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  1. Yeah, from what I've seen, anytime this year is far too early. (Though I don't want to derail the topic lol)
  2. I very much doubt you will see the new sports car this year for real, perhaps renders or a teaser, but it's not production ready.. Deliveries of the Evija will happen before the new sports car. The pre-production Evija we saw will be doing a 'road-tour', but not sure about where and when.
  3. The next generation of production cars (currently in development) will be combustion, though as mentioned earlier they will take design cues from the Type 130.
  4. Wanted to get some press images but the Lotus website has crashed
  5. Yes I'm biased but the Type 130 looks better than the Aston Martin. Also it's testament to the pride in the company that all of Lotus has seen the car but nobody has leaked anything.
  6. Might be referring to this?
  7. The rear is pretty striking tbh. I guess everyone will see properly come the 16th...
  8. What angle did you see the car at? Obviously it's just opinion but there are features of the car that are far from underwhelming.
  9. The new production car(s) will take design cues from the Type 130, so it has its relevance to the ordinary buyers if you like the T130.. Lotus have been busy opening new dealerships around the world so things are looking up. I hope as many people as possible get to see the car as it really is something else
  10. Anyone planning on getting the 'sneak peak' at Goodwood?
  11. Correction: They are actually racing in a GT series next year.
  12. Yea, I'd really like Lotus to rejoin the racing arena, like a GT racing series(?) (someone better informed in this can probably say what fits better). I won't comment on the specifics, but having chance to reflect on seeing the 130, I'm feeling really, really good about it. Having not released a new new car in over a decade, it's absolutely the best way of saying, "we still know how to do stylish, striking and unique design. We are not dinosaurs for technology either..." I actually looked up other hypercars to see how it shapes up, and it honestly doesn't look quite like anything out
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