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  1. Thanks TomE! Yes we are aware, lucky duck he’s going to the lakeside track meet tomorrow and then we will be at the Sunshine Coast meet on Saturday morning and looking forward to it! Bummer :( make sure to come back sometime and enjoy the roads again, great area. 


    Thanks kimbers, my old man is on here somewhere ha! I’ll have to track him down and get him to post some photos of the evora. 📸

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  2. Hi team. My name is Josh and I’m based on Brisbane, QLD. My dad Paul has brought me up around lotus (a series 1 Elise, series 2 Elise and now an evora). Has been a goal to one day pick one up and that time is here! I’ve just picked up (in feb) a 04 111R in black and it’s been a dream come true! These cars are seriously epic, the power is plenty! Needed some love, still does a little but getting there. Keen for a little bit of track/sprint stuff but mainly weekend twisties. You’ll definitely find me on Nebo/glorious most weekends. Looking forward to meeting more Elise nuts :) 


    @111Ratt - my lotus files. 

    @driverscircle - my car photography. 




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