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  1. nice video , enjoyed probably more watching than being in this mess XD , that gtr has crazy torque , imagine that car is like 600 kilos more than your , and he is flying .... accentuate that feeling between turbos and supercharged
  2. so If I put in order , for 350's we do have 3 stages , 390 , 430 , 460 ... and for 410 /430 , we will have 475 , 490 ( doesn t make sens imo 15 hp more than the first one is peanut ) and the last one 530 ?
  3. all the numbers you are telling guys are worldwide or uk ????? if it is worldwide , fukkk we do have super rare cars Oo
  4. I have a 410 with a remote full open all the time , most of the time in race mode and no pops and bang , exept super low revs like 2000 when I am about to stop lol
  5. yea I think I will go for an oem solution ... all the after market ones does not get me
  6. , doesn t work out from UK , If you are based out , you have to order from a specific shop related to your country , in my case was : I guess , there is one for every EU area I was looking for a distributor in my country : if you are in UK, life is easy then
  7. does somebody knows the oem 430 ones ? I am as well looking for carbon side scoop but don t like this black stripe ...
  8. I ve just bought this brodit support , I like it as well . You can remove the brodit badge on the top if you want to make it even more subtile XD
  9. and if you compare to those little sporty cars like a golf r will deliver 400 nm at 2000 rpm , same for a leon cupra with 380 nm at less than 2000 ... when I compare just those numbers , I even don t get how this 3.5 supercharged engine is only giving 420 nm and at 3000 even more late ..??? when you see those little 2.0 L engine overtaking you on the autobahn , okay they were maybe sllightly modified I suppose , I am feeling ridiculous with my very loud car ahahaha
  10. I can hear lot of fantasy about this Dsg box in the exige , but this will never happen I have the feeling , this sequential for me makes no sense to use it especially when you hear that it needs rebuild every 10 - 15 k miles ... I am waiting as well waranty out on my 410 to put more torque on it , after only couple of month owning it . I am really missing torque , that is disapointing when I compare my previous N A porsche which 400 nm and seeing this 3.5 v6 supercharged with only 20 nm more than an na engine ,definitely weird ??? I guess it is the part of this toyota engine which is a much less good base as a sport engine build ? this is something I am not getting ... sounds maybe like a turbo is giving more torque than a compressor ? apart from that , the feeling , the stand , it is an amazing car , nothing better comes in my mind , maybe this ultima rs , but probably too extreme for me XD
  11. I would like to order this RLS stuff but seems to be out of stock for couple of weeks now ? did they stopped the production of this ?
  12. ok no pb thank you , is it too late as well if I would like to get a black stalk ??
  13. Hello guys , I would be interested about improving the mirror support design rise , if you want I am a CAS Modeller , that is actually my job XD ! I could support you for this project or other ones I would just need the 3D data of the mirror and fixations points to make some proposals of your different ideas !!!
  14. Hey Chistian , That s a nice car and projekt with have here , I feel pretty close to you that I wanted to do exactly the same as you , modding a 350 to create an absolute beast !! but finally I ve been for a new 410 ^^ ( did not resist ahahha ) and I ve seen you are based close to Munich ? right ? I am living in Munich and would love to meet for some drive to share our passion XD Let me know if you re interested See you
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