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  1. Just a 2bular backbox sounds great without being to loud. The cheapest is just getting a larini decat replacement pipe. I have one because my cat desintegrated on track and flew thru the exhaust (not kidding). It sounds more grunty and it backfires pretty hard on upshift when driving it hard so pretty sweet actually!
  2. Sport mode IS a TC enabled mode. It just allows a bit more slip than normal mode but it's still pretty bad. Just get a readout. Probably some random error code.
  3. What mods did you perform already? Might have something to do with that. Just get an ECU readout at a dealership or buy an odb reader yourself. Could be anything! Can you turn it off completely? Because in all honesty, traction control is very meh on the Elise I never drive with it on anymore.
  4. OEM 250 Cup (MY19) no issue at Zolder here and they are super strict. My friend his 250 with just a 2bular backbox got black flagged there. Limit is 98dB if I recall. I really don't get people saying it is loud. I burnt through my cat though and fitted a larini decat replacement pipe in the meanwhile, now it has a bit more grunt. It also backfires really hard at the rev limit. Very enjoyable on the limit hehe.
  5. Doing what a Lotus is supposed to do: beat more powerful cars at the track! Really can't wait to upgrade the suspension though. The stock bilstein on the Cup really is pretty bad in my opinion. The difference compared to nitron 1-way alone is day and night.
  6. Once again, all depends on what you want from the car. Like me, you're talking about a lot of upgrades but what's the purpose? I'm using it as a track car and sometimes as a road car. A lot of these upgrades are not worth it if you don't drive it hard on track on a regular basis. For occasional track usage, I would avoid upgrades like that as they compromise road usage a lot due to the higher RPM's on highways which will decrease comfort significantly
  7. Why would you do so? I drive my car on track a lot and I beat it hard. Still no need for brake upgrade. Just get decent race pads and you're good on stock power! I can recommend Pagid RS14 brake pads. Zero fade and stops like crazy. Just replace the discs if they are worn out by a bigger set. That's what I'm doing.
  8. I've had my Cup 250 since june 2019 and with winter storage and covid storage (so about 4-7 months november till may) I already did 9300 miles? haha Guess I drive mine too much then
  9. Having a daily with 847nM (625ish fout pound of torque) I can honestly say I've never felt disappointed with the Cup 250. It feels lively over the whole rev-band so I can assure you, lack of torque won't be an issue! I actually love driving mine, even in city traffic. My modified C63 is only fun at high speeds, hard acceleration or when making ridiculous noise while I enjoy the Elise even at slow speeds due to the steering response. I've driven a lot of high-end sportscars and supercars and for me personally Lotus really was an eye-opener. Less really is more! Have you considered test driving one?
  10. Welcome to the club (soon!) It kinda depends. I actually feel the S3 Cup's are the ultimate evolution/successor of the S2 Exige and the current Exige V6 is a totally different car in my opinion. Exige 220 is a lot more playful on exit while the S3 cup is a lot more planted and 'on rails' so it kinda depends on what you're looking for. Keep in mind: the 2ZR in the S3 Cup has more torque in the low-band so it is more comfortable to drive in the city because it needs less revs and build quality on S3's has been up'ed a lot in my opinion. Exige 220 sounds better, has higher rev-limit and a weaker gearbox. I love the Exige 220 but I personally would always go for the S3 Cup, preferably a MY17.5 with the improved open gear linkage.
  11. New minor update! Car is at the dealer. There is a small hardware issue with the Aim MXE2 dash which causes it not to illuminate all the aircon controls, just part of it. Dash is going back to Aim so hope to get it back soon. I also want a full system flush aswel to use racing oil, coolant and brake fluid (open for suggestions!). FLuids haven't changed since I got the car and I've done a few trackdays so it's time to do so. Also installed the SRP Exige racing pedals for better heel-toe action. Looks pretty good I must say! Also met @GFWilliams yesterday for the first time. We have been talking for a while about our cars and I guess we're both crazy enough to do crazy stuff to the cars so I guess that's why we get along so well haha. He was passing by Antwerp in Belgium and we decided to meet up real quick (at a social distance outside offcourse) outside my local Lotus dealership. Too bad both of us weren't in our Lotusses but I guess that's an excuse for a second meetup, hopefully without a lockdown regulation
  12. Small update! I had the opportunity to drive the Lotus on Circuit Zolder 2 days ago on the brand new tarmac. I really need to fix the new pedals. With my regular shoes I'm able to heel-toe very clean but using my racing shoes, I just can't do it comfortably. Atleast we know what to do in the next couple of days. First time I used my GoPro to give a helmet cam view. Looks pretty decent although camera is a bit low.
  13. I honestly was looking at them and thinking... hmm... might just buy one as a daily driver sorta thing! My Cup 250 is getting more and more racecar and hardcore so less and less useable on the road. I really enjoy the short drives to my office in my Lotus so one on regular tires that I can drive every day would be very nice.
  14. I hope everyone is doing well during these exceptional times? What a sucky period for car guys. Already several trackdays have passed and needed to get refunded. I expected to do a lot of trackdays this year but it seems life has a different idea so far Not a lot that has happened since the Lotus is pretty much not moving at all. I did get a few minor upgrade parts in that I will be fitting soon: SRP Racing Pedals I find the pedal positioning to not be perfect on the Lotus for my taste. I just have to put my foot in an awkward position for me to be able to heel-toe so.... did some research and came up with this: Installation should be fairly simple and this way I can adjust the pedals to my liking. Not cheap but the quality is perfect. Imran also uses these on his Exige V6 and is very pleased with them. Headlights This is one I expect to get a lot of questions from. I bought a HID conversion kit as the headlights in the Elise... well... they suck. The LEDs are nice but the main headlight bulbs are a horrible yellow with poor effect. This is a HB3 conversion kit that should work on the Elise. It's going to be a lot of fiddling to make it work and fit but I expect to get it working just fine. Oh, and did I mention I paid 44 pounds? If it works, I'll provide all the info necessairy! Reinstalled the original carbon wing (yes yes, car very dirty) Why? Well, basically, the Reverie wing quality is just poor. The wing isn't on straight, lot's of minor defects, rusting bolts, ... I'm going to be installing the PB-R racing wing they use on the Lotus Europe Cup cars with struts directly mounted to the subframe instead but for now the OEM will do. The problem with a big wing without sorting the aero balance in the front is that you're creating some extra understeer. Therefor I will be installing the 'real' racing wing the moment I'm able to install front fender vents and perhaps even a modified front lip. The only thing we're actually able to do here is... clean the car. Had to drive to my company and figured, might aswel enjoy the ride in my Lotus and hose it down while I'm there. ` Still love the new mirrors, what an upgrade that is. I hope everyone stays healthy and maybe we'll see you soon on a future Lotus on Track event!
  15. Interesting. You know anyone with experience with these on AIM systems? Wonder if you can have an overlay on the video for these systems aswel? I guess it would be possible as it is just assigning sensors. Any idea of pricing? Don't get why they use 'request quote' , such a terrible business move. I might even be too lazy to check now
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