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  1. Thanks I ordered some dry-teflon lube to test (and wondered if silicon lube may be better) I hope it will improve my squeaking problems 😠 but i think there is also a problem located under the roll bar cover
  2. Do you apply teflon lube on the rubbers only, or also on the hard top parts which are in contact ? Do you have to wait before mouting the hard top again ?
  3. If I remember correctly, before the brake switch, they changed the camshaft position sensor because of the fault code, and it was highly unlikely that there was a real problem with the camshaft...
  4. Hi I don't know if your problem has been fixed. Just to say a supposed failure can hide something else. Here is my story : exige 380 2017, bought at 2500 km in a trustfull Lotus dealer in 2018. No problem mentionned, and no problem for a few hundreds of kilometers. And then, random rev limiter at 3.8/4 k rpm started to make me crazy... The car ran well at full pace on track, but sometimes random rev lights appeared (and rev limiter intervened !) on road during one acceleration, and not the next one... - like you Sometimes the MIL light was on, sometimes not... One time, I captured the log fault : P0366 Camshaft Position Sensor B Circuit Range/Performance Bank 1 - sounds similar to your case Restarting the engine solved the problem eacht time, until next ghost rev limiter... I made the brake switch changed by a local dealer, but no improvement. I brought back the car to my original dealer. It was a nightmare to diagnose (he said to me 12 hr of work had been necessary, under warranty but Lotus did not pay all of them) and he found the root cause : a bent pin in a connector of the harness... 🙄
  5. I did that too and noticed no problem on road or track (considering my average driver skill... differences are too subtles).
  6. @TTim Just a piece of information : their product list looks awesome (and I think they are the provider for Komotec carbon hard-tops) Their facebook page disappeared few months ago, they were posting regularly. I had a chat with them about hard-tops, price was nice but I had worries about shipment and import taxes - for France - (and real quality). I don't know if it is a bad sign, but be aware
  7. thank you for the information. Good to hear these very expensive discs are reasonably worn with standard pads 😁
  8. What is the disc thickness you measured after the (first ?) set of worn pads ?
  9. Yet I have 17 mm nuts. Thanks for the brand reference
  10. Hi I see that you have fitted wheel studs. What kind of wheel socket do you use ? I have a Ks-tool one, and have to remove the protective sleeve for the rear wheels. I never found a narrow wheel socket with protection.
  11. 👍 Indeed, it seems to be urgent to build or find iron rotors... A lot cheaper, at least in the USA : it looks like the 540C is a "bargain" now to enter the McLaren world. Not as fast and exclusive as a 600LT, but it must be fantastic with more reasonable running costs (and even more for the ones ready to remap the engine). It must be tempting if you live in Great Britain and have a similar budget to the Lotus Exige 410/430 ones.
  12. 😍 Do you plan to use it a lot on track ? Is the running cost comparable to a Porsche GT3 on track ? Does it have known issues under hard usage ?
  13. Maybe it's in my head but it seems logic : I feel the car stability is degrading above 160 km/h without the hard-top, as if the rear was floating a little bit sometimes (mine is a sport 380 with original aerodynamic parts). Not scary, but noticeable compared to lower speeds.
  14. I choosed to have a Lotus baffled sump fitted on my sport 380 when I bought it, before I knew the rubber gate flaps had to be serviced... But last time I saw my dealer he was not categoric on the frequent servicing interval considering my car is not intensively used (only one or two trackdays per year).
  15. You can get the carbon rear diffuser finisher here : The web site "the-chariot" seems to provide high quality products 🤨 but I agree all prices look to be bargains (however I don't know about shipping costs and export taxes, and VAT ? )
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