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  1. @au-yt I just want the car that I ordered from Lotus and that they were suppose to supply. We know that didn't happen. That doesn't stop me from getting what I want. I'm just taking the hard way. More to come!
  2. I did change the mounts. The hardware for the Bilstein is smaller diameter and heavier. #2 is Awesome. Something that the factory doesn't seem to appreciate and tries to up roadblocks everywhere to deter us. Yet, they take my money! Yes, Indeed. Mounts are changed. The car is absolutely night and day different.
  3. This is better than a treadmill. How to lose 27lbs of unsprung weight.
  4. How to add lightness to your Evora? Öhlins Motorsport Dampers! I couldn't believe it but it is a 27 lbs/12.24kg difference. I would have never guessed. The car finally has the proper look and profile of the ride height. Traction is greatly improved. Putting the power down is instantaneous. As the hooker says "Handles like it's on rails!"
  5. ken2020

    TLF GT430 Club

    They have been a pleasure to work with MGR. It's great to work with people that I become friends with. Hanging at SEMA with them this year. Jonny, Which car cover color would best match my Evora Daytona Blue. I need one with room for the rear wing
  6. ken2020

    TLF GT430 Club

    @KG I think your estimate of $40k + base price is a low It's Ok though. I've already told my kids that they can't go to college now. Sorry kids. Daddy has a Lotus!! @The Pits I'm always open to driver input on product setting. So feel free to send over what you have for comparison. I work with Ohlins here in the US and have partnered with Mick Gardner Racing to ensure that the US customer is well taken care of on this side of the pond.
  7. ken2020

    TLF GT430 Club

    Very happy to get another Lotus owner set up with Öhlins Motorsport dampers. Switching the US Federal Spec EvoraGT over to an Evora GT430 spec is a very long and expensive endeavor. The components on the cars are very different and at the end we will not have a cool dash plaque. Lotus does not make it easy! So that makes 2 dedicated Lotus owners in the US who are working to make their car GT430 spec. Moving forward on mine with the Ti exhaust and a new intake makes the car sound amazing.
  8. Yes, The Ti exhaust is from Lotus. It really sounds great. i wouldn't want it any louder. The J Hooks are coming shortly. No need for them other than the car wouldn't be complete without them.
  9. If your debating buying the exhaust. As much as it hurt. It has really made a difference in sound and looks.
  10. Well the Ti exhaust is on and it sounds amazing. The 3rd Cat is gone thanks to the GRP Cat Delete. Starting to turn more blue after a few miles. Need to get on it and get it hot. The sound is just about perfect for a daily driver. Quite a difference over the stock with the extra cat. Now to install the cold air intake.
  11. Not to late to jump ship and get the Isotope green one. Someone would want the Essex blue!
  12. I come from the same world. Every Ducati that I have owned had Öhlins, Termi's. The latest Brembo's and of course. Lots of Carbon Fiber. No point in horsepower if you can put it down and can't slow it down. Just add lightness. Basics! Suspension and brakes are the most important aspect of the car. I have the suspension and the J hooks are on the way. They should have been delivered on the car but the Lotus God didn't make it so.
  13. Looking good @KG. Congratulations on getting your GT.
  14. I've been working hard to secure the first set of Öhlins for the Federal Evora GT. Fed Ex showed up with my Christmas package. Going to sleep a lot better when these are finally on the car. Can't wait to get the car on the 7 post shake rig at OhlinsUSA and see how these perform. Don't worry they will get high speed adjusters before I'm done Nothing like having a little fun at work. I will Dyno them next week when I get back from the track. This is a great place to start improving the Evora.
  15. This a nice conversation but " Who buys a Evora for Resale value?" Many reasons to buy a Evora but resale isn't one of them. It's a true sport car. It's analog and damn proud of it! It may have it's problems but the Evora is definitely a true Lotus by any definition. Sure, I'm a frustrated Lotus owner but that's all part of the experience I already have a perfect self driving EV. I'll buy a EV pick up when they come out in a year or two to pull my Evora on my car trailer. EV's are economical IMO and easy to live with. EV's are great for getting groceries but will never trump the feeling of my Evora.
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