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  1. I've just ordered 1m of 10x30mm steel bar, so I might go into production if it works out well Not sure they're going to fit under 14" wheels and I don't have one to try either.
  2. Yes I am, looks fairly straightforward, I'll keep you updated.
  3. Looks like the scabby Scooby calipers are going to work I'll refurb and paint them before they go on
  4. Turned my attention to the front brakes this week. Was looking at getting the PNM vented disc kit but wanted something even bigger really and cheaper is possible. So I started searching for a disc with a similar height to the original but bigger diameter and vented. Eventually I reckon I've found the ideal solution from a Citroen Xantia V6 of all things!! They're 283x26mm and have a low disc height (28mm) like the Lotus ones. To fit then to the Lotus hubs I needed to remove 0.5mm from the centre bore with a half round file and drill 4 x 10mm holes for the bolts with my pillar drill. Discs cost me £26.50 off ebay (NOS) I've got a pair of Subaru Impreza 4 pot caliper for £35 on their way to try for size. They have 40mm pistons which is a perfect match for the original calipers. The original set up weighed in at 10kg and the new should be 11.5kg, so not too bad really. My other option is RX7 calipers which are much lighter but the pistons are only 36.1mm.
  5. Rear coilover in place, mimicking the original Lotus setup but now fully adjustable for height and damping. 7x15" front and 7.5x16" rear wheels fitted in place of the tyre choice limited 14" originals...
  6. Engine squeezed back in, hopefully for the last time #wishfulthinking
  7. Had a go at recolouring the nasty cream interior. Flatted it down and dyed it to match the RX8 seats, happy with results so far...
  8. Picked up some cheap RX8 seats to try for size. They cleaned up nicely and see to fit good too, front bolt holes even lined straight up
  9. It's an M52B28 straight 6 from a BMW 328i. Derestricted with an earlier M50 inlet manifold, remapped and raised rev limiter taking it to up around 220-230bhp. It's lively
  10. Could be some sibling rivalry now the Eclats little brother is back home
  11. Body dropped on chassis for the final time #wishfulthinking and ready for its engine
  12. BMW Getrag from an E36, nice short, compact and strong.
  13. Adapter, flywheel, clutch and gearbox all bolted in place now....
  14. Pedal box now has a hydraulic clutch cylinder and fly by wire throttle video-1588772552.mp4
  15. Thanks mate I'll watch out for those hedgerows!!
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