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  1. PKay

    MOT Query

    Thanks everyone, may have sorted it locally with Lodge Tyres, the guy there said if your car was an inch off the floor he could still get it tested πŸ˜€ Booked for the 6th Jan, fingers crossed.
  2. PKay

    MOT Query

    Hi Folks So far I have booked my 360 CUP into 3 places to get its first MOT but unfortunately none has had the right ramp to get the car on for the test. Just wondering in anyone knew of anywhere in the Birmingham/Midlands area that can cope with an Exige? As its a Cup car its slightly lower and has the wider front splitter so struggling with ramp height etc. First place's ramp risked pulling the splitter off completely so they recommended a branch with a floor level ramp but there the sliding jack assembly wouldn't go under the splitter. Any help appreciated Cheers Ph
  3. Almost undertook me to say hello πŸ˜€ on the Northbound A14 Sunday night, it was dark hence the confusion over the colour, sounded great.
  4. That’s a stunning color, wow, absolutely beautiful.
  5. Hi Michael not sure on the actual name of the color. I have heard Motorsport red but also heard candy apple red as well. as far as I know all the 360 cup cars have the same wheel color from the factory. Jamie at Bell & Colvill chose the paint scheme when he originally ordered the cars from Lotus. (There are 2 in these colors) in 2016. I’m the second owner. thanks for the offer of help.
  6. Hi Folks After 4 years of Elise ownership I recently upgraded with a Part exchange from the lovely people at Bell & Colville to this amazing 360 Cup, only a couple of months in but just amazed at the whole package. Ohlins, sports exhaust & soft top conversion on top of the standard spec, just amazing. Enjoying lurking around the forums and looking forward to getting to know a few folks πŸ˜€ Phil
  7. fantastic, looking forward to meeting everyone πŸ™‚
  8. I have booked a couple of tickets for this event, looking forward to it, hopefully the weather will be good enough to bring the 360 CUP. Is the forum parking full yet? Thanks
  9. Thanks Bibs, much appreciated πŸ˜ƒ
  10. The blue one is mine, only picked it up yesterday, just unbelievable so far even on a soaking M40 journey back to the Midlands
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