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  1. Hi Anyone tell me where I can get the tensioner cables (part number C117B0249F) for the long soft top on an Elise S2 Apparently they are no longer available at the factory. Anybody have any for sale? BR Julian
  2. Hi Folks I’m at the stages of putting a very early (2001) S2 Elise back on the road, She has not turned a wheel since 2005 but has been stored in a nice dry and warm place, just dirty, but with less than 8k miles is worth recommissioning. Clamshells are off so I can get into all the fiddly bits. So far, the engine turns over no bother and I have oil pressure - good. But after a lot of messing around with a multi-meter, including opening up the relay box to check\map functionality, I have discovered that the fuel pump has had it, tatties over the side. Fuel tank will be dropped ne
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