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  1. So by the time they launch it I may be even more retired than I am already. I'd have to bribe the wife a lot to buy that as well as the gt430. Article also says It is known that the Type 131 retains the Toyota-based V6 of the Evora, again mounted transversely.
  2. Interesting story, may mean they will offer a road going hi spec 131 / gt4 look alike.
  3. Room for another Lotus on the other side? I am amazed at how tidy a lot of peoples garages are, mine has loads of other stuff in, logs drying out, spare wheels, chain saws, garden tools, spare other car parts. My spare front/rear bumpers, more spare wheels (at least 12), spare juliet balcony, more logs, small hay bails, metal roofing sheets, spare freezer and other furniture are in my stables. I have painted the garage floors with wickes floor paint but it does lift off, particularly under the lotus. Will probably consider laying the 60cm x 60cm interlocking tiles
  4. Brexit has given the UK back its independence and boosted innovation, inventor Sir James Dyson has said
  5. How about yours @mayevora, it has had a day in the studio/spotlight recently
  6. As I said some people are totally bonkers
  7. Queues out the front of some stores from 7:30 am......totally bonkers, are they runnibg out of stock - no.... just some people have nothing better to do.??? Like sitting at home on the keyboard
  8. Wife and I had our 2nd jabs this morning 2 weeks earlier than originally booked. But you can tell that some sort of change to the regulations has happened today, there is much more traffic and loads of motorhomes/caravans/ cars with roof boxes and bikes etc. We even had it stationary on the A30 west of Exeter, - not helped by a jack knifed lorry.
  9. as good as Two police officers have been sacked after filming themselves breaking the speed limit at 89mph in a seized high-performance vehicle.
  10. May be he had seen it on wheeler dealers.
  11. At the height of dieselgate, when i drove past the VW dealer I used to shout out cheating bXXXXXXX - but not too loudly!. Any of that groups cheating products should have had more action taken against them in the UK. Imagine the problems if JLR had done this - what the EU would have done.
  12. Snows had a dealer at Southampton and a service facility in Plymouth, but lost their dealership. Hendy Pool took over a dealer there (Westover) and have opened a new dealer in Southampton, and this 3rd one in Exeter. But the one in Exeter is not really active yet, but is on the official lotus dealer map. There is another topic about them, and they have joined TLF, I have also been in contact with him. I live near tedburn st mary, so only about 6 miles away, and also remember the one that used to be in Christow Road and one in Paignton.
  13. May be they arte putting prices up a bit to cover the cost of the new aftermarket lotus warranty that is suppose to be starting this coming week. I cannot imagine it will cost less than £1000-1500.
  14. Went to Wickes yesterday to pick up a bag of concrete (only a small 10kg bag) , a number of people there had a look at it as a drove round the car park. No chance of getting 8x4 sheets of anything in the car. Also bought some petrol and a guy walking past the car said how good it looked, I think he could tell it was a lotus as he could read the badge on the front.
  15. Very difficult to assess, having no title and an auto makes it more difficult. Whereabouts is the car.
  16. Trying to add lightness to the car. Take it was just 1 missing..
  17. I don't think they are very active yet. There are 3 new lotus on the premises and they have some other performance cars in as well. The new lotus cars have not been seen outside yet. See you live in Devon, whereabouts. Took my Evora to SWLC and will probably be going down again for its service and mot.
  18. 912 is the 2.2 litre engine .. the series 2 cars do not have the 501.... options that was for the 2 litre cars. s2 cars are quite rare - i expect you may know that. I had 2 many years ago. Wiki has an explanation of the lotus engine of this type
  19. Have a look at this from the manual
  20. You could go down to Hendy Exeter and have a look at a new gt410 - somewhere on the premises - try going for a test drive?
  21. Would one be able to buy this warrantee only when buying the car from a lotus dealer at that time, I was wondering if when my aftermarket warrantee expires next October I could switch to the lotus one. Or even buy one soon and forget about the aftermarket one. Also I suppose we do not yet know what is covered/not covered and any financial limits. The aftermarket warrantee is limited to a few thousand pounds.
  22. Bit of a teaser over the powertrain options, and just the mules been driven, it will be great to see it in the flesh..
  23. Great tribute as has been said. Not seen recent pics of Clarkson and May - do look a lot older now. (don't we all...) Can't say I missed the ginger haired one. A few nice words from Toto and Suzie Wolff and also DC.
  24. Perhaps a new thread ? - is hydrogen the answer instead of electricity.. Citroen, Peugeot and Vauxhall light commercial vehicle (LCV) dealers must prepare for an influx of hydrogen-powered vans as the three Stellantis brands prepare to launch fuel cell vehicles.
  25. I had a S2 elite for many years, the only pars list/diagrams I had were for the S1 but the lotus parts list included the parts for the S2 but no pics.
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