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  1. I see there are a couple of threads going back on the same subject..... It is mentioned on SJ, but I doubt if they realty can get it. So you are not alone in trying to find one over the years..... They do look more modern than the original. Managed to acquire a Riviera boot lid for one of me eclats many years ago , and it did make the car look better.
  2. Have you tried lotus bits, I imagine that they are rare......
  3. Shock, horror the Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid only comes 3rd in a test against a Jaguar I-pace and a BMW X5 M sport in this weeks Auto Express.... (Suppose there was not a 911 to compare and then win the comparison!!) It is also the most expensive.
  4. That was the one top gear did..... it was being driven on public roads....
  5. Handcuff them round streetlights/roadsigns for a few hours, no food, no drink, no loos....perhaps make that a few days.....
  6. I felt it was lighter and easier to see out of - as mine has no rear side windows and the slatted duck tail, so seems dark. Would want to actually try sit in and drive it before any purchase.
  7. Similar to the top gear version of the rover. - as seen on tv
  8. Try a selection of free ones you can have several on your phone, then use your favourite one. I actually paid for the full version of one and use it on a windows 10 phone - not much other use for it these days. Have a number of pc based ones as well.
  9. They did not have a great involvement in the event as it was all set up/arranged by lotus, at Exeter, the sales guys came out and said hi to those they had some knowledge of, or were dealing with regarding recent sales/prospects, but also spent some time in their office. Rybrook had never replied to a couple of queries I sent them and they we going to have a open/workshop sort of event, but that has never materialised. ie which was also in the club lotus magazine.
  10. Happy birthday, I reached that age last year, how about an upcoming lotus suv, will have plenty of room for a pack of dogs. I still have my mg zs v6 that I bought in 2004 (when I used to go to work)
  11. Do you need to borrow a chainsaw, sure looks like plenty of logs for winter.
  12. I spoke with Scott for some time at Hendy Exeter, he had seen the mention of this earlier, and had since changed what was said, I think what he was provided with what to say by some 'marketing experts' and it was not quite what people needed to hear. Less about what most people already know and more about the actual car. Got on well with him as it was he who spec'd the olive green on my (and the other) gt430. Scott certainly has a enthusiasm for the lotus brand.
  13. Saw this posted on f/b and a mock up pic.
  14. Red Bull seem to be upset (again..) Red Bull's Christian Horner questions Mercedes speed gains Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has expressed his "surprise" at gains he says Mercedes have made with their engine performance.........
  15. Can remember watching them at Silverstone, recall one caught fire just near where I was at the time.!. Also saw the previous non V8 version racing at the same place with Zanardi at the wheel. Great looking esprits.
  16. I thought they were going to ''stick' with aluminum tub/frame but rivet instead of using glue - not sure where I thought I saw that though. I wonder if such changes are more related to Chinese manufacturing?
  17. I'd say blue roll ..... eg I use kitchen roll, borrowed from the kitchen.(and not replaced)
  18. Thought you already had 1. Easier to look round here in Exeter compared to the bun fight at Goodwood, am getting more accustomed to the rear view - which I think is not the greatest. Needs a rear wing, might wait for the gt4. Good to meet Scott from the factory, have had a number of emails about lotus history etc with him. Think the black roof and black tailgate make it too dark on top.
  19. Well that was a quick turnover for Hendy. Saw @EGTE's new car and meet Russ in the showroom, had a number of chats with Scott from the factory. An interesting time today. See they have another new GT410 for sale now, must be one of the last ones available.
  20. Was the switch to green fuel behind the petrol crisis? Retailers blame low stock on switchover to E10 fuel as they demand inquiry into forecourt chaos
  21. I have programmed 2 sets of TPMS sensors for the wife's last 2 RR's, using the Autel universal sensor and then programming them.. Comes complete, ie stem and sensor, and quite a lot cheaper than buying a genuine RR one. Car has been happy with them. I programmed them to use the same sensor id's from the originals.
  22. Surely it must be a Porsche they are always the a road test.
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