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  1. Hi guys so here is the latest update and how I modified the spitter. I decided that I wanted a new splitter for the car as the original Alias 23 unit was starting to get a little bit worn, I had repainted it a number of times but it has taken a lot of stone chips and the leading edge was starting to get a bit tatty. I was looking for something a little bit different and liked the look of the 400 series splitters with the additional upright fins. However I did not want to mount a carbon fibre splitter as my opinion is that if you mount 2 grands worth of carbon fibre 3 inches of the ground it's just asking for trouble. I eventually discovered that Elise shop in Denmark did a fibreglass copy of the 400 series splitter so I took a punt and ordered one. The splitter is made of a single layer of fibreglass rolled over at the edges to create a thicker look. I decided I wanted to mount a rubber lip because I had had one fitted to my alias 23 splitter previously and had been happy with the way it took punishment away from the splitter itself. I also decided that I wanted to reinforce the single layer of fibreglass so ordered a large sheet of 1.5 mm aluminium. I cut the aluminium to shape using the splitter as a template and a jigsaw. The aluminium was bonded to the fibreglass using pu sealant. The fibreglass was then drilled and 3 m tape mounted using primer. 15mm rubber L section was then stuck down to the aluminium and reinforced with M4 stainless steel dome head bolts every 100mm. The spitter was repainted using resilient plastikote satin black spray paint. In addition u-pol raptor super tough chip resistant coating was added to the leading edge only after masking the rest of the splitter off. Mounting was fairly easy and all the the mounting hardware was reusable from the alias 23 splitter. There were no issues with hole misalignment. Initially I thought it may be too much visually speaking in conjunction with the 380 style canards but but I really do like the look now.
  2. Okay, so I will do a video for my channel going into the details of this a little more but basically, I picked my car up today after having both the repair done and a little custom work. Robin at RJM body repairs has done an awesome job as usual with both the repair of the cracked rear clams bumper and deleting my number plate lights. In the lights place he's fitted LED Oxford bolts and simply rerouted the wiring back up into the boot. As is normal, I couldn't just have a standard carbon diffuser surround either so I've had him two tone it. In line with the rest of the car it's gloss carbon on the rear face with satin black on the outer surface which has turned out really nice 😬
  3. Proper update and video to follow...
  4. Someone's stolen my number plate lights! 😬
  5. So back in December I had an unfortunate bump, it was sub 5mph while reversing in the dark. Never the less I was pretty heartbroken and annoyed with myself. Having had bodywork done before, in the guise of my carbon arch vents, there was only one man for the job. I got in contact with Robin at RJM body repairs and the earliest he could fit me in was February. As there was both damage to the clam and the diffuser surround I decided I'd need a new one of the latter. Having shopped around I came across South West Lotus centre and it became apparent that the upgraded carbon version wouldn't cost significantly more than a plastic one so that was an easy decision made. In a further effort to turn the repair into a positive experience, I decided to have some custom work done at the same time. I won't go into great detail as I'll leave it to a reveal on my YouTube channel later but there's gonna be custom paintwork along with a lighting upgrade 😁
  6. So, back in August I had my car coated with G techniq Crystal Serum Ultra at Petrol Head detailing in Peterborough. Chris, the company owner liked my car and as an accredited G techniq dealer asked if he could take some pics and enter it into a competition to appear in the 2022 calender. Much to my surprise the results are below 😁
  7. Nope, bigger charger, new intake system and a map
  8. It's pretty impressive, in a different league to the light and exo which is what I had previously. Stays cleaner much longer and far more resistant to swirls.
  9. It's been a little while...
  10. It's all in my bulid thread and on my YouTube channel mag performance mate 👍
  11. Not a massive detailing guy but do keep my car clean. 2 years ago I had Gtechniq crystal serum light and Exo applied to my car by an independent contractor. It's hard to tell how much difference it has made to the durability of the paintwork but it's definitely remained very hydrophobic. I do top it up pretty regularly anyway with various quick detailers from Maguire's and Beadmaster but the car has still developed light swirls over that time. This, all despite being very careful and only using descent quality cloths and mitts. Having been recommended I visited Petrol Head detailing today who are an accredited Gtechniq dealer. After some discussion I've opted to go nearly the whole hog and I'm having crystal serum ultra applied in a few weeks. I've been told it's considerably harder than light and that it also comes with a 9 year guarantee. So, I guess we'll see...
  12. Bit of a silly upgrade but I'd installed a dab Arial some time ago and fancied having the ability to use it. I currently have the SPH10BT which is a fantastic little unit for the money and had got much better over time with upgrades to the software. So now I picked a SPH20 DAB off eBay for £100...
  13. Little cosmetic detail with some help from Devine Handcraft. Had the letter styling made to match the engine plaque and in my cars colour scheme of metallic grey and blue 😁
  14. I'd be inclined to ask those questions in the engine and ancillaries section as I have never owned a 4 series car so have limited knowledge 👍🏻
  15. No not yet, it's ran 430 for 2 years and there's still no slippage so I'll get it done when needs be... Main difference is that Komotec also utilise an additional front mounted radiator. Also their map is more aggressive and produces more torque. 460 is notably faster than a factory 430.
  16. So it's all done and dusted. Car is a real monster now. The upgrade from 430 to 460 is substantial. Torque is available even lower down the rev range and the charge cooler means that the engine performs optimally at all times...
  17. No, it uses the original supercharger but adds a charge cooler underneath, fed by a front mounted radiator. This allows them to squeeze maximal boost out of the original unit as they can optimise the intake temperature.
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