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  1. Hi,

    I hope someone will be able to help me.....

    I have just purchased my first Lotus, a starlight black Evora and I just love to sit in it never mind drive it!! The previous owner has recommended the car shampoo to use, which is Meguiar Gold Class but I wondered if anyone could recommend the wax I should use? I'm hoping to wash it asap, rain showers pending of course.


    Thank you

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  2. Hi,

    Does anyone know where I can hire a Lotus Evora auto for a week? Perhaps someone here would hire out their Evora to 2 very careful drivers! I've tried Google but no luck and I see on TLF that Hertz were hiring out Lotus cars but that was back in 2011 and they are no longer doing this. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thank you


  3. Yes thank you for the information. The drawing highlights my possible problem. Anyway, I haven't sourced a car as yet but on the lookout.

    On 29/06/2019 at 20:38, BernardT said:

    Hi Bibs


    I did send message via PM system, did you receive it ok?

    I can't see any reply, did you receive the email?

  4. 16 hours ago, Bibs said:

    I grew up in Herne Bay and my kids are still there. Would be happy to pop over and give you a proof of concept some time. Whereabout in the town are you, Curtis Wood Park by chance? 

    Mine lives outside, admittedly under a TLF Outdoor Cover at times but suffers no ill effects other than I have to clean it more often than perhaps I'd like! 

    Welcome :)

    Hi, that would be absolutely great, many thanks. The feedback I've had is all very positive so if you'd like to pop over thats really very kind of you. We live in the Talmead Estate. Whereabouts are you then?

  5. 22 hours ago, london_v said:

    My Evora 410 sport lived outside and it was absolutely fine! Just make sure you’ve got easy access to a plug via an extension as the battery will need to be trickled charged especially through winter!

    Shame I just sold my car, as otherwise would have driven down to test your driveway ramp for you!!

    Thanks, no problem. I've got a spare duvet so will use this!!

    20 hours ago, Techyd said:

    Just washed the car and took this - it shows slope of driveway, the mud flaps ‘just’ graze as I go over the top, there is a channel in the paving as well so the wheels drop slightly in I really think you’ll be fine 😃


    Great thank you. Love the car and the plate.

    8 hours ago, EGTE said:

    What measurement did you want with the doors, exactly?

    My drive is 3m wide and the car is 2m wide. I just wanted to make sure I had enough width that allows the car door to open enough that would allow me to get out without needing an op!

    2 hours ago, Cdm2018 said:

    Do you have a side wall or border to the parking space to consider ?

    just back from cinema and I often park in parents spot (I have my young daughter ) but it’s great as it’s wide.

    the regular spots in main car park are ok but you get a stupid person parking so tight you can’t open the doors !

    Hi, yes the drive has a wall on either side. Its 3m wide so I just wanted to make sure I could open the door enough to be able to get out without needing an op!

  6. Thanks to you all, that's great. Just need to sort out a car port now as we can't have a garage built. This should make a few of you wife and I went to Bell and Colville earlier this year (I felt like a kid in a sweet shop...I want this one and that one etc..!). I was concerned about keeping the car outside and wondered if the weather would affect the car ( I intend to use it as often as possible), the very nice man said I need not worry - look outside, these are parked there all year round in all sorts of weather! I felt a bit of a muppet really!



  7. Hi, 

    This is my first time on a forum so I hope I've set it up correctly. Here goes....I've always fancied a Lotus but never been in the position or the timing has not been right to purchase one. Now I'm looking to buy an Evora later this year.

    1. However, there is a 'small' problem. My drive, the pavement and the road are all on 3 very slightly different levels and I've no idea if an Evora would scrape its bottom because of the angle between each surface. Hope this makes some sense and is not a load of gibberish!  

    The nearest dealer is like 60 miles away and I don't know anyone who owns an Evora who could perhaps test this out to see if I can get one onto the drive. I've attached a photo of my current 1 series Beamer so you can can see what I'm talking about. Would any Evora owner be willing to visit me to test this out, not expecting you to damage your car of course! Would love to chat about all things Lotus/Evora with a another enthusiast and I'd be willing to pay your petrol costs. I live in Herne Bay in Kent!

    2. Could anyone tell me the width of an Evora door? My drive is 3m wide so I need to make sure there is enough space so I can get in and out!

    Thanks, Bernard



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