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  1. Came across this old thread when searching for info about this company. What are forum members up to date views, the reviews on google (assuming some are genuine..) would not indicate that there is an issue. And they still advertise in the Club Lotus mag so they must be doing enough business to keep going.
  2. How close to ENDEAVOUR LOTUS COLCHESTER Fox Street, Ardleigh, Colchester, CO7 7PP
  3. The first Elite I ever saw that was not at a dealership, but at Watford hospital. Somewhere I have some original colour transparencies taken on a twin lens reflex - Lubital 6x6cm. of this car. In the mean time a b&w version. Note no sub model plate on B pillar. Car registered August 1974. I still think these are awesome looking cars.
  4. Seen a few polestars, parked next to one in the supermarket car park, it is ok ish, but too big for what I want. So may have to skip the type 132 and wait to see the 'smaller' one.
  5. Had to look that one up, our cats are just standard moggies...
  6. The lamppost survived better than the car. Hope they were ok.
  7. and C Goodwin. actually 2 different races, 1 think the LLC car was at Brands and the other pic was the same car at Silverstone - possibly 1996. With co-driver P McCarthy.
  8. And see what it is like inside. It has been sitting there for many years - has it been under a cover?
  9. Try to have a good day Alan after the difficult time you must have had over the last few weeks.
  10. Well the one that looks a bit like our shower curtain has got some sort of name on the side, may be that is not a true Evora.
  11. I'd have thought that in 10-15-20 years time they will virtually all be auto and so the manual gearbox will only be on old cars for old timers ....
  12. Watford must have changed a bit since I was last there. Happy birthday,
  14. Strange decals/lower half.. not many details. certainly missing a front spoiler
  15. I did think that if it was on the road in 1990 in good order, it may have already had a new chassis, mine only lasted 1977 to 1986 ish.
  16. May be some of the restoration experts will be along in a while, whereabouts are you, there are those who would probably take a look at it for you. - particularly if nearby. Elites are great looking cars but one of this age is probably bound to have issues.
  17. I suppose there was nothing to report from your recent visit to the factory about type 132..
  18. Maybe those nearer the front of the order queue are getting a bit of a preview. See there was mention of the first press car being ready apparently for TG, I wonder when they will actually be allowed to get their hands on it, and not just round the test track.
  19. Saw this story, made me smile..... Robot vacuum cleaner escapes from Cambridge Travelodge A robot vacuum cleaner made a break for freedom after giving staff the slip at a Travelodge hotel. The automated cleaner failed to stop at the front door of the hotel in Orchard Park in Cambridge on Thursday, and was still on the loose the following day. Staff said it just kept going and "could be anywhere" while well-wishers on social media hoped the vacuum enjoyed its travels, as "it has no natural predators" in the wild. It was found under a hedge on Friday. Staff at the hotel posted the story of the robot vacuum's great escape on social media, asking for it to be returned, if found. "Today we had one of our new robot vacuums run for its life," the assistant manager wrote. "They normally sense the lip at the entrance [to the hotel] and turn around, but this one decided to make a run for it." While some readers joked about the robot's adventures, one feared for its safety in the great outdoors, pointing out that "nature abhors a vacuum".
  20. In 2021 a similar controversy arose over Darkie Lane in Swanage, Dorset - which was originally named for similar reasons in that it is dark and shady. Swanage Council recommended that Dorset Council rename it to Dark Lane following a letter of complaint from a family who had visited the area, but the name change was shelved after a consultation with residents.
  21. Also found must be coming more available
  22. Just think of all the places that have black or white in them..... eg Blackwall tunnel, Whitehall.....
  23. Victor Raysbrook Motors 182 High St Watford lotus dealer many years ago... Graham Hill’s World Championship winning Lotus Formula 1, currently on display in Watford High Street. Hill’s car, shown here with Victor Raysbrook, is one of a number featuring in a Lotus Week exhibition at Victor Raysbrook Motors. [from the Watford Observer of September 5, 1969]
  24. 'Darkey Lane' in Lifton could be renamed after two visitors complain Lifton Parish Council has written to those living on the road to inform them about the complaint and to find out whether residents want to retain the name or change it. Although the parish council is conducting the consultation, renaming roads is the responsibility of West Devon Borough Council (WDBC) which would then do their own consultation if a desire for change was expressed. The letter, dated January 7, states: "I have been asked to write to you on behalf of Lifton Parish Council following receipt of a complaint about the street name Darkey Lane made by two visitors to the village. "The visitors, one of who is of Caribbean heritage, were shocked and extremely upset having been confronted with a name like this. "Councillors took the decision at a parish council meeting on November 25, 2021, to undertake a public consultation with you in early January 2022, to find out if you would like to keep or change the existing road name." t would also require each household to pay a fee of £40 to WDBC to change the name. The parish council has offered to pay for replacement road signs.
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