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  1. My shot is probably a little bit overexposed and the color looks lighter than what I saw in real. But as it is supposed to be "laser blue" like the one of Exige S1, it is quite light in the bright light.
  2. No I forgot to get interior shots. You can see some on the dealer's website : These cars are really good looking, even if it is just a little bit of paint, stickers and new seats colors. But I don't like the plastic diffuser finisher on 410, it looks a little bit cheap compared to the carbon one on my 380 (but mine lacks the chargecooler ) I don't understand the price of this special edition when I see the price o
  3. I have seen two of them in real at my dealer (Verhiest). Very beautiful
  4. It is totally overpriced for a RHD sport 380 if it is the real price (and not for a sport 410 as advertised). Why are you interested in it ?
  5. OK. I have not found specific information for ILFR7B8 , but here are general information from NGK about torque depending on spark plug type, size, and cylinder head : If LFR7AIX is another compatible reference (according to ), we can suppose the appropriate torque is : Torque Specs: Cast Iron: 18-25.3 lb. ft. Aluminum: 18-21.6 lb. ft. (21.6 lb.ft = 29.3 N.m - corresponding to the 30 N.m you mentioned as an upper limit)
  6. Thank you. Any advice on the torque required for the spark plugs ?
  7. Really nice ! I did not know the "F1 black" color. Is it something really special, or just a metallic black ? Does the rear panel have to be unmounted to be painted ?
  8. Really good looking, and it is a good price to get this resprayed I think I will get mine resprayed too as the matte paint has some stains I have never succeeded to remove
  9. Thanks. Yes I saw you got it for your rear wheel arches. Good to hear a positive feedback about your friend's experience. It cannot be the same quality and lifespan as a full high price PPF, but if it is decent in terms of protection and transparency, it may be what I need and better than nothing.
  10. I had mine fixed under warranty, it was starting to have the problem (380 2017).
  11. Hi Does anybody know the quality of aliath protection film kits ? I am wondering if it is worth it to get the "Front Bumper Bonnet Nose CLEAR Shield" (and if I will be able to fit it correctly...) For sure a full PPF on the bonnet fitted by specialists would be the best solution, but at 10 times the price, wouldn't it ? Maybe the aliath kit would be an interesting trade-off for me : protecting the more exposed zone wit
  12. No, the 410 has the 430 uprated clutch (240 mm)
  13. Why would it be only a flaw for 380 and not for 410/430 ? Bad quality of the catalysts when the 380 were built ? And is there another official fix than replacing the faulty catalyst with the same one ?
  14. Do you mean the clutch used in Exige 410/430 and Evora 4x0 ? 2500/3500 € seems cheap (compared to what I have heard in France, almost 5 k€). Was it done at Komotec without removing the clamshell or engine, or do you have a very cheap local garage ? 50 000 km is not bad, I fear mine will break at a lower mileage (Sport 380) as I have seen few cases of Sport 350 and Sport 380 having them to be replaced at 10 or 20 000 km (road and track usage) The second point I fear are the weak catalysts. Someone I know bought a second hand Sport 380 (I don't know the mileage but probably le
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