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  1. Did not have my V8 SD1 long, lost quite a lot on it for the 6 months I had it. p/exd for my first Lotus. ( And none of the doors fell off) Many years later bought an Rover 827 v6 vitesse 5dr auto with the full body kit, did loads of miles in that as I used to do 90 miles per day. Anytime I was travelling south on the m1 near Luton , there is bit of adverse camber on the 3rd lane and it never felt good there. The 1996 rover 800 vitesse sport felt better at the same point.
  2. SD1 V8 not very economical either, used a whole tank going from Hertfordshire to Bristol. The cornering was bad, almost lost it when leaving m4 to join m25 north. Almost had a trouser moment.
  3. This dealer was Peninsula Oaklands (tvr & Lotus) a few miles east of Exeter, closed over 10 years ago. A location that would not have helped sales much.
  4. My father had sequence of XJ's from 1973 up to a X type which was his last. I never liked them much, I thought that the inside of my SD1 V8 was better and more modern - but it did rust though. A computer operator at Rolls Royce where I worked that I knew (back in 1990 ish) bought a V12 XJ S and he sold it not long after when he worked out how many spark plugs it needed..
  5. BBC would not show even part of the horse this am, maybe people don't like the 2 finger bit more than actually sitting on it. In our fields we have had other people horses and 3 have had to be put to sleep over the years, so cuddling it as it goes down is ok or even when on the ground, but is this really so bad. He was not kicking it, cutting bits of for a souvenir etc - as some do. (eg hair from etc) There are many more bad things that happen..
  6. We heard the bang and we are about 6 miles west of Exeter. Residents not allowed back even by Sunday night. There is a care home next door to the bomb site and a number of properties had some damage. And they are still not allowed home Not as big a bang than the one we had in Hemel Hempstead when the Bouncefield oil depot blew up some years ago - we lived about 3 miles from that one and the fire burned for ages and the damage on the industrial estate was mega..
  7. I have use stand alone ones a bit like plus the ones that connect by bluetooth that are also quite cheap. The bluetooth ones sometimes to have a problem getting them to link to an app, ie trying to get them to pair, but all managed it in the end. When we had a newer car that had canbus I had to get a new reader as the older ones I had did not support it. I have a mg/rover tool that does most things on t
  8. So if the 131 is shown at Goodwood, do we expect 1 version or more than 1 The tempting image posted showing 3 cars under wraps next to the Evija - so what are the chances of seeing more than 1 version, and if 1 version would one expect it to be at the lower or higher versions or in the middle. It needs to be one that will get of exposure in the motoring press, but not too expensive for 99.9 % of potential customers..
  9. That's when I need my battery powered chain saw.
  10. About 4 -5 times per year, but need a battery powered tool.
  11. Not as trimmed as when I do hers next door.
  12. It is certainly better when we can get out and about in our gardens during this lockdown. Much more depressing just looking at the cold wet weather. We are lucky to have some land to play with as well.
  13. This does sound an expensive entry level car to replace the elise in its market., doesn't it need to be closer to £60/65, if they want to sell more cars from their new facility and recoup some costs? And to keep the new dealers selling cars.
  14. And I cut the grass for the second time this was quite pleasant.
  15. Surely it can't start at £120k there must be a range that starts at a more affordable level. I don't want it to be too wide either.
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