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    lotus evora s 2014 (gone), elite 501 gone, elite s2.2 gone, 2 eclat s2 gone, 4 excels gone, evora gt430 come.., mg zr*2, mg zs 180v6
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  2. See what you mean now..
  3. Did you find out if on tlf?
  4. Not a fan of the coloured feet, see the centres are the same, so they match.
  5. Used to live not far from Watford, moved to Devon 14 years ago.
  6. Just noticed the gt430 at Silverstone is no longer on ph, anyone on here got it. It was listed at 95k!
  7. particularly for at least 2 years..
  8. Found this ad for some photos of the units out of a car....???
  9. Congrats, I would have thought you would be too busy to have the day off.
  10. We had our flu jabs last week at the GP, then today had the covid booster at the centre east of Exeter, had no problem booing, just a bit of a faff going round the centre, checking in, have a online questionnaire with a nice young lady then the actual jab.
  11. Perhaps it's a little rear wing starting to grow, so in a few months time it may get fully grown.
  12. So what model was that, did you go out in it as well.
  13. Most will only zoom into Scotland and then zoom out back home.
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