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  1. Had a great time hanging out with @KG working on his car. After I finished we drove over to FedEX to pick up my Wing that had been incorrectly shipped to Germany. Kostas was having to much fun and stayed to help me install the wing. He had a long, late drive home. . Ohlins, Jhooks and Wing. It's getting there.
  2. Front bumper is waiting on ducting but a primered front bumper is better than no front bumper.
  3. A lot of parts have been starting to show up stateside. I think the J-hooks are one of the most important elements needed for a proper looking Evora! Installed J hooks on @KG Evora GT and my Evora GT.
  4. ken2020

    TLF GT430 Club

    It's a QuickJack. The jack is very low profile so it's works great on the Lotus. I have heavy duty scissor lifts but these just fit the car better.
  5. I'm undecided. I really like the Sparcos and the biggest factor is tied into the fact that the seats contain the side impact airbag. I really like the feeling of the added safety.
  6. I think the problem is the they kept coming in primed for paint instead of being in clear coat.
  7. Being a part of the Lotus community in the US. Being able to buy the parts that we desire isn't always easy. Luckily, My years of working with Öhlins in the US have made acquiring the right suspension a direct, more affordable route. As the official importer of Evora Öhlins shocks I have them in stock in the US for direct shipment. These are the identical spec units that came on the 430GT. The performance and fitment are proven. It is an amazing improvement in handling and acceleration. All kits come with updated shock mounting brackets and hardware.
  8. They always have to find a angle. It's not a bad article. It just wouldn't get someone to go and buy one. Which is a shame. Getting closer. After a couple of tries I finally got one without scratches. If only I had the front bumper! I'm sure it will be just a few more months
  9. The front splitter to match the wing is a work of art!
  10. Finally, was able to order my cover. Didn't want to get the colours wrong. On the manufacturers website it's hard to find the swatch chart. It is after you enter your car and start the order process. Now for the long wait! Cheers
  11. Very excited to finally get a damage free hatch cover so I can install the rear wing. Parts are finally starting to come in for the Evora. It has holes!!!
  12. ken2020

    TLF GT430 Club

    They can swap Models on me, Paint it the wrong colour, and make it hard to obtain parts. However, Sooner than later I will have the GT430 that I desire! After a few refusals I finally have a damage free Carbon Hatch cover. Excited to get the wing on the Evora. Saying Good Bye to this one! Wish I had it for when I displayed the car at Barber. It will be ready for next year.
  13. Öhlins worship can never be over done When the best is the best. Why bother with others! That was a fun sarcastic reply but the reason Öhlins is the best is one simple reason. "Product Support!" No other manufacturer goes to the lengths to give support to tuners and technicians. The data bases and valving charts are always available. The piston choices and valve stack information can be had for all types of racing. The speed that valving can be changed at the track is second to none. I've worked on many, many shock brands and only a single shock manufacturer keeps coming back as #1.
  14. Why would anyone be married to a single spring rate? I have hundreds of springs in stock for many street and racing applications. The springs on the Öhlins for the Evora are very universal fit. They use a common 2 inch I.D. spring configuration. So you can have any spring rate choice that you desire. I can have all four springs changed on the car by myself in less than a hour. Choices off the top of my head are Öhlins, Eibach and Hyperco! Available all over the world from many suppliers!
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