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  1. Thanks! Glad to know I am not the only one to experience this. I am taking the car in July 2nd for a thorough once over and to have a BOE CAI installed. I am going to have them check the TPMS also. I'll report back afterwards. Thanks again everyone.
  2. Yeah, I thought it would sort itself out too after driving awhile, but this thing is screwy. After purchasing from the dealer (who replaced the tires prior to purchase) I drove for about a week and a half, and put approximately 1000 miles on it. It read: RR=00, RF=31, LR=37, LF=31 Then I messed around with the clock and it switched to RR=37, RF=31, LR=31, LF=00. And since the change, I have driven another week and a half and another 1000 miles. (Lots of joy-riding in the new car ) It's still screwed up. I manually checked the pressures at the wheel, and they match up with
  3. Thanks for the replies. I hope you are right cause I felt like I did something stupid.
  4. When I purchased my 2010 Lotus Evora used from a Lotus dealer, they had just put new tires on the car. However, they did not replace a TPMS sensor in the right rear that was reading 00psi. The Left rear read 37psi, and both fronts read 31psi. Of course, the orange low pressure light in the center was also illuminated. As the car came from a different time zone, the clock was wrong. I started trying to fix the clock by pushing end of the turn indicator stick without success. Being a new Lotus owner, and realizing that I had no idea how to fix the clock, I read through the manual. Needless to
  5. Was at a petrol station today. Man came up to look at the car and then this exchange happened: Man: "Wow, that is nice!....Lotus?!?!?!.....What is that, some kind of Porsche?" Me: "Uhhhh, no.....It's a LOTUS!"
  6. Why invest in an imitation when you can have the original? That what I asked myself when I decided to abandon my Resto-mod Fiero build and purchase my first Lotus. My name is Ed, and I am from Indiana. I have always wanted a Lotus, but thought they were out of my price range. For the last several years, I had been building a custom 88 Fiero into a modern version of what it could have been if Pontiac have managed the project better. I realized, everything I was doing to the Fiero, a Lotus Evora already had. And seeing as GM copied the suspension of the 88 Fiero from a Lotus, I realized I w
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