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  1. Ciao Kristof, I have realized the rear diffuser but only for race, in any case the my rear diffuser is black aluminum! Best regards
  2. Ciao, the Kit for racing is different of street version, the racing version have the support to wing fixed directly on subframe and not to rear bonnet! For example I have the Road-racing version. Using the OEM fixing points on the OEM rear bonnet but inside the loading zone, I will put the other bracket in Aluminum for connection the wing directly to subframe and dump the weight on the frame
  3. Ciao Peter thank you for all, is all Ok! Ciao All for the support is possible realized on request, or similar OEM best regards
  4. We have a new shed and adequate equipment to comply with the terms of delivery! if you want we can arrange orders with set dates, if we don't respect them we discount the piece we are here to work and improve for an excellent service! best regards
  5. Ciao This is the Full Eltech carbon Parts On V6 By Eltech, Exterior and Interior! Pictures Album for Parts (SPlitter-Side Skirts-Rear Diffuser-Rear Canards-Internal Parts) Rear Bonnet Big Wing 2019 Front Access Cup Interior Parts Seats UN ECE R17 Homologation Louver
  6. Ciao All, I have finished the new bulding, I have improved the production time, for respect the delivery time! I have the new workmen specialized! If you want, I have the side skirts ready in stock, FIberglass Black or Carbon Fiber version 2019 (lightweight) If you want is possible painted the fillet in color and put the stickers (logo or No step) PIcture Exige V6 Best regrads (Matteo Eltech Italia) [email protected]
  7. Ciao Dixie, if you want i have the website ( or FB page :
  8. Ciao a tutti the normal delivery time is 3/4 weeks from confirmed the order. the problem have with Dixie is very particular,in first is new parts and to realzied the mould, the first front access sent, was in perfect delivery time to according! but with problems to broken,more time for received the part from UPS and insureance have passed more time! i have realzied the big box dedicated for the front access and garantie the correct shipping processing! best regards
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