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  1. I choosed to have a Lotus baffled sump fitted on my sport 380 when I bought it, before I knew the rubber gate flaps had to be serviced... But last time I saw my dealer he was not categoric on the frequent servicing interval considering my car is not intensively used (only one or two trackdays per year).
  2. You can get the carbon rear diffuser finisher here : The web site "the-chariot" seems to provide high quality products 🤨 but I agree all prices look to be bargains (however I don't know about shipping costs and export taxes, and VAT ? )
  3. Nice tips ! Is it detailled in the "LOTUS VEHICLE SERVICE INFORMATION", or is it reverse engineering ?
  4. I hope so, as it is told in the press release it would be a shame if it is not true
  5. 😍 nice hard-top with v weave pattern Is the outside look really close to the OEM one's ?
  6. It looks like it is not the same in France 🤣 I suppose it's a typo (Sport 410 also, 43.5 l )
  7. Lotus website claims 40 l for sport 350 (and previous models as far as I know), 43.5 l for sport 410 (strange, it must be 48 l ?), 48 l for sport/cup 380 / cup 430 Have latest sport 350 models been upgraded to 43.5 l ?
  8. My shot is probably a little bit overexposed and the color looks lighter than what I saw in real. But as it is supposed to be "laser blue" like the one of Exige S1, it is quite light in the bright light.
  9. No I forgot to get interior shots. You can see some on the dealer's website : These cars are really good looking, even if it is just a little bit of paint, stickers and new seats colors. But I don't like the plastic diffuser finisher on 410, it looks a little bit cheap compared to the carbon one on my 380 (but mine lacks the chargecooler 😭 ) I don't understand the price of this special edition when I see the price o
  10. I have seen two of them in real at my dealer (Verhiest). Very beautiful
  11. It is totally overpriced for a RHD sport 380 if it is the real price (and not for a sport 410 as advertised). Why are you interested in it ?
  12. OK. I have not found specific information for ILFR7B8 , but here are general information from NGK about torque depending on spark plug type, size, and cylinder head : If LFR7AIX is another compatible reference (according to ), we can suppose the appropriate torque is : Torque Specs: Cast Iron: 18-25.3 lb. ft. Aluminum: 18-21.6 lb. ft. (21.6 lb.ft = 29.3 N.m - corresponding to the 30 N.m you mentioned as an upper limit)
  13. Thank you. Any advice on the torque required for the spark plugs ?
  14. Really nice ! I did not know the "F1 black" color. Is it something really special, or just a metallic black ? Does the rear panel have to be unmounted to be painted ?
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