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  1. Been working on the seats and side pocket. 4 before/after pics... the ns pocket elastic was broken and was glued in. the seats have had the holes/cracks filled and re coloured with proper leather treatment. Have now applied some satin finish to change the appearance from more matt.
  2. It should stop after awhile as it is no longer pumping, just what is left in the pipe. yours or someone else in there with you.
  3. Rybrook Bristol took over from Howards Weston super mare a couple of years ago. They must be gearing up for the Emira, they recently lost being a McLaren new car dealer, but think they still do McLaren service/parts. Williams used to be a full dealer and had been based in Bristol, but moved out quite a few years. They have only recently lost their official Lotus service centre status.
  4. instant access currently 1.67.
  5. Can't they just get on and arrange the UK tour of the retailers that are left. I know that Lotus have been in touch with Exeter to ask how big the showroom door is. And of course there is still the issue of how much the base/launch etc versions will be. Bearing in mind the state of inflation/economy it could be hard to set a number now and keep to it?
  6. Just had a look at the Rybrook site, they look to have no s/h Lotus in stock. I know stock has been difficult to get hold of.... I know nothing of the place but if Bibs goes to Silverstone all the away from Kent???? Basic Lotus service is one thing but Lotus repairs need more experience than some of the new dealers have - at the moment. That has been my experience. They are probably gearing up for Emira though.
  7. Can't afford his/her road tax. Clamped in Manchester a few days ago.
  8. Had a problem with one of the quads, the company I got it from thought it might be the petrol getting stale (told him I never used E10!!!!), tried Lucas Safe Guard Ethanol Petrol Additive Conditioner Stabiliser E10 Fuel - had good reviews on eBay/amazon. Did not make any difference as it was actually a problem with the carb The reviews of the additive seem to good to be true??? Certainly would not want to use it though in one of the Lotus'.
  9. We do not use E10 in any of the proper (MG/Lotus) cars or even the ride on mower, ordinary push mower, chain saw or flail mowers. The only thing we use E10 in is the wife's RR, and I sometimes wonder about using E5 in that for the extra energy/MPG. Even garden equipment manufacturers say you should not leave E10 in for more than 30 days.
  10. Didn't Phil have a go at putting some lube on something near the turbo wastegate or something, I was standing behind trying to get a few tips...
  11. Good to have a chat @MPx and also meet another new M100 owner who lives in Newton Abbot. SWLC have posted a video and some pics on their FB page. One of them was working on their new toy - silver GT430, he was removing a few parts including the engine bay loom that Lotus wanted back.... A few of my pics...
  12. The military grey auto has gone off AT and PH, may now be sold? But was at Hofmann's, who are even less Lotus than they were, so may have gone somewhere else?
  13. Andrew Ferguson's gold Eclat at the Club Team Lotus do at Post House hotel Norwich, Rescanned it for better quality. Taken just 3 weeks before Chapman died in 1982. Did post this in a smaller 4 panel selection some time ago.
  14. Been in to Hendy Exeter today and no Emira has arrived. So it looks like Emira demos will still be at least a week away.....
  15. John, just looked at this old thread as there was a new post, saw the request about the gold Andrew Ferguson car. Went to the Club Team Lotus do at the Post house Norwich, around 3 weeks before Chapman died. Had a chat with Andrew and his wife at the do. His car was parked outside at some time during the day while things were getting organised. And was later replaced by an F1 car. - as it was then under cover,. Did post this pic on another thread, but can't seem to post it here.
  16. The Devon Vintage Car Club Autojumble Our next Devon Vintage Car Club Autojumble will be held on Sunday 9th October 2022 at the South Devon Railway Buckfastleigh, TQ11 0DZ, just off the A38.
  17. Can't see anyway Phil would have got the DVLA to agree to a new reg. Partial re-spray, refurb wheels some tyres, wind deflector, some seat treatment. Window switch, wiper stalk, spare door trim panel. .., Still its only money. I can get away with spending stuff, but not getting more whole cars. If I sold the Evora could probably do a SWLC and build a whole new 300 hp electric M100. Sacrilege....
  18. I know they spent loads on it, as many new parts as they could find, others were reconditioned etc. I was more wondering why the current owner, who has not had it long was trying to sell it so soon and for much more then they paid.. There seem to be a few for sale at a slightly lower price currently, suppose that's down to winter coming and the state of the price rises / economy etc. I have spent over £1500 on mine since Easter.
  19. MG4 being announced, made and delivered in reasonable volumes with a more potent one to come, and low priced... High-performance MG 4 EV to launch in 2023 with 443bhp Twin-motor, AWD with 330kW of power ► Targets a 4.0sec 0-62mph time ► Here in 2023, priced around £35,000 The Chinese SAIC/MG production getting ramped up at pace. Compared to some other companies. If this car is reliable then it will make an inroad into the UK registrations quickly.
  20. Looks like a list forecasting of next years Max's victories.
  21. Some of my best shoes have Velcro.
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