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  1. Another vote for SJ - had 2 lots of parts from them in last 3 weeks - great service.
  2. Hi from Scotland. Car had a lot of work done by the previous long term owner. Bodywork & paint look to be original apart from the bumpers having had paint. Engine was re-built at Christopher Neil at around 40,000 miles. Mileage now 76,000. It has just had regular maintenance in my ownership and a new set of Pirelli tyres this year - the Goodyear Eagles that were on it had plenty of tread, no cracks and no grip.
  3. A photo of the Esprit and a link to info/photos/clips of some of our previous non-Lotus motoring follies :
  4. Hello. Just joined the forum. I have a red 85 Turbo Esprit, which I have had for 8 or 9 years. It was previously owned by Alan Head. I had an Elan +2 S130/4 for around 10 years a good while back, have been a member of Club Lotus for a long time and am also a member of the BVAC which puts on the Classic event at Thirlestane Castle, Lauder in early June. These new fangled Evora things are looking pretty interesting, so the Esprit might get a (used) chum at some point. Cheers
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