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  1. I’ve been doing some detailing on the car today and noticed that the plastic bit under the mesh of the side scoop is looking a little in need of some black plastic cleaner (I’m really fastidious). Does anyone know if there‘s an easy way to remove the mesh in order to access the plastic piece ? My guess is that there probably isn’t, in which case how can this piece be cleaned please ? I’m a bit reluctant to try and do it with a small artist’s brush through the mesh in case it turns out looking rubbish. Cheers
  2. I had the same issue a few weeks ago, this is how I sorted mine. Activate the washers as normal so you can see them spraying in the raised position then quickly turn the ignition key to the off position leaving them in the high position. Have a look inside the assembly and you can the see the plastic rail that moves up and down, I gave the rail a clean and squirted some WD40 onto it, operate the washers a few times and apply some more WD. It didn’t work immediately but the next day everything worked just fine, and they have continued to do so. I’m hoping that this will have sorted it permanently.
  3. It may be worth checking your postcode risk rating, if it’s low then would that put your mind at risk somewhat and maybe consider the drive option as not being so unpalatable ? It seems there are quite a few who aren’t fortunate enough to have a garage, (myself included) as long as the drive option wouldn’t give you sleepless nights then I’d say go for it. The pleasure of ownership has got to be high on the list for myself, hence my decision to go ahead with getting my Evora.
  4. Here’s to hoping it’s going to be a decent race, although I’m usually thinking that and end up rather disappointed. It’s looking like it’ll be a Mercedes stroll in the park, but we can at least see some racing at last.
  5. Yeah maybe I wasn’t clear, what I meant was “I’m not going to attempt sorting the job on axle stands”, I shall wait till my local mechanic or a Lotus dealer reopens, although the way things are it’s looking like that could be quite sometime. There are much more serious issues out there than fixing cars. Stay safe everyone.
  6. Thanks very much I shall have a read of the info. However a quick look at those threads seems to suggest the procedure will require two people, I’m not sure the girlfriend would feel at ease helping me out on my beloved lotus !!! And I’m not sure I’d want to work on the car trying to fix this issue while it’s on axle stands either. With the COVID 19 situation I won’t be able to call for help from my local friendly mechanic, with everything that’s going on at the moment I realise it’s very much a first world problem. Maybe in order to prevent the battery from going flat maybe I’ll take the car for a little run occasionally as apparently (in the UK) we can drive a short distance to go for a walk in the country. Cheers, Phill
  7. So my boot lid is stuck, I can hear the solenoid activating but the boot refuses to open, have tried getting my partner to press the button on the dash while I pushed and pulled the lid but it ain’t having it. I’ve tried the release cable underneath the back seat but that didn’t release it either. The car has been on trickle charge since lockdown, but the charger is in the boot !! so before too long I’ll have a flat battery as well !!! I’ve searched the forum and someone mentioned there’s an emergency solution posted on lotus talk, I’ve had a look on there but couldn’t find the correct information. Could a helpfull member please PM me the solution or a link to the info.on lotus talk. Cheers, Phill
  8. I’m not far from Lake Windermere Tim
  9. Hi everyone I’ve just joined the forum after 3 months of ownership. I’ve noticed we have a few Evora owners around these parts, if there are any meets then I’ll try and come along and have a chat with fellow enthusiasts.
  10. Thanks for the replies folks, as suggested I’ll get the geo checked firstly and decide from there what to do, minimum new fronts I think. I’ll report back once it’s been sorted. Cheers.
  11. Hi everyone I’m new to the forum having bought my car three months ago, been lurking here but this is my first post. I’ve got quite bad tramlining with my car and it feels quite nervous, the car has done 17k and is almost four years old. Obviously I’m going to have a four wheel alignment carried out first, but if that doesn’t sort it then I’m thinking of changing the tyres. Tyres are P zeros with 3mm on the front and 5mm on the back, my previous car had MPSS fitted and they were superb. So I’m wondering do I just get some Pirelli’s for the front, but as I only do about 6k a year it’ll be a while before the rears need replacing, though I could sell them I suppose to cover some of the additional cost of the Michelin’s if it comes to that. It’s really spoiling my enjoyment of the car and I’ve never known any of my previous cars to be affected as bad as this. Are the Pirelli’s really that bad with still 3mm left on them ? Cheers everyone I’m awaiting some answers from some of the resident experts on here. Thanks, Phill
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