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  1. The iPhone photo struggles to probably capture the true colour. It looks a little darker in some of those shots than I see it, but it was early evening
  2. Exige 410 demo at Bell & Colvill
  3. Hi, which one did you go for in the end PJ? Titanium tips? and what sort of lead time did Jim quote? I’ve hovered over exhaust decisions for so long now
  4. Sorry I can't make this month Do we ever remember to use the meters? 🙄
  5. SCCZ

    Hello all

    Cheers, soft top stowed away in the boot for when I get caught out with rain ☔️
  6. SCCZ

    Hello all

    A couple of snaps of the Exige Sport 350 in summer and winter roof set up
  7. SCCZ

    Hello all

    I've been meaning to join TLF for some time, I've been on SELOC for a few years and wanted to check out a different forum. I had an Elise SC for 2 years which has now been replaced by an Exige S3 which I've had for a year. Before that I was 5 years in a Caterham 7 K series VVC. I'm sure there will be a few people on here I already know and I often go to the Newlands Corner meeting in Surrey.
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