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  1. I know there is a yellow one somewhere in exeter - belongs to a guy who apparently has an impressive collection, and had reported back to the supplying dealer how much he liked the gt410 sport. I have a gt430 and live just west of exeter. Congrats for getting the lotus - they are all special cars.
  2. and there is always an increased chance of having a problem. I often had a feeling that I was 'lucky' to get to my destination
  3. You might be able to drive it in ? but not be able to get out of it!!! As a slightly elderly individual I have the door fully open to get in/out, luckily my main garage has enough room to open both doors inside. At my last house I had a 5 car garage and another for 1 car plus some stuff.
  4. May be there is something more important in the garage--- the wife's car.
  5. So Barry how about a lotus project
  6. Yes, also checked with PJS that they are the ones for 410 and my 430. Don't need them for a couple of years, bought incase Lotus put the price up to closer to what they were.
  7. Ordered 6 lotus from dealer - total cost £ 41.50 inc p&p
  8. Looks good, so have you got the car back now, and have you been out to feel all the extra downforce form the rear wing yet up and down the A380.
  9. May be get 6 in stock for when my 2018 car needs them in 3 to 4 years time...
  10. Hasn't the lotus price for Evora S/400 etc spark plugs come down a lot, just looked for A132E6503F on B&C and SJ and they seem to be just over £6 each. The same part seems to be used on all the s/c evoras. Just over a year ago I paid over £40 each. Unless I am looking up the wrong part number, this is not the part number for the NA.
  11. I can recall that you were not allowed to take oranges into California - even if coming from the neighbouring state - as we found out in 2001 when travelling in the US. The oranges came from breakfast at our previous hotel.
  12. Can't we make it 3 with Colin Chapman's involvement with vanwall?
  13. I suppose one ought to ask how the clutch is. Thought that TVR's reputation was somewhat worse than a Lotus.
  14. You could see how you get on with it, and when it needs a service or whatever and you have that done at a dealer then you could ask them. It will be difficult to pop in to have a chat with your local dealer due to the lockdown. It should still have quite a bit of its 3 year warranty left.
  15. Is this a new gt410 sport, if so still suggest discussing this with the dealer.
  16. The side pockets are useful, did not use my armrest much.
  17. May be ask the dealer if it is possible to swap the door cards over. - I don't know. Also the car is rather short of 12v outlets - only 1 I think - like mine has. My old evora s had 3, so I have had some more added to the front near the glovebox and 1 in the boot.
  18. I think that the gt410 (non sport) still has the arm rest etc see its a 2020. my 430 does not have arm rest etc.
  19. As a way out suggestion, have it on a 'new' steering wheel, so you could adjust it for each corner you come to when driving, a bit like an F1 car, where you see the driver adjusting things every few seconds - not really a serious suggestion though..
  20. Maybe Trump will take over the whole of Scotland, then the rest of the UK can vote to expel Scotland.
  21. A photo earlier in the thread it looks it is fitted into the glove box. Certainly it was more expensive than I expected, would not be able to slip that in with a normal service.
  22. I see that part of our police force are re-considering the 2 ladies' penalties. May be the police are better photographers than what they normally do.
  23. some would say it is more of a starter, unless it has salad as well.
  24. I have sent 1 tweet in total, the whole of twitter seems such a disorganized jumble. Facebook is a bit better but these forums are better arranged. I also am on a forum for a MG diagnostic tool.
  25. But I thought they were closed in lockdown 1.0?
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