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  1. So, part one complete of making an aluminium backing plate to mount the sub to and applying heavy duty velcro. Test fit confirms it sticks like a bastard to Lotus's fluffy carpet material. Struggled to remove it, had to drive another sheet of aluminium behind it to pry it off!
  2. No mate, currently running just the pioneer head unit and JBL 2 way speakers. This sub had just been released and is the perfect size for an Exige footwell so decided it give it a bash
  3. Final upgrade to the audio system en route At just 10"x8"X3" and matching my stereo speakers it'll both fit perfectly at the end of the passenger footwell and tonally match... My little project for Sunday!
  4. Steering wheel cosmetics due to social distancing...
  5. Just did some cosmetic DIY to my steering wheel. Wheel was easy to take off, disconnect battery, two Allen bolts and airbag pops out, disconnect airbag, disconnect horn, four Allen bolts then off... All back on, now I have a little tell tale electronic fault light??
  6. So, that was easier than expected. The Braille G30 actually slides quite nicely into the existing battery tray. The battery isn't as long but if you push it in as far as it will go, it's a firm fit. I'd actually sourced material to make a bracket to hold it down due to it not having a chamfered lower edging that clamps in like the original lead acid. But I found I could just use a pair of heavy duty cable ties threaded under the existing tray and it's more than secure enough as it only weighs 2.7kg! Started fine on first attempt, so far, so good... Even the existing end plate clamp lines up nicely, I've just lined the existing tray with sticky back felt to give it a little extra slip resistance. 11.1kg saving on the original TBH the hardest part was manipulation of the power cables to get them onto the terminals!
  7. You already have one I sent it to you... Besides I didn't think it was a good a shot as the nose end.
  8. It's the G30, I have a friend who works with the UK distributor so he sourced it for me.
  9. Just add lightness... 2.75kg
  10. That's an impressively detailed answer! Technically though I think you've "geeked out"
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