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  1. Once the callipers are painted, do a light sanding of the letters (the top). I used a small art-painters brush and a lot of patience. From very close up the finish is not perfect but good enough..
  2. Got the new Continental ContiSport6 fronts fitted, only did a couple of km, can't really give a good review yet but what surprises me: the 'anti-ackermann' effect on full lock when driving slowly out of my garage is gone! I have absolutely no clue what the previous old tyres (Contisport5) caused the inner tyre to 'knock', perhaps the previous owner of these wheels and tyres had some strange alignment issues? (front tires were close to the wearlimits)
  3. Decided to paint the calipers..
  4. Update: TPMS sensors have been fitted and detected within a couple of km's of driving.
  5. My N/A also doesn’t have the sport button but the dash does show sport when turning the ignition on. Wondering if the loom already has a free connector to connect a sport button to and if the dealer would need to do any fiddling with the ECU. I asked the local dealer (van Der Kooi) here in NL, but they have no clue, was never asked before. Getting access to the loom behind the dash seems quite a bit of work, didn’t try it it. (Or does someone have a guide how to access the buttons without stripping half the interior?)
  6. Speaking about tyres and brands: I bought a set of 19/20 Evora400 wheels, came with Continental SportContact5, with the front ones almost at the limits but the rears are almost new. So far, no complaints at all about these tyres, didn't do a track day yet (and no plans for this year), but overall feel and grip is good. I chose not to mix brands but ordered a set of SportContact6 (235/35/19). I don't think there are many others running Continental?
  7. I bought these TPMS sensors from Elise-shop (, will be fitted next week. Seems programmable ones, I guess Eliseshop programs them first before sending them out. Will let you know if there are any issues..
  8. Just ordered one (only USD15 for posting), curious to see what it does.. Will it show error codes and the meaning of them?
  9. Searching for it on AliExpress even shows ‘made in UK’ on the units 🤔😃
  10. I will probably get some TPMS sensors soon, been looking at ebay for options. Seems quite a big range in terms of costs: between eur80 and eur160 for the same part (but different vendor), for example top end: lower end: Does price matter?
  11. I just bought a set of 19/20 wheels but these came without the sensors. Car now shows an alert so I thought I would disable the module by disconnecting the connector in the boot (as mentioned on Unfortunately, this didn't work, the dash is still showing an alert. Did I do something wrong?
  12. Resurrecting this old thread: do the 400 wheels (19/20) fit the S1?
  13. almost forgot to post some photos of my car-cover, really pleased with it! (it did take almost 6 weeks to arrive in NL but well worth the wait)
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