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  1. Thanks, that's exactly what I have, an alloy cast case with Lotus cast on the upper plate. Once I get it cleaned up and sorted I'll offer it for sale. I'm gonna use my Hewland gearbox from my formula car...
  2. I'm still looking for an ID serial number on the trans. It may be on the face to the bell housing, but the cover plate is cast "Lotus" so I'm pretty sure it's a Lotus box. Don't know if it's a 4 or 5 speed till I find and search out the serial number...
  3. When you say domestic, is that UK or USA domestic ???
  4. The first letter is actually an I (i) not an L. Any idea where I could find out what kind of car this came out of ??? Thanks...
  5. I have recently purchased a 907 engine and gearbox. It was stored for many years and the garage owner hes no idea what car it came from. I'm going to rebuild the 907 and sell the gearbox, but have no idea what original Lotus it was installed in. The engine serial number is I74 05 7 176... No dashes between numbers, only spaces. Any help will be appreciated... Thx
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