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  1. Curious if there was an update available for the dash. 17% appears to mean completely empty on mine. I actually ran out of fuel while pulling into a gas station - an old guy helped me push it in to the pumps and everything. Quite comical. Not sure if that counts as lucky, or unlucky.
  2. Excellent, many thanks! Any chance the remainder of the service notes are available somewhere? The V6 Exige ones have most of what is common, but I'm sure I'll eventually stumble across a need for something 3-Eleven specific.
  3. Is there any general consensus on good track-day geometry for the 3-Eleven, or even what the factory settings *should* be? In that whole USB stick, I'm seeing nothing that hints at Geo.
  4. I'll be back in the same place as my car later this week & can take a look for you. FYI - I've been warned that the GPS sensor doesn't sense much if it's located under the access panels though, so mine's stuck on on the outside.
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