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  1. I also got several manuals with the car that I've just started to read trough. The esprit manual even has the factory sevice bulletins through 1980. Would any of this information useful to you guys? Or does it already exist on the wonderful internet?
  2. Progress has been slow, but new parts have arrived! The water pump has been rebuilt wit a kit from JAE, the master cylinder is getting rebuilt, and I've just installed new tires. Also,when replacing the tires I found a gold rim hiding under a cheap silver paint job.
  3. I do actually have the original bumpers, but someone has edited to body to delete them. I dont really mind, Its pretty neat in person to see the end of the transaxle and rear suspension sneaking out from under the car. It reminds me of an old Le Mans car
  4. I finally got the water pump out, what a job! Amazingly, its still not the worst water pump I've done... now to find rebuild parts now that its clean, I can see the alternator bracket was welded in the past and has cracked along the old welds. So now I need to decide if I want to repair it again or find a replacement. I'm having trouble posting pictures, so you'll have to wait until tomorrow to see the carnage...
  5. Thanks for the advice! I discovered yesterday the water pump was the source of a strange noise and water leak, so I'll be lifting the engine anyway and I'll replace everything I can get my hands on. Here are some better pics of the car
  6. Hey guys! Ive just picked up a rough 1980 esprit and figured I should start a thread here to post pictures and ask questions. The car has sat outside for a long while and most of the interior is ruined. The paint is tired but it does the trick for me right now- its a beautiful car and I cant wait to drive it! The odometer reads 9000, and the car was apperently repossessed in 1983 after which the engine was either replaced or rebuilt- I'm not sure which. I dont trust the odometer ,however, as the door hinges are incredibly worn and the tires have been replaced with several different brands. I got the engine to run on an external gas tank the day I got it, so the carbs and engine are decent. I just finished rebuilding the diaphragm fuel pump and it seems to work great, so the next step is replacing the terrible plastic clutch line with something less cracked. The alternator bracket is also cracked and I can see where it was welded in a different place in the past, is this a common failure? Also, I have what appears to have once been a cardstock glove box with fuse panels attached to one side, was this stock? If so, does anyone have a diagram or pictures of how these wires connect to the fuse panels? The service manual that came with the car looks like it is for a later model and isnt very helpful... Thanks for any help! Edit: looking at the pictures now, I can see I should have taken some while the car is dry... I'll post some new ones when I get the chance!
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