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  1. Spacers left over from when I removed the number plate bracket. Do I now need them or can I remove them along with the allen head bolts as they look a little unsightly...?
  2. Dragon's spine road trip with a RS3 complete
  3. I actually quite like them even in silver! Maybe get mine powder coated gunmetal to match my wheels
  4. Amazing what you can do in 10 minutes with a hobby brush and some red hammerite paint
  5. All done, completely legal and even come with a certificate
  6. It was wrapped with 3m satin black vinyl by MKS customs Plates were made by four dot Plate mount and bracket removal done by yours truly
  7. So, a few extra cosmetics done today and very pleased with the results Some satin black wrap on the nose, tail and fin. Plus lotus logo yellow lettering, yellow calipers to follow... New personal plates with front plate moved to the grill...
  8. I would but I haven't got the bollox to drive around without a front plate
  9. Kydex number plate mount cut to size ready for mounting on the front grill tomorrow
  10. Plate gone! Rivnuts were a bastard
  11. 10/10 for presentation! Very nice product, happy with these
  12. Okay, had a go today and must say it's really easy and the results are great. Couldn't get any decent pics as it was bright outside and all the camera was picking up was my reflection from the paintwork. The process is simple and pretty quick. Simply follow the instructions; Make sure the area you are going to work on is very clean. Step 1: shake up the paint dispenser and put a small blob above the chip, then, using the supplied squeegee push the paint into the hole, if it takes a couple of goes it's not a problem. Step 2: leave it for a minimum of 2 minutes but up to an hour. Then using the supplied lint free wipe, shake well and apply some of the seal act using the wipe. Wipe gently over the area, this magical stuff removes and paint excess around the chip and simultaneously helps set the paint in the chip. Don't apply any pressure, just keep wiping in opposing motions for as long as it takes. Step 3: buff the area with s super soft microfiber polishing cloth. All done! You can repeat the process as many times as you need, the main advantage over a normal touch up stick is it fills just the chip and doesn't leave a protrusion.
  13. So, let's see if this stuff lives up to the hype...
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