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  1. I need full sett of -0.50 mm con rod shell for my V8 (A918E0017F), but its no longer available. Does it exists alternative parts from other companies? I need parts number too.
  2. No, didnt locate the resistor module. Any clue were this is located?
  3. Thanx Mike. Did major service om the engine 2 years ago, but forgot to change this £10 seal 😭
  4. The front crankshaft oil seal is leaking and need to be replaced. Is it possible to replace the seal without remove the engine from the engine bay? The job has to be done by a garage anyway. Lotus Esprit V8 1997.
  5. I scanned the airbagsystem with a Tech 1 scanner and got a fault code 21 "Driver Initiator Circuit Resistance High". Status is "Current" and the resistance to drivers airbag is 5.8 Ohm. I cleaned with CRC electronic cleaner the 2 way connector to the passengers inflator module, the 3 way connector to drivers inflator module alongside the steering column and changed both fuses 15 A and 5 A. No result, the code returns immediately ant the resistance is still 5.8 Ohm Does anybody know what causes the fault code 21? Any suggestion to get rid of this code?
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