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    lotus evora s 2014 (gone), elite 501 gone, elite s2.2 gone, 2 eclat s2 gone, 4 excels gone, evora gt430 come.., mg zr*2, mg zs 180v6, M100 S2 arrived
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  1. Or may be a residence to call home. Did think that Ketteringham had been sold off and so was no longer a Lotus building.
  2. Better not let Justin see this low mileage one, ... @jep Notice that the blue IPS S is no longer on Hendy's site. Will be going in next week to pick up a part, by then there may be just 1 Lotus in their showroom?
  3. My late father - met Prince Philip at his work in the mid 60's - got a pic of my father showing the Prince looking down a microscope. Then in the 80's my father and Prince Charles were both admitted to the worshipful company of pewterers ( at a ceremony at the Guildhall London, so there would been a posh evening dinner with robes and those master of ceremony types.
  4. Apart from the pedal offset, there is also the gap between the pedals, I do not drive the Evora in trainers, have to wear narrower shoes. Will check to see if this is the case in an Emira.
  5. And releasing more info about the Eletre, any power variants and we all need to know the price range. Then we can all spend months over the colour options for launch cars etc like there has been for the Emira.....
  6. I have bought 3 Cat C cars (as damaged and I repaired) still got 1 and gave my son one which he still has. So that must put me in the 10-% ??
  7. Did sit in the show car and can't say I noticed that. Early Evoras were a bit like that but 400 on were better.
  8. I'll never feel young again, and I can't even remember when I felt young.
  9. @jep must be another car for your expanding (not shrinking) collection.. I like the mid spoiler look on the esprit, better than the big v8 wing that hangs out the back. Wonder if I ask the wife?
  10. A link to this one was ;posted on LEC.
  11. a suitable sticker or styling stripe over the car would cover it up...
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