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  1. If the CAN is configurable then you've got a wide choice of sensors you can add on. I've seen the Izze Racing system before, but not heard anything about them. They're not an established provider of this sort of system, and from what I can see, the system requires quite a bit of manual setup and it doesn't have any certifications. If you only want tyre temperature, then something like might be of use. If you're after tyre pressure and internal tyre temperature, then something like this might be more suitable. The bf1 system is widely used in motorsport and is extremely well proven, providing all data in real time which would do what you want.
  2. Is the CAN interface on your AiM unit configurable? If so, why not just purchase the external IR sensors separately and integrate them with the AiM unit? Having all car data logged into a single unit will make data analysis much easier. Let me know if you want any recommendations on where to source sensors from.
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