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  1. Very interesting. You may have a good point there. Will subscribe to this. Very curious to your findings!
  2. The 220 has smaller injectors, 250 has the same injectors as the 260. Also, it uses a smaller SC pulley. The 250 has the potential for slightly higher HP outputs. Exhaust / ECU can get you close to 300 hp.
  3. One of my favorite colors for the S2! There is also a lighter blue that I really love on that car. Saw one at my dealer last time I went. Looked amazing.
  4. New day , new toys. Finally received a steering wheel hub and the quick release. Going to install on saturday. Should be a massive upgrade as I feel it will do the interior a lot of good and give it a much more racecar-feel. This is the Summit Technologies Raptor 8 control unit. I'm not going to install that just yet as I'm planning on ripping out the dashboard for carbon and alcantara retrims anyway. Also with the AIM MXS Dash, the dashboard would have to come out aswel. Don't want to remove it more than necessairy not to unnecessairy wear it down as it wasn't made to be pulled apart multiple times.
  5. 5hp won't do much but you should ask if they can provide a torque curve on a remap they did. I've seen some very impressive increases in torque and also earlier power on lower rpm's with pretty basic flashes on the 1,8 SC engines.
  6. There have been some upgrades since the last times I posted. I received the Reverie wing in a massive box. It's a good thing I drove my Mercedes to work. It barely fit the car. (you can also spot the damage on the bumper from the truck driving into me *sigh*) Tiny testfit done... double wing? Removing the wing was easy. The good thing is the Reverie wing fits on the OEM Lotus mounts. Sideblade fitted but not flush. Gonna need to modify the holes a bit as they don't align perfect. A bit of a shame for such an expensive wing. Fitted and looking good! It makes the car look very aggressive and even a bit over the top. I do plan on using this wing almost exclusively for track use so will fit the original wing for regular driving. I am planning on comparing these side by side on track and see if there is a noticeable difference in track performance. Next up was cleaning up the engine bay a bit. The naked engine looks a bit sad in my opinion so I had the carbon engine cover fitted. Also planning on comparing temperatures with it removed because I think it will make a big difference. On the other hand, leaving the engine exposed to the weather elements seems sub optimal aswel. Seatbelt harnasses fitted. Removed the black cover behind the seats for some extra weight shedding. It also included some sound insulation even though the car was delivered without any insulation. I guess this is something they fit nonetheless. It did shave of a bit over 2kg's in total so nice bonus. Finally I fitted the license plate. Was still waiting on the paperwork but all done. It's some sort of plexiglas front plate so it was heated up in an oven so we could make a bend that aligns properly with the edged front of the car. Looks good imho! Also had the first small drive after the run-in period. I was a bit sceptical for the power as I'm used to quite a powerful car as a daily but I must say, so far I am actually pretty impressed. I think the car will be perfect with around 300hp and that is doable fairly easy. Will keep you guys posted on that as I've been getting several questions on how to do it so I will try to document my experiences as good as possible. On the way now are the boss steering wheel adapter and a quick release. Once they arrive I will be fitting the Momo wheel and the Summit Raptor 8 steering wheel buttons. Can't wait for the result. Been very pleased with how everything is going (and looking) so far!
  7. If you have a Cup 250 / 260, you just need to fit the Emu Black ECU and adjust the mapping. Talk to RRR Engineering. They can help with the mapping aswel. They provide a basemap, can help you remotely with teamviewer and help you on your way. If the basemap is set, just take it to your local ECU engineer and let him finetune. You do need an aftermarket exhaust because stock one is very restrictive (including manifold). You can achieve the same result with a Cup 220 if you change the injectors aswel and add a smaller pulley. Otherwise the cup 220 will be running at around 260 hp. I know several people who use this and are very pleased with the results! No failures and runs stable. Even guys hammering their cars on the track.
  8. I'm finally on the road. Finally picked the car up at the wrapper at around 5pm on saturday and managed to put 600km's on it this weekend. Time to get rid of that run-in period! It does seem to lack a bit of the oemph I'm used to but I'm sure some modifications to 300hp will do just the trick for me. I must say, I've never had as much fun with a car driving slow but the little Elise is something else. The AMG is only really fun when driving like a madman but this is just fun all the time. Since this thread is worthless without pics, prepare to scroll a lot I already modified the fuel filler to a full black one as it is all in the details.
  9. Car is finally on the road. Picked it up at around 5pm and put 325km's on it straight away. Time to get out of run-in ASAP
  10. Car receiving the final details. Going to pick it up in about an hour or two. Too bad the weather is horrible today but can't complain. Finally receiving my little beast!
  11. I think that probably goes against their 'keep it light and simple' vision. Actually had a pretty interesting conversation with my dealer on this topic. They do have a lot of great electronic parts available in the Geely group so it's not that it's not possible, they probably just don't want to. The next Elise will probably be bigger and heavier (hearsay/rumors) so they might step up their game on that one as they might want to compete more with cars like the A110 and 4C, also considered driver cars but they just don't do it for me. I think the main Lotus strenght it the fact they stick to 'f*ck it, let's just keep a great open gated shifter' and automatic transmissions spoil the experience and I kinda agree. Even though I love my C63, which is an absolute RWD monster with 611hp/847nM torque, I miss driving my manual 2012 BMW Z4 a lot which was a lot of fun. Shifting is slower but so much more rewarding. Since we're not qualifying for 24h of Le Mans, I don't mind not having the latest Porsche PDK transmission. I just want to have a blast driving and Lotus one of the few (only?) manufacturers out their that still makes true lightweight driver oriented cars.
  12. The universe is trying to make me feel better by sending me gifts. Thinking about removing the icons from the 4 bottom buttons and trying to map it to control the AIM MXS LCD Race dash. Would be a pretty neat and clean solution I think! Quality of the unit is great. I heard good things but it is much better than I even anticipated. Very sturdy, no flex and very nice tactile feedback on the buttons. Now I'm just looking for a Lotus badge insert for it. I saw it somewhere but can't find it anymore. If anyone knows where to get it, please let me know! Early next week the Reverie wing should get shipped aswel so hopefully I can fit it before the end of next week. Very curious on how it will look aswel.
  13. Good news and bad news. First the good news: Lotus is on schedule and will be ready tomorrow. PPF will be fully fitted so I'll be able to take some drives this weekend. I did get a temporary plate so the vanity plate will be due somewhere next week. The bad news: when driving my Mercedes C63 to the office this morning, I had to stop for a pedestrian crossing the street and a big lorry behind me wasn't able to stop in time and he drove into me. Insured but very unpleased as now I have to go to my dealer, get a quote, get if fixed... bleh. Bumper on the Scania truck looked worse actually but still bleh
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