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  1. No real difference to noise but throttle is more spritely. For 30 quid it's a great little upgrade...
  2. If you want a K&N filter, I have one going
  3. Don't worry, you're great too
  4. You should be proud that you've created a product that a bunch of very picky and anal people like so much that they'll bolt it to their metal and plastic babies
  5. Car back from Silverstone, mirrors fitted. Was offered an attractive fixed fitting price so although I'd normally crack on myself I just thought it made sense. Perhaps it was good that they agreed 1 hours labour up front as apparently it took them 3! I elected to use vinyl to cover the body coloured mounting plinth initially, it looks perfectly serviceable but I may get it painted later... Another outcome of the visit was that as mentioned earlier 2 parts of the rear diffuser required replacement under warranty which means I have a new surround fitted (the part with parking sensors) but the other part required is on back order, because of this I have negotiated it's replacement with the new style diffuser and I just have to stump up the difference in price So hopefully I'll be heading back in a couple of weeks to get that fitted!
  6. Flaked paint on the join between the roof and rear clam. Probably done by previous owner trying to take the roof off but they've volunteered to sort it. Diffuser had cracks in it underneath the car, don't know how they got there and there's no impact marks so they've volunteered to sort that too. Also, the adhesive that holds the horizontal section of the rear spoiler to the uprights has given way so they're rebonding that as well...
  7. Thanks, I'll get her back on Thursday after having some paint repair and new diffuser parts under warranty, plus they're bolting on my Alias mirrors for me
  8. Think I actually quite like my sticker
  9. Speakers are GX402s Sub is the Bass Pro SL Speakers were not a straight forward fit however due to the adjustable tweeter module which sits quite high. Initially I modified the OEM grills and used spacers but I've now got some aftermarket grills on order to do the job.
  10. Running Pioneer head unit with JBL speakers but don't have anything to compare them to so...
  11. Have a go yourself... The intake scoops aren't a very complicated shape. I've done a few bits of basic wrapping myself. The secret is the slip solution, all you need is baby shampoo
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