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    lotus evora s 2014 (gone), elite 501 gone, elite s2.2 gone, 2 eclat s2 gone, 4 excels gone, evora gt430 come.., mg zr*3, mg zs 180
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  1. Presumably offers in excess of the new list price, to get one early. But would you really want to buy from anyone that was not a lotus dealer.
  2. This is mine and now living in Devon.
  3. There are not perfect but look ok from a distance, was in two minds to do this, spent a while with a measure and masking tape, the decal was the one i got that was for an late model exige. This would probably look better on a flatter wing, the gt430 wing is a bit 'bent' on either side. Where is SWLC getting one from for you car?
  4. I thought you may have had it back early. SWLC don't do their own paint do they? The rear wing is also a useful place to keep the charger on... The second photo shows i have the cable running thru the slats in the engine cover.
  5. Having got an olive green one, i think it looks better than a black one. Most people who have seen it like the green.
  6. Colour looks a good match. I do prefer the look of the evora with the larger wing, it looks more complete. So are SWLC going to do a lotus decal for the rear? I have fitted the one i bought, having cut the decal, changed the angle and spacing.
  7. Thought I would update what I have found out. The new lotus sensor is an alligator sensor that can be programmed with the alligator programmer (and is also a lotus part T000T1543F), but it needs the software to be downloaded from the lotus cars dealers web site - not lotus techcentre. Found these details on a lotus tsb 2019/02 - downloaded from a USA website The maxitpms / autel programmer is unlikely to support the new sensor as I emailed them and there response was We checked this model year, it has very little market share, sorry currently we have no detailed schedule to
  8. Thought something was wrong with my pc this morning, downloaded some updates to the browser - tried a different browser ... the new format eg you cannot see the last user to update a topic or when . also the topis are more spaced out. Cant see this as an improvement.
  9. Did it get to you safely then, its come along way. When are you fitting it then..
  10. Yes, will be keeping it on the road (and taxed..) and using it when the weather is ok, easier down here in Devon, I used my previous evora for odd trips over the winter, but not normally too far. Years ago I used a lotus elite 501 (then later on excels) as my daily driver to work even in some snow - added a couple of 25kg bags of aggregate in the boot. Have also fitted a new set of 4S to the 430.
  11. have we left the EU behind yet....lets make some noise - before we all have to go electric... the button on mine was a simple job for B&C
  12. Bibs, can anyone check the stock at the factory online then. I have been waiting for a part since my car had its service before it was delivered.
  13. Mind you this part is very expensive... the diagram looks more like part number A132S0081F
  14. looks like number 3 has a better description of the item in your photo.
  15. The filler cap could be for electricity....
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