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  1. It's the best form of flattery
  2. Best audio/video I can get of the exhaust system. Listening on a decent sound system is recommended
  3. Okay, so today was service and tail pipe fitting day at HPE Automotive. Everything went quite swimmingly which was great. Fortunately because of the way my Komotec exhaust is constructed you can actually remove the Y shaped output section in one lump. This meant it was fairly straightforward for Dan to lengthen one of the pipes creating more space between them by weld in a 20mm extension and a wider spacer between them. I'm really happy with the look and finish of the new pipes, they fill out the exit space just right! Car went through service with no issues which was excellent Place called MZ speed store on AliExpress
  4. Custom tailpipes part 1... Heading off to HPE tomorrow to have a service and have my new larger diameter carbon tailpipes welded on. I'm a sucker for a subtle logo so in preparation I decided to try and emboss the new tips with a Lotus logo. I got my mate who has a vinyl printer to produce some little vinyl masks which I have to give him credit for getting them onto the backing paper as it's a super fidly design! First the pipes were cleaned with GT panel wipe. Placement was done by eye, I have a good eye! But I'd probably recommend you measure if you want to do similar. Vinyl and backing was rubbed down using a trim tool and then the rest of the tip was masked using my trusty frog tape and a bin bag... For paint I used my good old plastikote woodstove paint as it's obviously heat resistant and also tough as hell. 3 light coats were applied. Outer mask was then removed and the vinyl mask was removed using a scalpel, some tweezers and a steady hand V happy with the results...
  5. I've had his black textured vinyl for rear wheel arches and it was good. A friend of mine has had his PPF kit fitted to his Nissan GTR and was very happy...
  6. I just feel it needs a little something to lift the black/silver/grey mundaness...
  7. This Bolt thing is pretty addictive
  8. Out with the old and in with the new...
  9. Deciding to blatantly copy @alias23 I decided to bejewel my shift mech with some silly expensive nuts and bolts from Pro Bolt
  10. Another little touch of black fuel cap surround bolts...
  11. These arrived today from our COVID spreading friends far away... They were meant to be 101mm but they actually measure 103, not bothered TBH. I've already resprayed the steel components in satin black as the gloss looked nasty. Carbon it really quite nice considering the cost! Now to arrange some surgery on my Komotec back box
  12. Thanks, well happy. All credit to my friend Jay!
  13. Haha, very kind words, thank you mate!
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