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  1. Toto looked quite smug on the interview I have just seen on C4. It has happened before that one or more cars miss the start of their last lap.
  2. If you think about taking the seat out to aid access, I will tell you of the experience that SWLC had when they were re-fitting my passenger seat. Although there are just 4 bolts, the nuts are sort of loose in between parts of the floor skins. I had been driving around for a while with the seat out, the front 2 nuts were easily accessible, but the back 2 had to be fished around with a wire to get them back into the correct position. This took several attempts.
  3. This is from a 2011 manual I have for the evora...
  4. Tourists..... yesterday the traffic from Tedburn into Exeter was very slow for around 4-5 hours, parts of Exeter ground to a halt. And this morning traffic slow/stationary from Exeter westwards, and also queuing on the old A30 at the bottom of our driveway. Feel trapped at home from Friday to Monday. I expect by lunchtime today the queues will reform going back towards Exeter and the M5/services. 03_20210731_093445.bmp
  5. Anyone have experience of so called smart ev chargers. I know that our local transformer would not cope with chargers being added to properties, as the guy next door works for western power distribution - or transformer is operating at/over it supposed limit.. Also just seen this. Home car charger owners urged to install updates It looks as if it had been possible to hack the smart charger and possibly have access to your home network. (bugs fixed) @Bibs I know you have a home charger how did you pick what charger to install or was it done by the car company? I am just thinking of looking into this. I don't know anyone you has a ev car... out where we live almost everyone uses diesel (redish) - but we are just petrol. I will have to go and annoy one of the guys at JLR and ask them loads of questions.
  6. Trouble brewing * 2 then. Evotion - say it is a 2 for 1 offer. I have spoken to my wife about what car I could get next, but will wait to see how the Emira really is and what limited / special editions may be announced in a couple of years.
  7. Nice car, I never owned one of the celebration models.
  8. That's a lot more than I have ever had, must be a noticeable place leaking,
  9. Have you heard of they advertise in club lotus mag. Would be closer to you in Hemel.
  10. The 9k estimate must also have included labour charges and VAT? So if you are doing it for 'free', then it should be quite a lot less for the parts?
  11. Wow, quite an update, Steve at SJ must have known the previous owner them Insurance costs are always high as they are not supposed to use s/h parts, (which is why one of my mg zr's was written off. ) Steve must have prepared a list, can you get a copy as a starting point to see what he thought was required. Also this may help in determining how damaged the engine is. Can't recall any of my excels turning in a swimming pool in the rain. Did have a leak from the front well / intake between the wipers on my elite s2, due to a blocked drain.
  12. I've sent Dave pages from the excel manual.
  13. Dave, have you got the excel workshop manual???? Keith
  14. tend to sell on ebay - but expensive to post..
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