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  1. Hi Kemal, The Lexus was the only V8 I considered due to its popularity for conversions which meant it has great parts availability. I did consider a V6 Jag but went the whole hog and plumped for a V8. The later/larger 4.3 3UZ is a no brainer over the earlier 4.0 1UZ and should be easily sourced in Oz. You'll want a rear sump setup, Soarer exhaust manifolds and a 5spd (Getrag 260) forom a BMW E30 with its overdive 5th gear. The front crossmember will likely need modifying to get the engine low enough and it position will be dictated by the steering rack and the propshaft hole in the chassis. If I were to do this again I'd definitely start with an Excel rather than an Eclat as I reckon it'd be much easier with its Toyota links. Cheers, Nick
  2. Just realised I haven't updated this thread for nearly a year now 😳 The car is MOT'd and in regular(ish) use. It even survived a track day at Blyton last year 😎 It's been dyno'd too and made just over 330bhp 😳 So yes, it is QUICK!! Once I've got everything else spot on I'll get it painted, Lemon Yellow is favourite at the moment 😉 Dyno2.mp4
  3. Dash refitted and new steering wheel tried for size...........
  4. Back on it's wheels now and moved under it's own steam for the first time in a very long time. Only a few inches back and forth just to test the clutch engagement 😃
  5. There's been a fair amount of progress over the last couple of months as there's been little elese to do tbh 🙄 The heater box has been removed and refurbed. Fans were freed off and I fitted a Mk1 Granada heater matrix. This wasn't a straight swap, but it went in with a bit of 'wittling' and cost £40 instead of £200.😀 It now has gears too via a shortened / modified BMW E36 linkage. The manifolds are now fully welded and reinstalled too. I'm plodding along with the electrics and have installed an additional fuse box in the engine bay for the pop up headlights, electric seat, radiator fan and feeds to the new headlight relays. All this has led up to a major milestone in the project, it now RUNS!! 😃 Fired up first turn of the key and sounds amazing!! 😎 Cooling system is now fimished but still need to make the rest of the exhaust system and configure the engine sensors before I can run it up to temperature. 20210102_160700.mp4
  6. Bit of fake wood to match the rest of the interior, I reckon it's kinda cool 🤔😎
  7. Got the Y-pipe made to join the manifolds to the 2.5" system 😎
  8. Wasn't happy with the downpipes I'd made from the manifolds, too skinny at 1.75". General concensus is 2 - 2.25" is ideal, so I've redone it all in 2" and I'm much happier with them. Also took a bit of time to port out the std manifolds, taking out the sharp edges. Might not make much difference but every little helps 😉
  9. Thought I'd finished my pedal box but turns out the 'fly by wire' throttle pedal that came with the engine wasn't the one I was supposed to use 🙄 The actual pedal was in the box, that I hadn't opened, with the custom loom. Of course it was different enough that I had completely rethink the pedal box design. I had to chop of the throttle extension support and decided to mount the new pedal seperately. I'm actually much happier with how it's mounted now and gives a much more natural throttle action. Lots of work but worth it to do it right 😀
  10. Been scratching my head as to where and how to mount the ECU. It has to go under the bonnet as the loom can't be extended and it has to be protected from heat / fluids etc. I was unable to find a protective case of any kind in the right size so I've had to make one and mount it at a jaunty angle. Still got to make the lid and insulate the box but I think it should work OK there 🤔 The battery is getting relocated to the boot and moving the original washer bottle didn't really gain me any space so I left it as is.
  11. Well, it seems that an uprated Nissan Pulsar radiator can be made to fit an Eclat, just. However I forgot to take into account that the bonnet dips down at the front when you open it Unfortunately that's where the top hose and filler neck come out. So I've had to remove a section of the grill for the bonnet to open properly. I've mocked up a 'flap' to cover this area and hopefully once it's done properly in the same paint as the grill then it shouldn't look too bad, if you squint 🤣
  12. 42yr old Lotus wiring about to meet 21st century Ecu and Race Technology Dash What could possibly go wrong? Pass me the crimps and a fire extinguisher 😉
  13. Engine loom and ECU now fitted......
  14. Fuel sysyem coming together...... Low pressure lift pump into swirl pot then high pressure pump feeding into BMW pressure regulated fuel filter mounted below plate.
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