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  1. Thank you for this insight, honestly I think part of the reason I didn't fall in love with my current car (Audi TT) is because it was a stock car that I made a few compromises on when buying it because it was a good deal. For sure I think having a very personal car hand built just for you is part of what attracts me to Lotus, despite some of the 'drawbacks'. I also think that making small modifications to your car keeps it feeling special and you just can't do that with something like an audi (easily at least). At first this attracted me to MX-5's because of their aftermarket scene and then I was like "hey if I can live with an MX-5 as a daily I can live with an elise too - better do it while you're young!" haha.
  2. Interesting, so it's not just a simple re-map. I guess it is worth the price premium then! This info is hard to find! Like i said before, if you have any info on the red-lines of the two cars I'd be very interested 🙂
  3. Thanks for the links Bibs! I've read through them, and the only performance add-on it mentions for the cup 250 is a charge cooler, though the 220 also has one now. Maybe it would just be easier to ask elise 220 owners what their redline is? Is it 7200?
  4. Hi all, After a long decision making process I've finally decided that I'm going to purchase a new Elise! I can just about afford the 220 sport, though I wanted to know if it's worth stretching to (or maybe considering) a used 250 cup? I can't seem to find anywhere what the actual differences are between the two cars (engine wise) What changes between the two models to give the extra power, and most importantly - does the cup have a higher redline? Max power is at 7200 according to lotus compared to 6800 for the sport 220. I do love a high redline so this is the main point of interest for me! Please let me know if you have any info on this - thanks!
  5. Thanks for the details, looks like some people are at least trying to go sideways in an elise! Haha. I think my main mistake was to assume that the Elise's limits were anywhere close to useable on the public roads. I guess I just thought that it's nimble handling and small size made it the perfect full throttle back road bomber, though from what you're saying I'd probably crap myself before I got there!
  6. Thanks for the detailed reply, I just signed up for a day on the lotus driving academy to get a real feel for an Elise's handling on the limit! What does the sport mode in traction control do? The dealer couldn't really tell me the differences Good to hear, do you find the extra traction control settings of the 250 useful or is it just the extra power and aero that make the car?
  7. Thanks for the reply. Actually, after test driving one, the thing that surprised me was how 'uncompromising' it wasn't! The suspension seemed to skip over bumps better than my TT and the steering was nowhere near as heavy as I expected. There were no squeaks or rattles too, and instead of feeling cheap I felt the interior was actually quite special. Since I didn't get to drive it on the limit during a test drive, I'm really interested on hearing how easy it is to play with the car at the limit - I'm not expecting a drift missile here haha. If I'm honest I'm a little scared by the numerous videos I've seen of them crashing! I've sort of got the impression that it's either stuck so much to the road it will understeer or spun into the nearest ditch if you do manage to un-stick it! I'd be really grateful for any input you've got on that
  8. Hi All As the title says, I’m currently considering a new S3 Elise as a replacement for my current Audi TT. This car will be my daily (but don’t worry I’m already convinced I’ll be fine with it and I’m not going to turn this into another “elise as a daily driver” thread!) Basically right now I’m torn between a top of the line MX-5 (With BBR upgrades) or a sport 220 (with the comfort related extras). I’ve driven both and loved them both, though I am slightly more drawn to the elise because of the more involved feeling and the fact it feels more ‘special’, I just have a couple of concerns: - I’m not concerned about the weight of the unassisted steering, but I felt that I was constantly underestimating sharp corners on my test drive because of the additional effort required and overshooting them. Is the rack slow or is this something you get used to? I’m just concerned that I’d be too slow to correct oversteer and end up in a ditch! - I’ve heard a lot about snap oversteer on the elise due to the mid-engine layout and short wheelbase. Part of the fun in the MX-5 (or any car) is getting it sideways around a nice corner and being able to correct it well (something I crave after 2 years of my TT’s inherent understeer). Is this just a recipe for disaster in an Elise, or just more of an art to get right with the right traction control setting? - Finally, I drove the elise on a motorway and found that 6th gear sat at ~3.5k RPM which seemed a little high for me, both from an efficiency and engine noise point of view. Do people change the drive ratio for cruising better or am I just being a pansy!? Sorry for the waffle – It’s a big commitment for me and I want to make sure I make the right decision, hope you understand! Cheers - Luke
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