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  1. I have recently inherited a 1978 Eclat (possibly a 521?) and need to provide an approximate value (a realistic range will do) for probate. I'm hoping the good folks on here can provide something more realistic than the wildly varying quotes I've had from dealers. (£1-1.5k!!) It silver with white leather interior, has been recently professionally restored including fitting a galvanised chassis. I believe everything is in working order. It was certainly fantastic to drive for the short trip I made in it. My father bought it in 1980, so it only had one previous owner. I have found memories of taking it on summer holidays, me sat on the armrest between the back seats (in hindsight I'm not sure I was the favoured child). And it has been restored exactly as I remember. Unfortunately, I'm not in a position to store it or devote the time required to use and keep it as it should be. So it will likely be on the market soon. Feel free to let me know if anyone is interested I'd rather it went to someone who appreciated it than a dealer. It just can't promise an immediate sale.
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