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  1. Hi, Ok thanks for confirming. Iv'e narrowed my search down to an exige or an club racer 1.6L or the 1.8L Cup 250 model so at least I know exactly what I'm looking for now.
  2. Hi, I quite like these 1.8 cup 250 model (link below) as it seems that they come with side, front and back splitters and spoiler as standard the only thing is you see the Great Britain flags at each end of the spoiler, does anyone know if they can be removed and it would just be plain black underneath? then obviously I could stick them back on if and when I ever was selling the car on or are they put on in such a way that they cant be removed? any feedback much appreciated. Thanks
  3. OK thanks, am I missing something with regards to the following elise? only 18000 miles, apparently easy to turn into car that can be used on the road so why would it be advertised for such a seemingly low price yet no one has bought? is it because the perception is that it has been hammered so the components of the car are effectively much older than 18000 miles or would it be other reasons? it just seems cheap to my uninitiated, uneducated eye.
  4. Apologies for my enquires/questions coming across as somewhat vacuous or trivial, I am learning somethings, it's just alot of different things to take in as there are so many choices with regards to design/spec etc
  5. Found the following exige that has had the conversion so you can put a soft top on it, I thought they were produced later than 2005 but there you go, does anyone know what the bit that says on the side of the car something 'by bell and collville' means? Thanks
  6. Got ya, so now I understand why it is referred to as mid engined. Thanks for clarifying.
  7. So the engine is always situated behind you in the boot and obviously you put luggage/shopping in the front where the bonnet would be on the majority of all other car brands/makes? Thanks
  8. I only ask as I read somewhere where someone was saying that the engine was so loud they had to wear ear plugs, as you can see from the following elise the engine must be situated in the boot? is it more common for the engine to be in the front under the bonnet where it is on most other makes of car or do you find that quite a few elises have the engine in the boot as opposed to in front of you under the bonnet? Thanks
  9. What I actually meant was I have seen some elises advertised where it states that the engine is situated in the back and others where they state that the engine is situated at the front of the car so was wondering if it makes any difference to how loud the engine is in your ears as presumably if the engine is situated directly behind you then I'm guessing you will be closer to it than if it was in front of you under the bonnet, so the question was never about moving the engine from back to front or vice versa, possibly I didn't explain my question clearly enough previously but I was defiantly
  10. No, they are serious questions, feared that they may come off as odd things to ask but genuinely would like to know the answers if at all possible.
  11. Would the engine be louder in your ears if the engine is situated in the front or the back of an elise? also hypothetically if you were finding that the engine was too loud could you put some sort of silencer on the car that could be removed prior to selling? Thanks
  12. Ok thanks, it looks nice but black is most probably my least favourite colour other than white. Thanks for bringing it to my attention anyway. Much appreciated. Most of what you have put above is like a different language, straight over my head. I wouldn't be able to tell the difference between one engine or performance of any lotus lol I know I may sound vacuous and shallow but the most important thing to me is how it looks and as long as it keeps running nicely and doesn't need much spending on it bar MOT's and services then I'm content enough.
  13. Ok thanks, the only 2 Iv'e seen so far are 2011 ones which must be the post 2010 facelift version.
  14. I think I quite fancy the 1.6L club racer, got an insurance quote on one that came out much less than I was expecting, lowest £400 then the next quote after that jumped up to £757! wasn't sure on the question if it had an immobiliser or tracker, am presuming that they come with an immobiliser as standard but not a tracker as standard, it seems that the club racer is the budget choice in a sense as they are good on mpg for petrol and don't seem too bad on insurance or tax and as they were first produced in 2011 (I believe?) they are the same shape as post 2010 elises? Not sure how many we
  15. I quite like the following one, just out of my price range but not many miles on the clock, seems a fairly good price?
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