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  1. This needs sorting or all the investment put into the Emira will have been a waste of time !!! Once the Emira is out on the roads then it doesn’t want to get a reputation for difficult/impossible to source spares.
  2. Thanks Justin, I’ll continue to use the sunshade then.
  3. Regarding this airbag cover issue does it affect the 400’s in a similar way to the S1 ?
  4. I’ve recently done that move, yes the 400 is a bit stiffer and feels an bit sharper for it,it’s not really stiff though still very comfortable for a sports car just not as much of the magic carpet ride that you get in an S1. As for the sound well it’s amazing, very civilised when cruising on the motorway and at low revs, once the exhaust valves open though it’s epic, and for lower speed bangs and pops there’s the open all the time button 😀. The 400 is quite a bit quicker and pulls hard from low rpm as you’d expect with the supercharger. Overall the 400 is just more focussed.
  5. Luie, Yeah your correct I’d imagine it’ll be significantly more than that, it’s on 22k miles and Pearl white.
  6. Hi Luke, Not sure of your budget ? but I recently px’d my n/a Sports racer at Hofmanns, I’m sure it’ll be available soon once a tiny crack in the back bumper is sorted. I can vouch that it’s probably one of the best n/a you’ll find. Cheers, Phill
  7. PS Does anyone know the name of the colour please ? I’m thinking Persian Blue ?
  8. After having the n/a Sports racer for two years I thought about toying with the idea of moving to a 400, I wanted a manual, quite a few colours that I didn’t want 🙄, and after viewing a car with red leather I decided it wasn’t for me. I realised that I could well be in for a long wait but better than something I wouldn’t be totally happy with. As luck would have it a lovely Blue 400 with just 6k miles came up at Hofmanns, an unaccompanied test drive (due to COVID) confirmed it was for me 😎, the sound of that exhaust is incredible 🤪🤪 Brought it back to the Lake District last week, just cruising on the Motorway back home I’m ashamed to say the average mpg display showed 34.9 mpg 🤫, not sure how accurate that is but I’d be pretty certain that’ll never be repeated again !!! Loving it of course, oh did I mention the exhaust sound 😃
  9. Hi AD, When you say you’ve had a look do you mean seen the cars in the flesh or seen the adverts ? Only asking as if it’s the former, is there anything you didn’t like which may be useful to others who are also looking ? Good luck with your hunt
  10. I noticed that the two 400’s that Silverstone had are no longer on their website, I suppose both could have sold at a similar time but realistically I think that’s unlikely. I think one (if not both) were on SOR and the owner is on here, would be interesting to know if they have been sold or maybe removed from sale ? Can anyone recall who’s cars they are ?
  11. It would be useful to know why you prefer the PS4S compared to the CUP 2’s ? I did often wonder why Lotus fitted the CUP 2’s to cars in the UK, with the weather being pretty wet and cold for around 5 months a year I assume it’s rather difficult to generate sufficient heat in them a lot of the time 😳
  12. That is definitely a nice improvement very classy IMO 😎
  13. Is there any reasoning as to “when they’re gone” on an Evora 🙄 as on my previous cars I found that a battery could be revived/life extended sometimes for a long time by putting it on charge for a decent duration.
  14. That was a bargain for someone, must have been the cheapest 400 I’ve seen, just goes to show if they are priced competitively then they do sell really quickly.
  15. Welcome Hughesy I came into Evora ownership from a Ph.2 Clio v6 myself 😀, the Vee is a very special car indeed. The Evora is a great choice to move onto, it’s easier to drive quickly than the Vee, certainly not as raw it’s a bit quicker but not night and day difference performance wise. Good luck with selling your Vee 👍, I sold mine on really quickly 😎
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