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  1. Just add paint! received_265752407935596.mp4
  2. @Woots no plans to open up the arch liners, but the louvres will be backed with a black mesh to match that on the front access panel. @Suto Mr Williams was good enough to provide me with a template taken from another forum members 430.
  3. do good quality stainless bolts anodised black at a good price
  4. Well ladies and gentlemen. It's been a while since my last update. I've been pretty busy with a new career change which I know is odd given the current climate but I'm hoping it will allow me to have greater lotus fiddling funds My car has been dropped off today as the guinea pig in a new and exciting Hell Slow product venture. I am, to be honest quite nervous as I think I am literally the first with this particular product but it has the potential to look very cool and unique. In the image below you will see we have a mock up of my retro fit real carbon fibre wheel arch louvres. T
  5. Tips were from a Chinese supplier on Ali Express called MZ speed store. You can choose the external diameter and the entry tube size. They cost about £80-£90 delivered. Turned up in about a week. Dan at HPE modified and fitted for an hour's labour. More info on my build thread
  6. That's very flattering but I'd probably be too nervous working on someone else's pride and joy... Yep, all done for the price of a pot of glue and some uncut alcantara off eBay
  7. Airbag cover done now, the alcantara spreads...
  8. Funny you say that fella as it's next on my list
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