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  1. Well Paul Im going on what Lotus tech department told me. I have seen a Renault clutch only last 6000 miles when installed in an S4. I can only comment from my own experience. Give it a go by all means. Which Renault Clutch have you tried ?
  2. The part number is the same, but I have seen a renault one only last 6000 miles in an esprit. I have been told Lotus do something to the surface of the friction plate
  3. Hi All, It's my old Green GT3. I had parked the car around the back of a friends place over night. I came back to find someone had parked an old Ford Escort next to it and torched it. Very sad day indeed for me. I have all of the history for the car if you need it. I also have a few bits for it. The Car was indeed the Lotus Press car, P859 RVG was the reg and I have the mags with it in. The Colour is B27 Electric Green not B29 that is on the label. I have a half a liter of the paint if you need it. However please check and double check the front left of the chassis as I was
  4. I've though about making a removable front mesh just like me Elise. All thats needed is two small holes for pegs on the grill to go into and you can use the bolts that are already there. Would anyone be interested in them ???
  5. Mine did the same the other day. I have fitted a new IACV and it's still the same. Im gonna check the TPS this weekend Dan
  6. Try this guy, He's very good and the price is not to bad Dan
  7. Oh My God, Someone has only gone a bought it !!!!! Please Mr Steven Miller DONT fit it to your car. It will fit but I bet it will slip like a b*stard after a few thousand miles. If your going to fit it get a pressure plate from Lotus first. Dan
  8. Yeah, If you look at SJ's website you can see that the Pressure plate has a Lotus A082 number. So If they cant find a cross reference for it then I doubt someone who has never worked on a Lotus has ! Dan
  9. Please, please, please do not buy anything from this IDIOT. He thinks he is an expert on everything but this item is NOT suitable for the Esprit as the pressure plate is wrong. Dan
  10. The 4 legged nuts Lotus use are called Jack Nuts. Rivnuts have a solid body.
  11. Just as an update to this, I have done a write up on where this fuse is. If you want to have a look goto and then click on GT3 Horn Fuse. Dan
  12. If its not clicking then first try the horn control fuse that is in the main fuse compartment or the Relay for the horn. Dan
  13. Hi Tim, I had to replace both of the horns as they were rusted solid. I got a pair from Halfruds for
  14. Found It !!!! Jonathan was right, There on the scuttle beam next to the Lights on buzzer. Then after finding it I re-read the manual and on page 42 of Section ML it shows it. Bloody Lotus, You have got to love them. Dan B)
  15. Hi Jonathan, I've taken the cowling off of the steering column but where should I be looking ??? Dan
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