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  1. i really doubt 2019 models are that loud i mean, mine which is a 06\19 registration is that quiet u can hear tappets ticking, so i just got myself a quicksilver titanium backbox while i am waiting for the komotech 290 kit which is gonna add headers and a decat pipe aswell
  2. man that's gonna be a loud one and you are going to need a remap if you aren't catless already
  3. really impressive man, you also were perfect on keeping your tires in optimal temperature i imagine. now wonder what you can do with 100hp more
  4. i think this should interest you twincharged 2ZR 430hp (in the video he talks kilowatts)
  5. no bigger supercharger pulley\injectors? what's the power figure you could dish out without having to do internals?
  6. Oh yes man they are the good ones, they even have their shop next to where i live, they have solid years experience in k20 swaps, this is one of their latest creatures
  7. May i ask who is that italian tuner? And yea same to komo or jubu even if i am italian myself... Well 350 on the 2ZR needs testing for sure, especially how long the EC60 gearbox can hold, personally i would be happy aswell with around real 300 to the wheels
  8. Yes k20 has a different box, it should be this one but i am not sure, priced around 8-9k Also another thing if you go supercharger route with a k20 you probably won't have to do internals if you keep max power at around 350hp
  9. Sure but it's slower, and with that power figures it's more likely to break. elise cup cars quaife install you are looking at around 7k installed, 20k it's the exige dogbox: another kettle of fish that's what you are looking for
  10. A sequential dogbox if you drive it clutchless that's for sure, but if you are not driving it hard all the time doesn't need to be rebuilt every something hours, just do regular mainteinance on it. As for the street undriveability idk, it's not so bad depends a lot on which type of clutch you combine it with... check youtube there are several videos of dogboxed lotuses driven on the street, it's really not that horrible
  11. Then man you gotta go for the 250 build, 430 cup is very similar to GT4 in performance but it won't have any comfort k20 turbo swapped lotus overheating not sure if can be fully resolved but surely can be managed, just don't expect to be able to do 30minute turns without cooldown laps, there are turbo k20 lotus around that do hillclimb and stuff but those are cars completely turned upside-down supercharged k20s can easily reach 350hp side note k20 turbo swaps are in the 30k€ range, imo the best compromise is to take the 2ZR to 300 or so hp with a dogbox
  12. With 350hp on 850kg you are faster than the 430, and to make it even faster you just need to adjust coilovers, gear ratios, try different rubber. Consider that the 430 has also way higher costs in manteinance if you track it, K20 turbo tends to overheat a bit on the track but it's manageable, it's a blast on the street, you dogbox a k20 turbo lotus and you are sitting on a rocket, i can tell you that there is an italian guy that did it for sure and it's the same stuff as for S2 kit except engine mounts are good 3 out of 4, if i am not mistaken there are around those new innovative or
  13. Well why not 311 at this point? What i keep hearing is that cup 430 lacks traction especially coming out the corners respect cars with similar HP figures and track attitude, it's undoubtly faster than the 250 but it's really different it's heavier and you can feel it and imo it loses a lot what lotus is about. If i were in your shoes i would go ahead with the 250 build, maybe later on add a dogbox and you are serious fast, want to be a missile? turbo it, or k20 turbo it with a sequential and you are basically driving a dallara. also 350hp on 850kg (411cv\ton) push you in the sea
  14. Spoke to martin, 300hp on 2ZR = 20k€ which makes you really consider a k20 swap, also there isn't really a kit and there isn't really anything tested, so it is also uncertain if block can sustain that as well as valves\springs, can tell you that italian pb-r cup cars if they exceed redline even just a tiny bit (in downshifts f.e.) you are looking at an engine rebuild, so at this point i doubt block can hold track abuse with more than 275hp Btw how is the RRR standalone ecu going? They claim you should be able to reach 300 with full exhaust, that ecu and a remap
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