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  1. Front crossmember now all boxed in
  2. Thanks, I am going to strengthen below it too as I need something to fasten a sump guard to. The sump sits lower than I'd like but cant go any higher due to prop position in tunnel and bonnet clearance.
  3. As much internal strengthening added to the front crossmember as would physically fit, 2 x heavy duty channeling and 1 x 1" box section cos that's what fitted snugly in there. All zinc primered before getting boxed back in. How strong is it? Stronger or weaker than std? Who knows? But it is what it is
  4. Thanks for the kind words of encouragement Richard, they're much needed mate Fitting the Jag rear end to any of these Lotus's is not for the faint hearted, as I'm finding out, but I still think it was the best solution for me and my car. The Jag diff/ brakes is roughly the same weight as the Lotus 'half axle'. However the shafts and lower arms etc are beefier on the Jag, but they need to be tbh to take the added power / torque of the V8. I did consider using a BMW 1 series rear subframe but this would've meant cutting the rear of the Lotus chassis at the end of the tunnel and starting from scratch. Lots of the body would've needed chopping away too, something I wasn't prepared to do, just too many unknowns and variables to consider. At least with the Jag setup it is essentially the same as the Lotus in principle and I should be able to pull it off with little or no body mods. The problem that I'm finding with modifying one of these Lotus's is that the engine / gearbox / diff can only go in one place due to the limitations of the propshaft tunnel. In a 'normal' car you'd have more leeway for the prop to move up/down or side/side.
  5. Chassis now blasted and front crossmember opened up to clean up and add some internal strengthening. Few minor repairs required but not too bad at all for a 42yr old chassis.
  6. Tacked the rear part of the 'diff cage' in place before the chassis goes off for blasting at the weekend- Added some strengthening to chassis. Was going to do it internally but suspect it would stop me from fitting the Jag brakes so did it above. Collecting some XJS brakes off a mate this week too.
  7. Sat on its Jag back end / wheels for the first time Bit more diff cradle fabrication work. Going to weld it all in place once I've blasted the chassis.
  8. Cheers, I've done a few calculations on spring rates and travel for the rear ones but not the fronts as yet. I'm going full coilovers all round and they will be harder/ shorter springs but not by a massive amount.
  9. For Jag or Lotus rear end? Lotus I'd guess. The Jag setup works the opposite way to the Lotus. The Jags bottom arm controls wheel alignment and is very substantial. The trailing arm is only there to add support through triangulation.
  10. Not if I can help it. They used 2 calipers with a seperate hand brake one. Some VAGs (Mk5 Golf) use a very similar sized disc 260 x 12mm. If I can devise a mount to get it on there then it'll be much simpler / lighter / cheaper. But yes they'll stiil be inboard
  11. I don't even know what calipers I'll be using yet tbh Possibly VAG, it'll work out I'm sure......maybe
  12. Last part of the diff mounting process is rebuilding the rear supports. All very tight around the Jag diff and bottom arms, but if it misses it misses
  13. Bit more progress on mounting the Jag diff. This is a lot more challenging than getting the engine / box to fit
  14. Wow, that's brilliant I'll pm you.
  15. Some steady progress on getting the Jag diff mounted into the chassis this week. I've made a top plate from 3mm steel and managed to bolt the diff into position to check prop alignment etc. I've cut away just enough chassis to get it into position but will need to remove more to allow room for the inboard discs and calipers. Before I do this I intend to strengthen the chassis by welding in 1" box section along the length of the rear section then add several brace pieces to triangulate it all. Once happy with the top I'll flip the chassis to make a frame to tie the original mounting points into the base of the Jag diff. Unfortunately there wasn't really a way to rubber / poly mount the diff so the whole thing will be solidly mounted, as it is in my kit car and many TVRs apparently.
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