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    lotus evora s 2014 (gone), elite 501 gone, elite s2.2 gone, 2 eclat s2 gone, 4 excels gone, evora gt430 come.., mg zr*2, mg zs 180v6, M100 S2 arrived
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Community Answers

  1. Quite a good turnout, lucky @JB has a large site.
  2. Suppose first line support have suggested turning the server off and back on again.
  3. I remember thinking that Helston got out just in time, but the Carr family members who inherited the business after both the 2nd generation Carrs passed away, did not want to run a car business. So it was split up. I know Hendy have a couple of JLR dealers near the south coast, wonder if either will survive. Exeter Ferrari were also taken over by Vertu, but so far have refused to join Vertu's IT systems etc. They don't want their Ferrari customers cold called by Vertu up north where their central offices are. The sales guy at Matford we have been dealing with for the last 2.5 cars is leaving next week.
  4. Spoke with a sales guy at JLR Exeter today, the nearest Jag dealer by the end of 2024 will be in Bristol, ie all the current ones in Cornwall/Devon/Somerset (Exeter, Plymouth/Taunton/Truro) will be service agents only - if they still are in business.
  5. ? Discussed in above.
  6. Looks like quite a place.. red seems to look good.
  7. Sounds a bit like cars for senior citizens, and modifications for same.
  8. from Club lotus FB, - they will start at the Dartmoor diner to leave at 7pm for a drive over the moor to the meeting at Widecombe in the Moor{"event_action_history"%3A[{"surface"%3A"group"}]}
  9. Vettel was visiting yesterday. Mind you if Danny R gets a go, can't see him wanting to help Max anyway.
  10. Eletre in London from FB Eletre owners. Well parked in the trailer at the end of the clip.....!!
  11. Updated my Autel TS501 TPMS reader a few weeks ago, today whilst looking at some MG3 wheels for the M100, tried the Evija option and it managed to read the sensors on my 2018 Evora...... which would seem then that it may be possible to program the Autel sensor for an Evora if programmed as a Evija? Did not try connecting the reader to the car by the OBD2 port though. MaxiTPMS TS501 Vehicle Make Tested: Lotus Evija 01/2021-12/2022(433MHz) Test Performed On: 2023-5-30 2:24:2 Test Performed by: Owner's Name: License Plate No: Model and Year: Comments: Wheel BCM ID Hex BCM ID Dec ID Hex ID Dec Pressure Temperature Battery State Modulation OEM Part #: FL 81D4E955 2178214229 27 Psi 17.8 °C OK 433FM FR 81D4F748 2178217800 26 Psi 16.7 °C OK 433FM RR 81D4F9AF 2178218415 29 Psi 20.0 °C OK 433FM RL 81D4F105 2178216197 30 Psi 17.8 °C OK 433FM SP Untested Untested Untested Untested Untested Untested Untested Untested Untested
  12. Don't think her indoors will allow me to buy my twin. Would have thought that putting on here will attract some member's interest, seem to recall one changing hands and an add never appeared.
  13. Ian has posted a few pics on FB, seem to have been the odd Emira or 2. Wonder if they went on track. @mayevora Was wondering if anyone actually counts the number of cars there / subtotalled by model....
  14. Can see its had a recent MOT, but as still SORN suggests it's off the road even for the summer we are expecting shortly. Would have thought that if the owner was going to use it in the good months would be back on the road by now.
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