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  1. Saw Tim on Car SOS doing some repairs on an M100. Must be an expert.... I had some repairs done on one of my old eclats and was repaired ok, but I did go to a guy who was supposed to be knowledgeable on fibre glass, it was more difficult getting a good colour match.. The primary damage seemed to be caused by things being thrown about in the boot.
  2. Used car values have risen by an average of £2,125 (16.6%) in each of the last four months, according to data published by Cap HPI.
  3. She had said if I sell 2 of the MG's I possibly could buy another lotus, but unlikely to get another evora . Though I doubt if she meant I could buy another gt430 as it would need another bigger garage.
  4. Wife would take some persuasion for that. Trying to put forward a plan to buy another lotus....
  5. Noticed this on ebay, seen this car several times years ago, always reminds me of the one I had.
  6. I did not normally cover my earth ends with green sleeving, until recently, but I don't think even I would have thought that looks very good. I do now and try to put earth sleeving on!
  7. Before or after Edwina 'EGGs' Currie
  8. I thought that was the case, but regs do change, they can also carry out work to repair the car eg Max's side boards, and in the past there have been similar repairs carried out. I think Lewis had this benefit earlier this year? I seem to recall at a Monaco race when they stopped the race and one of the guys had recently stopped for new tyres and then after the race was re-started the other had changed on the grid so the guy lost his advantage/or relative position..
  9. But it was a brilliant drive from Lewis and good to see close racing with Alonso, without taking each other off, and then a getting on the podium...
  10. There was some discussion about that, a point was made with the Merc pit being the first in the pit lane, Merc may have had to let all the other cars past them as they may have found themselves having an unsafe release which would have got a penalty. 2 commentators thought this may have been the reason. Any driver who made a move to slicks before the restart so take the restart on slicks would have done well. They could have changed tyres during the red flag period.
  11. To replace my ride on would be around 3k anyway (did look at one closer to £5k), have seen this at a garden centre, but wonder how hard it would be to push up my field when it runs out of energy. Bought a new tow behind flail mower 2 years ago at a cost of £4.8k. So may consider something like this in a couple of years.
  12. Well I suppose that is good news for your original plan of using the HC engine in the esprit. And then don't tell the wife you don't think she needs the more powerful engine...
  13. Agreed - watching it on the radio and laptop. Can't wait to see the highlights on C4. There must be a great image that could be taken at one point, not seen before.
  14. More great progress.... Would the SA auto box actually fit on the end of the 907, as that was one thing you were considering.. This morning managed to spend over an hour getting the 7 nuts on the inlet manifold of the ZR
  15. Well I suppose that is some good news, a lot of old factories seem to be unused for ages until they become derelict, and get demolished..
  16. I think a lot of cars of this age the a/c does not work. I recall my elite s2 that I bought over 25 years ago the a/c had been removed. I think you have made good progress, I certainly would not undertake this as my mechanical knowledge is a bit lacking. Although I am in the middle of my 5th head gasket change on a ZR - which should only take 4 hours. First one I did 8 years ago took a long time. The ZR only passed its MOT on Monday. I remember going to a club lotus seminar in Hertfordshire 30+ years ago - run by an ex Lotus engineer, who said that the record for getting a 907 engine out was under 9 mins??
  17. Toto looked quite smug on the interview I have just seen on C4. It has happened before that one or more cars miss the start of their last lap.
  18. If you think about taking the seat out to aid access, I will tell you of the experience that SWLC had when they were re-fitting my passenger seat. Although there are just 4 bolts, the nuts are sort of loose in between parts of the floor skins. I had been driving around for a while with the seat out, the front 2 nuts were easily accessible, but the back 2 had to be fished around with a wire to get them back into the correct position. This took several attempts.
  19. Tourists..... yesterday the traffic from Tedburn into Exeter was very slow for around 4-5 hours, parts of Exeter ground to a halt. And this morning traffic slow/stationary from Exeter westwards, and also queuing on the old A30 at the bottom of our driveway. Feel trapped at home from Friday to Monday. I expect by lunchtime today the queues will reform going back towards Exeter and the M5/services. 03_20210731_093445.bmp
  20. Anyone have experience of so called smart ev chargers. I know that our local transformer would not cope with chargers being added to properties, as the guy next door works for western power distribution - or transformer is operating at/over it supposed limit.. Also just seen this. Home car charger owners urged to install updates It looks as if it had been possible to hack the smart charger and possibly have access to your home network. (bugs fixed) @Bibs I know you have a home charger how did you pick what charger to install or was it done by the car company? I am just thinking of looking into this. I don't know anyone you has a ev car... out where we live almost everyone uses diesel (redish) - but we are just petrol. I will have to go and annoy one of the guys at JLR and ask them loads of questions.
  21. Trouble brewing * 2 then. Evotion - say it is a 2 for 1 offer. I have spoken to my wife about what car I could get next, but will wait to see how the Emira really is and what limited / special editions may be announced in a couple of years.
  22. Nice car, I never owned one of the celebration models.
  23. That's a lot more than I have ever had, must be a noticeable place leaking,
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