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  1. I am / was hoping that is where the type 134 is aimed at. Would probably be a better seller than the large 132 - at least here in the UK?
  2. On a similar theme to one a posted a coupe of weeks ago.
  3. Don't know anything about this, but it came up on facebook, May be a few old Lotus arts?
  4. Certainly has done that, if RB have overcome the reliability issues and Ferrari have their occasional strategy error - as they have had in previous years - then it look as if Max will be champion this year. After these first races all the teams have at least 1 point, would indicate that the race near the top of the constructors championship will be close.
  5. Good (lucky) result for Lando, and how embarrassing for LH / Merc being lapped. Overall it was only the excitement of Ferrari managing not to get a podium finish that made it mildly interesting.
  6. Paid around 1.75 for E5, filled up at a cost of £75....Would be a bit cheaper at Sainsbury's next door, but usually a queue and only have E5 at a couple of their pumps. I thought petrol was supposed to go down a bit.
  7. About 10 mins, had a stop for a cuppa.
  8. Lewis in the Chelsea management team? (Not as 'manager' though.) Can't see him really wanting to give up the need for competition, if there is a chance for Merc to get better later this year. Or, anyone think a change of team for next year, no places with the red team, how about a return to McLaren?
  9. We are all asleep, hoping for more tomorrow. McLaren look a bit better, but probably no chance of them getting a podium. Hope Max gets more upset tomorrow by another DNF.
  10. Did not notice I had folding mirrors on the S for sometime. The 430 folds automatically on locking the car, just makes an annoying noise each time. These days leave the car unlocked when in the garage.
  11. Certainly my window rattles in a similar way when partially open.
  12. I had that on my evora S, but not noticed the same thing on my current evora. I put it down to the wing mirror. May be later cars are a different design??? May be totally wrong though....
  13. Had a few calls with Paul Matty about 1 of their ebay items. They told me that the parts business has been sold, will re-open somewhere, sometime, supposed to be bigger and better. The cars sales side of PM will close its doors at the end of the month. I assume then the site will be redeveloped and also the service side of the business goes as well. The remaining cars will then have to be off loaded in the trade. Also some showroom stuff seems to be up for sale as well.
  14. Transporter - no not the film - DVSA. This vehicle transporter was initially found with loose wheel nuts, an unsecured load, no driver card in use, operator licence, trailer indicators, trailer brake lights, MOT, or vehicle tax DVSA examiners immobilised and prohibited the vehicle, and the driver was reported by police for no insurance and driving whilst disqualified
  15. And still only no price or Uk tour. J ust some silly phrases on Lotus' facebook. Who I will become is up to me. Who I was will never change. I am led by my Legacy.
  16. It looks as if she turned her head, was not then looking where they were going and fell off the side of the road. Should be fined for incompetent cycling. I recall many many years ago, drove safely past a cyclist, who was cycling slowly while talking to a pedestrian who was walking along the pavement. After I had gone past, looked in the mirror and saw the cyclist turn into the curb and fell off - no where near me..!!!!
  17. Found this posted by Caffyns - don't remember seeing this one.
  18. Probably connected to the various dealers announcing the online lotus parts store. eg
  19. Seem to recall that NATE/the west have been supplying 'defensive' weapons only, so if Ukraine start hitting sites/factories in Russia then the West may be less keen to provide more support?
  20. Found this in one of the owners handbooks..... Note: Your dealer, by request, can configure the system to unlock only the driver’s door on the first button press, and the passenger’s door after a second press. Which suggests that the setting can be changed. The generic ODB readers will get access to the basic engine codes, settings like the above will be by lotus techcentre. Does not explain about the tailgate though.
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