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  1. No idea - I've given them to a friend who runs a body shop! Regards Roland
  2. Hi everyone. I'm coming to the end of the saga of finding a replacement mirror for my 81 S3. I've ended up replacing both sides with the Ford Capri/Fairway taxi type. They're currently being painted and should be on the car at the weekend. For anyone that wishes to do the same, even these mirrors are becoming hard to find, they're certainly not available new any more through motor factors. (Though there are a couple on ebay at the moment.) These mirrors are much better quality than the Autosafe ones, though heavier. Physically, the only mod to the door is one of the old mounting holes will need filing out by about 1mm. I'm hoping they'll wire up ok, but will tell you next week if there is a problem. All this means I now have a passenger side Autosafe mirror available. It's in good, working condition. I also have the mechanism, glass and metal ring from the base of the moulding, from the drivers side. I'm not sure the mechanism is working correctly at the moment, but it should be possible to get it fully functional again. I'd prefer to swap/part ex these for new/reconditioned/reconditionable rear callipers, but failing that they'll be on ebay shortly. Roland
  3. I have an 81 Esprit with the Autosafe type mirrors fitted, and the case for the driver's side is kerput (Still have the mechanism and glass). I also have the other type of mirror (for a Capri), for the drivers side from a breaker (I was sent the wrong one Can anyone out there do a swap, perhaps you have a broken mechanism? Preferably so I have another Autosafe mirror in the interests of originality! Failing that would anyone be able to take a mould off an existing mirror? This could be done using builder's foam and would be enough to give mea pattern to make one out of fibreglass. Roly
  4. Thanks for the advice everyone. I'll definately be fitting new tyres (fronts as well as on inspection they seem to have developed hairline sidewall cracks). The dampers appear good - the car comes to rest straight away after releasing my bodyweight - and I''ll pay my mechanic a visit early in the new year to check the bushes and make sure I haven't knocked anything out of alignment. Roland
  5. I noticed yesterday the back of my 1981 S3 was feeling twitchy going (quite slowly) round a roundabout. Checked the tyres pressures, but today lost the back end accelerating out of a roundabout on a damp road. Luckily no damage, but I could have gone round a lost faster in my 406 with no loss of grip so I'd like to know what's wrong. The car has been recently MOT'd and the rear tyres are legal, albeit only just. I have noticed the car can go sideways in the wet before, but am beginning to suspect something is not right? Any thoughts would be appreciated Thanks Roland
  6. My 1981 S3 suffers from an occaisional (but becoming more frequent) fuel starvation problem. After the engine cuts out, it will start and run for a few seconds after pumping the accelerator, then cut out again. The problem normally sorts itself after about 5/10 minutes. Thought it might be the fuel filter at first, but this ws changed last service. Could it be the fuel pump is giving up? Roland
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