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  1. Thanks. I'd say thats about right but I really need some more time in the road in the dark with the LEDs to be sure.
  2. Better... Basically found out that in order for the LED array to perform properly within the headlamp projector it had to be orientated vertically. Still not sure they're that much better than a set of white output halogens...
  3. After watching many LED headlight installation videos I think I may have found out the issue, I'll report back shortly...
  4. So today as it seems to be quite popular and as I've now tried several products. I thought I'd try to produce a more comprehensive upgrade guide to changing the dipped beam headlight bulbs in the V6. I have now tried, including the OEM solution, four different types. The OEM bulb is a sylvania bulb which is a brand quite popular in America and is of a decent quality but the bulb that is fitted as standard isn't particularly powerful and output quite a conventional halogen yellowish light. Sylvania do produce more powerful conventional halogen bulbs with a brighter and more white outp
  5. So today I took delivery of an exciting new parts for my car. Jon Seal from Lotus Hardtops delivered my new carbon fibre roof with v weave pattern carbon fibre. Removing the original roof and fitting the new one was relatively straightforward however you need to be aware that you will need some specific not normal tools. You will need to get yourself some security torx bits for your driver as there are four bolts which are of this type. Jon's roof comes with all the necessary brackets and hardware for you to fit in the kit all the hardware is of a very high standard black anodized st
  6. I have more testing to do with a third option on the way. When I've tested all three I'll do a proper YouTube review and definitive guide with full product details
  7. Okay, so there ones are much better, very white and seem noticeably brighter than stock bulbs
  8. Another go at bulbs, these ones were from hids direct...
  9. Experimental headlight upgrade... After some searching I've found a couple of brands of so called upgrade bulbs that profess to be both more powerful than standard halogen bulbs but also give a much purer white light output. The lotus manual says you are able to swap out the bulbs by just putting the steering at full lock and removing the forward section of the wheel arch liner. I feel that this is a tad optimistic! In order to access the area in a reasonable manor I found it necessary to jack the car and remove the wheel. Once this is done it's far more straightforward. The for
  10. Couple of less exciting bits have got done in the lockdown. First I decided I wanted to give the suspension some extra protection as the weather conditions are poor at the moment. I got the car up on a jack removed the wheels cleaned the wheel arches and then applied acf-50 to all the shiny metal bits to give it some protection. I wanted to apply C5 wheel armour to the wheels but couldn't get any anytime soon so resorted to some autoglym sealant. Next up was utilising the DAB feature on my Pioneer stereo which I haven't been able to do up until this point. For this I needed to install a d
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