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  1. Been scratching my head as to where and how to mount the ECU. It has to go under the bonnet as the loom can't be extended and it has to be protected from heat / fluids etc. I was unable to find a protective case of any kind in the right size so I've had to make one and mount it at a jaunty angle. Still got to make the lid and insulate the box but I think it should work OK there The battery is getting relocated to the boot and moving the original washer bottle didn't really gain me any space so I left it as is.
  2. Well, it seems that an uprated Nissan Pulsar radiator can be made to fit an Eclat, just. However I forgot to take into account that the bonnet dips down at the front when you open it Unfortunately that's where the top hose and filler neck come out. So I've had to remove a section of the grill for the bonnet to open properly. I've mocked up a 'flap' to cover this area and hopefully once it's done properly in the same paint as the grill then it shouldn't look too bad, if you squint
  3. 42yr old Lotus wiring about to meet 21st century Ecu and Race Technology Dash What could possibly go wrong? Pass me the crimps and a fire extinguisher
  4. Engine loom and ECU now fitted......
  5. Fuel sysyem coming together...... Low pressure lift pump into swirl pot then high pressure pump feeding into BMW pressure regulated fuel filter mounted below plate.
  6. I know what you're saying but this was the easiest and most obvious way to mount them. I made the motor mounting bolts captive by welding them to the bracket. This means that by undoing 2 x 13mm nuts from below and the whole assembly can be lifted out with the headlight pod.
  7. While waiting for some bits for the fuel system thought I'd take a look at the headlights. Got the MX5 motors bolted into the base using part of the MX5 mounting frame. Couple of lengths of M8 threaded bar got it mocked up to try. Ordered a 2x M8 rose joints and M8 ball jints to do the job properly as the MX5 plasic ball joints were too brittle to be of any use.
  8. Fitted and tested the clutch hydraulics this week. I had no idea how it would clear and if there would be enough travel on the BMW E30 master cylinder that I'd incorporated into the pedal box. I'm glad to say that once bled the biting point seems to be about half way through the travel and the pedal isn't excessively heavy either I've also ran in the rest of the brake lines and decided to add an OBP pressure regulator into the rear brake line. If the big Jag rear discs are a bit too keen then I can turn them down anything up to 60% efficiency. You know you're onto a winner when the ori
  9. Back off my summer hols and back at it. Caliper brackets now made from 8mm flat steel bar. Just need to refurb the calipers and it'll all be sorted
  10. I've just ordered 1m of 10x30mm steel bar, so I might go into production if it works out well Not sure they're going to fit under 14" wheels and I don't have one to try either.
  11. Yes I am, looks fairly straightforward, I'll keep you updated.
  12. Looks like the scabby Scooby calipers are going to work I'll refurb and paint them before they go on
  13. Turned my attention to the front brakes this week. Was looking at getting the PNM vented disc kit but wanted something even bigger really and cheaper is possible. So I started searching for a disc with a similar height to the original but bigger diameter and vented. Eventually I reckon I've found the ideal solution from a Citroen Xantia V6 of all things!! They're 283x26mm and have a low disc height (28mm) like the Lotus ones. To fit then to the Lotus hubs I needed to remove 0.5mm from the centre bore with a half round file and drill 4 x 10mm holes for the bolts with my pillar drill. Discs cost
  14. Rear coilover in place, mimicking the original Lotus setup but now fully adjustable for height and damping. 7x15" front and 7.5x16" rear wheels fitted in place of the tyre choice limited 14" originals...
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