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  1. 7 hours ago, au-yt said:

    The real problem is the frequency of the units is MHz 434, as most readers/ programers only work on MHz433 and 315

    The 433MHz frequency used by nearly all TPMS sensors is actually 433.92MHz. Most manufacturers refer to it as 433MHz whereas most people would round up to 434MHz. In summary, 433MHz and 434MHz are actually the same. 

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  2. Approved for? I believe the 3-11 which ran the C127 from the factory was road legal and other road legal cars have run MoTeC displays so they can be road legal. 

    That said, for it to be road legal you have to implement all the correct lamps/indicators and this isn't so quick and easy. I'm running a MoTeC C185 in my S2 Exige as a secondary display as I wanted MoTeC data logging, but am intending to swap to one of their 7" displays next year and replace the standard dash.

    This is how my 5" display looks at the moment (image is from the PC config software that allows you to simulate how it looks and behaves before loading it into the dash, hence all zero values and warning lamps illuminated). 


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  3. I have a CTEK MX5.0 and the same adapter as Bibs linked to earlier.

    The adapter is permanently fixed to my PC680 battery, and I have the CTEK suspended from the ceiling so the cables don't drag over the bodywork. Once a week I plug the CTEK into the adapter harness, leaving the rear lid slightly ajar, and just leave it overnight and the car has been fine all winter. 

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  4. If the CAN is configurable then you've got a wide choice of sensors you can add on. I've seen the Izze Racing system before, but not heard anything about them. They're not an established provider of this sort of system, and from what I can see, the system requires quite a bit of manual setup and it doesn't have any certifications.

    If you only want tyre temperature, then something like might be of use.

    If you're after tyre pressure and internal tyre temperature, then something like this might be more suitable. The bf1 system is widely used in motorsport and is extremely well proven, providing all data in real time which would do what you want. 

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