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  1. Getting close to another year past & I'd only repeat what I said previously. The 3-11 (and 2-11) just gives a much more visceral experience then you get with an Elise or Exige... or pretty much anything else for that matter. Definitely low on the practicality meter, so not for everyone, but if you are in it for the experience... it's going to be hard to beat.
  2. It's interesting hearing the different experiences. I added a 3-Eleven to the garage earlier this year, as I wanted something a bit "more" than the Elise Cup. I've been absolutely thrilled with the car. On the track, it's definitely a handful in comparison. I find the Elise very flattering on the track. A few laps & I'm normally pretty comfortable. If I make a small mistake, no big deal as the Elise deals with that pretty well. Not quite the same in the 3-Eleven. Of course, everything is coming at you a whole lot faster, but it also requires you to really stay in tune with it &am
  3. Sounds like you know something I don't regarding the firmware update? I have the data logging option as well, just haven't had time to really look at what it can provide until now. Seems to be decently pre-configured to log most everything I'd be able to put to use & then more - except brake pressure.
  4. Finally getting around to digging into what the dash data logger can provide... first fun bit is getting it up to date. Existing firmware on my dash is incompatible with the current version of Motec's SW. Firmware update will break the existing dash layout... ugh. Anybody else already gone down this road (or have a dash updated by a dealer)? I can get a backup off the dash of the current layout, but there's two fonts needed, Zekton Free & Venus Rising. I can find both of them online (typical font download joints... free for non-commercial use... allegedly), but I wouldn't be surprised
  5. Curious if there was an update available for the dash. 17% appears to mean completely empty on mine. I actually ran out of fuel while pulling into a gas station - an old guy helped me push it in to the pumps and everything. Quite comical. Not sure if that counts as lucky, or unlucky.
  6. Excellent, many thanks! Any chance the remainder of the service notes are available somewhere? The V6 Exige ones have most of what is common, but I'm sure I'll eventually stumble across a need for something 3-Eleven specific.
  7. Is there any general consensus on good track-day geometry for the 3-Eleven, or even what the factory settings *should* be? In that whole USB stick, I'm seeing nothing that hints at Geo.
  8. I'll be back in the same place as my car later this week & can take a look for you. FYI - I've been warned that the GPS sensor doesn't sense much if it's located under the access panels though, so mine's stuck on on the outside.
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