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  1. Thanks @rafphillips Yeah I suspected that also about warranty but if the worst happened was planning to just swap back over for any warranty work. It’s only 20 miles to my dealer. So even 5 visits would be less than 100 miles difference if I had to refit. But it’s a nagging concern about Lotus thinking I am up to no good / using it as a get out should the worst happen. Thanks @GFWilliams that’s really useful info ref the tracking of mileage - helps with an audit trail etc and atleast someone knows I can’t fiddle the Garw miles once I have aligned with original cluster. I do so f
  2. Hi, Long time lurker and new user. I have 410 which I love but looking to improve in a few ways. Looking at a Garw dash but worried about mileage and tracking of this. If I get a Garw I plan to document the mileage at removal and set but I am worried that people may think I am clocking the car. Is the mileage stored in the cluster and ECU or just the cluster? If in the ECU and cluster if I do sell ever in theory I could go to the dealer and get a print out from the ECU to verify the mileage still matches with the Garw cluster. Is that possible? Or like some cars is the mile
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