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  1. Or £500,000 for a matching pair. One ready for when the other runs out of electricity.
  2. Had a similar worry with one of the lights on the dash being on for a while after I locked the car.
  3. Another nice tidy garage makes mine look a mess, GT6 mark2/3 ? Almost bought a MK3 many years ago
  4. I assume you know lotusbits, they have some prices here.
  5. Good to see another excel getting back to life, they are great cars and probably the most practical lotus model.
  6. Not noticed anything, but my car is garaged, but when washed (eg pressure washed ) then open the boot it lets water into the boot area and a bit over the engine.. My previous evora hda the glass tailgate and it dripped less, but still some water gets in. I could imagine that leaving the car out in driving rain it would be worse. The actual gaps are quite small so that larger things would find it tat much harder to get in. Years ago my elites use to collect water under the tailgate via blocked drainage holes in a few places.
  7. Car been to SWLC for service and MOT, they have ordered the full repair kit as you can't get the actual part that has broken as a single item.
  8. There is a thread about latches - may be worth a read.
  9. There is some discussion here. and
  10. So there are now 2 in Devon - not bad for part of the country where most people only think about coming to, on their holidays.
  11. I use these on all my cars except the lotus, and have done so for many years.
  12. I have got a replacement, not very expensive - under £20, gave up waiting for lotus to get 1 to B&C, located 1 at PJS, so it is a question of fitting it. Interesting to see how it works. Jamie at B&C said that one of his gt410 demos had just started having the same problem that time last year, so they wanted at least 2. I know that a number of evora owners have had problems with the 4xx cars (the na and s use a different unit. - seen on the lotus talk forum). Just thought it seemed a bit strange when this warning was coming on.
  13. When my car was delivered last October, the low washer fluid sensor was on, the part being on back order from the factory. Over the course of a few trips up and down the road the sensor would sometimes go off and sometimes come back on. After a week or so the warning had not been on again since I picked the car up from its service and MOT on Tuesday. So that's quite a few months. When leaving SWLC the warning was off, I stopped for a few minutes half way back and when I restarted the warning came on. The next day did a few trips out and about and eventually the warning stayed off.
  14. Came across these riveting pics of the view out the back of a 400 and a gt410sport. I took them at Howards Lotus last autumn.
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