybe I'll suggest them to the kids, Fathers day coming up in June...
  13. tezzan


    Thanks for the post and the link Bibs, been watching and enjoying. Great stuff!
  14. I don't usually pay attention to cat memes, but "Lawyer turns on Zoom filter by mistake - has to tell judge he's not a cat" made me paws for thought (sorry!):
  15. tezzan

    Formula One

    It's Sir Hamilton now: New Year Honours: Lewis Hamilton knighted
  16. Merry christmas one and all!
  17. Do we have a TLF award for services rendered in the cause of Lotus? If so this man should be nominated!
  18. It's a really impressive Lotus resource, the site owner(s) deserve a medal for the effort they've put into maintaining it. I've used it in the past for the Lotus modelcar listing - it's the most comprehensive I've seen anywhere for any marque. I wonder if Ronald (the site owner) is on TLF?
  19. Sadly I don't think I'm going to be able to get to the Mayfly on Tuesday. However that does mean one less for the rule-of-six planning for everyone else!
  20. Looking very clean & tidy on Esplanade Road and making a very pleasing change from the ubiquitous VW vans & campers around here...
  21. Cheers guys! Great pleasure to meet you all last night and thank you for the very warm welcome. 22nd September at the Mayfly is also looking good for me at the moment.
  22. I've just posted this: don't know if that's any good for you?
  23. Just noticed some Elan+2 interior and other parts listed on ebay from this seller: Anyone restoring one of these needs some bits?
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