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  1. Hi to all, as we have to renew the u-joints of the propshaft we are lying under the car and asking: Have we to remove the complete diff for pulling the propshaft? Is that a genius Lotus idea to build a car around a propshaft?
  2. @Neil D. thanks for the wishes: yes, it is fun!! I have done it today. The whole dash has to come out. Then you have to disconnect the wiper motor from the tube because it is very heavy and bad to fiddle with the wheelbox if connected. When you see this, you are very near (thanks to The Nut) Behind this cover there are these two bolts which holding the wheelbox Then you can manage to fiddle the wheelbox out to the left. Question to all: is there an alterpart for 72965B 8W8 ? cheers! Admiral
  3. Excel 1984 By removing the oil sump for applying a new gasket I found this inside the sump: a baffle welded in. Is this original? Cheers! Admiral
  4. Excel 1984 Yesterday the worst happened: the wiper stopped. Investigation lead to the conclusion that the axis of the wheel box seized in the bore in that manner that it "melted" together. WD 40, heat, torque, hammering --> nothing. Has anyone experience how to remove this wheel box? Have I to dismantel the whole dashboard? Or have I to apply a "brutal" method and cut out the body beneath the windscreen to access?
  5. Update: I had to remove the oil sump because of leaking. Excel 1984. As I had the sump off, I filled it with quantites of fluid to find out the correct oil level in correspondence to the dip stick. 4,5 liters into the sump show remarkable over the max indication. without the volume of the pickup tube and gauze. But I will choose this level for my engine. Attached some pictures.
  6. Aaaaahh! It is a 910 oilpan and a 910 tube?! That explains the difference .... Sorry the engine is from 1974.....says the engine number G74 12
  7. @rjwooll Thanks for measuring! But: That short?! Mine is about 20 cm. Do we have now an interesting subject? Different length of dipsticks and their tubes? Different leves in oil pan?
  8. The dipstick is okay. It is soldered (see photo) and is not split. My subject here is that I don't trust the reading. I put in 5 liters, and the result of the 5 liters should be the right level in the pan. The dipstick shows different. That's why I am searching for the right length of the tube.
  9. Thanks! That´s a good hint! I am referring to an Excel 912 engine. My dipstick tube is a bit loose and oil is coming out on the connection tube/pan. Thus it is possible that it is to deep pushed in the pan. But is there no recess to avoid this? And: how long should be the tube? Please can someone measure the length of the dipstick tube for comparison? In the manual is no figure about this. cheers! Michael
  10. Hello! i have changed oil and filter. I filled 5 liters of oil in like the workshop manual recommends for oil change. At the dipstick it is much over max. Indeed it is at he "x" of the max on the dipstick. Is the dipstick wrong or the manual? cheers! Michael
  11. Hi, all! I would like to remove the rear light cluster on my Excel to clean the interior. left and right have different illumination because of dirt inside. But I can find only one screw in he boot which do not hold the light cluster. Any ideas? Cheers! Michael
  12. As many parts of suspension, brakes and drivetrain are from the Toyota Celica Supra MA 61, here a illustrated parts catalogue for ordering at Toyota dealers
  13. sorry, forget to mention that it is an Excel with this Toyota items in its interior
  14. I am referring to this part, which is mentioned in the service parts list and in the manual
  15. Thanks for all the replies. it is not that Rimmer´s device. The rimmer´s device compares the pressure in the circuits. If pressure is different, a warning light is engaged. I was looking for that pressure limiting device for the rear circuit. At least I swapped the original by a simple device. it is from Ford Mondeo with 3/40
  16. Hola! Is it that simple to remove the flange of the output shaft at the diff with a slide hammer as it is mentioned in the workshop manual? Or have I to open the diff to remove the circle clip first? Saludos! Michael
  17. it ist that pressure limiting device to avoid locking up the rear wheels
  18. Hi! The rear brakes system includes a brake limiting valve in the engine bay. I tried to bleed the new brakes. but nothing came out of the bleeds. I checked the valve by opening the fittings: in yes, out nothing. I opened the valve only to see that the piston stucks. Any idea from what car this presure limiter is? cheers! Michael
  19. Want to change mi throttle cable. engine bay no problem, but under the dash??? I dived down only to find out that I cannot reach the connection of the cable to the pedal. Have I to dismantel the whole dashboard ? cheers from Europe! Michael
  20. Hi! I am looking for the oil pressure relief valve on a 907 engine but cannot find anything at the engine. Is it included in the oil pump? But there is only a spring pushing the distributor in position. Anyone here who can help me ? cheers! Michael
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