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  1. Really good looking, and it is a good price to get this resprayed I think I will get mine resprayed too as the matte paint has some stains I have never succeeded to remove
  2. @rallyesax Is it really available in the standard Lotus size ? Or is the old Cup 2 in all sizes replaced with this new design ?
  3. Thanks. Yes I saw you got it for your rear wheel arches. Good to hear a positive feedback about your friend's experience. It cannot be the same quality and lifespan as a full high price PPF, but if it is decent in terms of protection and transparency, it may be what I need and better than nothing.
  4. I had mine fixed under warranty, it was starting to have the problem (380 2017).
  5. Hi Does anybody know the quality of aliath protection film kits ? I am wondering if it is worth it to get the "Front Bumper Bonnet Nose CLEAR Shield" (and if I will be able to fit it correctly...) For sure a full PPF on the bonnet fitted by specialists would be the best solution, but at 10 times the price, wouldn't it ? Maybe the aliath kit would be an interesting trade-off for me : protecting the more exposed zone without being too visible. My car is metallic grey.
  6. No, the 410 has the 430 uprated clutch (240 mm)
  7. Why would it be only a flaw for 380 and not for 410/430 ? Bad quality of the catalysts when the 380 were built ? And is there another official fix than replacing the faulty catalyst with the same one ?
  8. Do you mean the clutch used in Exige 410/430 and Evora 4x0 ? 2500/3500 € seems cheap (compared to what I have heard in France, almost 5 k€). Was it done at Komotec without removing the clamshell or engine, or do you have a very cheap local garage ? 50 000 km is not bad, I fear mine will break at a lower mileage (Sport 380) as I have seen few cases of Sport 350 and Sport 380 having them to be replaced at 10 or 20 000 km (road and track usage) The second point I fear are the weak catalysts. Someone I know bought a second hand Sport 380 (I don't know the mileage but probably less than 25 000 km), he drove 20 minutes on track before one of the catalyst broke into pieces and was pushed down into the exhaust line... It looks like 2bular is right :
  9. You already have this color, but feel free to pick some pictures if you want Sport 380 Metallic Grey copyright for the last one
  10. Hi here is my dyno test for my sport 380 from early 2017. As I knew the 380 always had power problems, I wanted to see how much was missing. In fact there was a problem when they tested it : the rev limiter was cutting at 6500 rev/min instead of 6800 there was also the big dip at 3000 rev/min. So I asked them to contact Lotus for solving these problems, and they finally obtained a revised map for the ECU. It appeared to be quite better, but the curve is far from perfect. I don't know if the test was properly conducted (it does not look to even reach 6700/6800 rev/min), but I suppose the map is still criticisable. My exhaust is black. Maybe I should do another dyno test, now the car has 11 000 km... But I doubt Lotus does have another revised map to provide. Anyway I'm having fun with it, but it's a shame Lotus don't give attention to these problems and don't fine tune all cars...
  11. Hello Do you have any feedback on the KT dB eater ? Efficiency ? Drawbacks ?
  12. I managed to fill 43.18l in my sport 380 (48 l tank). I had no more bar and yellow fuel light for quite a long time. it looks like the yellow light is showing quite early, most of the time there is still one full bar. In that case I can only refill 38 l, so there is a quite large margin before running out of fuel, but not sure the last litres are really usable So better to stay safe and drive a maximum of 50 kms, my exige consumption is around 9 or 10 litres for 100 km at a quiet pace
  13. yes 04 is " Filter & Check Valve ", before 5 - oil pump
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