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  1. Thanks for the photo Bibs. Dave from seriously lotus is sending out 4 spring loaded numbers!
  2. Hello folks, Small subject here but has anyone else lost their centre caps after being on track? Mine is a 350 Roadster. I've put 10k miles on mine with no problem. Then had the brakes smoking hot at knockhill after first ever dry track session. Lost one centre cap and luckily recovered it from the track. Then...drove to Aberdeen the next day via the lovely Glenshee road and it had fallen back off plus another 2. Was thinking it was something to do with the heat transfer but that might be a bit far fetched. Any ideas? Cheers
  3. Has anyone had problems with their alloy wheel centre caps falling off after being on track? I can only think the heat has done it...
  4. Sorry, its still there, my bad. Sure it was gone from their website last time I looked but its on Autotrader! What marketing, £499 a month haha, classic. Without hijacking the thread any further, I'll say it sounds like this TVS 1900 Exige was an absolute gift for whoever found it. Well done. And you've already owned one so you will know the do's and don'ts this time round if you know what I mean. What pleases me is that you were rewarded for following your instinct by getting back into the scene. I don't think it'll ever be too loud either. If you're struggling to get it on track, join R
  5. Fair play Andy. I'm in that garage 'quite often' as its my local service garage haha. Didn't see your car but it looks awesome as well. 430 must be great. I wonder if the original owner of the car in question was the one who bought that naughty green 430 Cup type 25 from there....I notice its gone
  6. Excellent news! Jim from 2bular was telling me about your car. You're a few steps ahead of me but I think we're on similar paths. Have you also got a full 2bular and Imran's air box with a RRR tune? If so, I'd be very interested to hear how it goes...
  7. Well done Matt! I've just had the full 2bular fitted to mine also. Sounds and goes great... Jim Valentine a real gentleman also, great guy to deal with. Hope you're happy with yours. Are you interested in an air box from Imran to go with it?
  8. Hi Imran, Just spoke to Jim Valentine, who recommended your new induction system. Sounds the business. Also heard there's a queue for one.... can I join it please? Thanks Ross
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