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  1. But your screen technology is static and there have already been a number of improvements to android auto and carplay which would not be catered for with a flip out screen unit. But each to their own.
  2. Pioneer SPH10/SPH20DAB are the best options in my opinion, they fix the phone holder and integration issue in one hit. And as most people upgrade their phone regularly it means the interface and navigation wont become dated. I coupled this with JBL speakers and compact sub mounted behind the seats in the recess.
  3. AIM install take 2 So this week's new stock became available from AIM and they sent me out a new dash. The dash arrived promptly next day but upon opening the box another drama started to unfold. The binacle was damaged with the bracket for the GPS module being broken away from the shroud and also the trim points where glue is used to secure the two parts together were broken. At this point considering all the problems I've had with the previous unit I didn't really know what to do. I almost wanted to give up despite the fact I had spent the considerable amount of money having the re
  4. They will still be bolted...
  5. So, yesterday I had another mainly cosmetic upgrade completed for the car. The upgrade in question was 380 type canards. I had thought about this for some time, had looked at a number of aftermarket options but all had issues with the design that did'nt quite match the aesthetic of the OEM ones for me. They are extremely expensive for what they are being just fibreglass, but the shape and quality of molding is much better than any of the replicas I have seen so far. The car went to see Robin at RJM bodyworks again. I supplied Robin with the canards and also a fitting kit consis
  6. Make sure you give him some credit when you post the pics 😉 It's a basic feature of the unit 👍
  7. Test fit done, hardware's arrived, booked in on the 25th with Robin at RJM bodyworks, quite exciting 😁
  8. Back to analogue! In my build thread I've always wanted to be as honest as possible about the products that I install on my car and unfortunately I've just had a fairly poor experience. The product in question was my new AIM digital dash. To give them there full credit AIM in the UK have been supportive and tried their best to fix the problems I have had with the dash so far. I also know that a lot of people seem to have had zero issues with them and have literally had a plug-and-play experience. Unfortunately that has not been the case for me, so here I will detail the pro
  9. No, it's to do with getting the dashes approved for production vehicles. As an aftermarket product the manufacturer can just put a disclaimer for track use only but it has to have certification to be an OEM product.
  10. Can't get my MX2E dash to shut down... Any ideas? Have had to disconnect the battery. I've had a number of glitches with it since installation (HVAC lights not working and driving mode error warning light plus inability to save shift light pattern) Tried rebooting, uploading new configurations etc but to no avail. Yes, it's running latest firmware.
  11. Little bit of trimming work today, managed to get hold of some genuine alcantara and with having a go at my new AIM binacle in mind, thought I'd start with the easier shape of the airbag cover.
  12. Here we go guys, my little video review of the MX2E dash and matching reversing camera. I may follow up with more notes as time goes on 😁
  13. @Mattmahopesorry mate, it was a random request before I picked the car up. Lotus Silverstone used someone they trust with powder coating and I just told em I wanted a gunmetal type colour... Technological upgrade inbound...
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