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  1. @Philsport300 I assume you’ve seen the one in Aspen white at Central Lotus ? I’ve posted previously I was the 2nd owner swapped to a 400 in 2020. It’s a very good example but pretty pricey though, they’ve had it since August mind …… Phill
  2. Just been trawling round the forum and found this thread, I do feel the 400 seats are a bit too high compared with my previous sports racer. Just wondering have many people actually done the above and feel that it’s a definite improvement ? Cheers Phill
  3. The aquamarine looks SO much better with the silver wheels 👌
  4. Decided I hadn’t been out for a decent drive for a while, so once the rain stopped thought I do a couple of hours run yesterday 😀, even though the car was pretty dirty it still photographed well 👌
  5. Just thinking out loud here, I wonder if a carbon wrap would be resilient to the heat, probably not I guess …..
  6. Cheers Bibs, Must admit forgot about how different colours absorb heat a schoolboy error on my part, maybe it should have been an option to have the airbag cover painted white, silver or gold 🤣🤣. Think I’ll crack on and modify my sunscreen to cover the airbag area 👌. I’ll echo your sentiments about the black vinyl seats, blimey things were so much different back in the 70’s, and generally not for the better @mg4lotus thanks for your input but I think it’s only the earlier models with regards to what you say, the 4xx models are slightly different in that regards, things do improve over time it seems 😀
  7. So I’ve been using the sunshade which does the job, the thing is it’s fairly bulky and I end up just putting it over the air bag area, I’m considering maybe just cutting a piece of sufficient size to do the job and it wouldn’t be so bulky then. So I’m wondering when the airbag pops would the opinion be that it’s really the sun directly shining on it or the ambient temperature created in the car on a hot sunny day ? I’m thinking probably just covering the airbag would be sufficient ? Cheers, Phill
  8. Well your probably right there, however I’m MORE in love with my 400 👌
  9. Chaps, I have some information for anyone considering this car, it’s all good, it’s my old car which I traded in at Hoffmans’s for my 400 in May 2020, I had it for 2 enjoyable years. When in my ownership I would say it was probably one of the best N/A’s available, when I traded it in of course.The only thing I would note is that the rear has been debadged for some reason ? I fitted the carbon door handles which IMO lift the cabin nicely, in fact having moved house recently I found the originals which anyone on here can have if you want them. One thing that isn’t mentioned (I’m sure the invoice was with the paperwork) however is that I had focal speakers and dynamite type soundproofing installed, and it did indeed prove a significant improvement over the sound of the standard set up even keeping the standard Head unit. I also had the wheels refurbished just prior to me swapping. Reading this back sounds like I have an interest in the car now but I assure you I haven’t, just thought I’d contribute to the great forum we have by giving as much information as possible. Pretty sure the current owner isn’t on here. The sold as seen seems strange at a Lotus dealer to me, I think quite a few of Lotus Silverstone cars are sale or return and expect they come with a warranty. It’s top end pricing and is significantly more than when I swapped, but the 400’s have increased quite a bit as well. Hope this helps someone. Cheers, Phill
  10. Anyone out there who knows of a course of action to take regarding this please ? Cheers, Phill
  11. @C8RKH That colour is stunning, I’m pretty fussy about colours and do like my blues, I get a lot of comments off folk who say mine is a lovely colour (which I agree of course) but I think the fire red probably to my eye is THE best colour in the Evora, lovely 👌
  12. Agreed about the wheels 😳, the colour scheme won’t be to many folks taste but it’s not in the hoffific category I suppose but boy those wheels just nooooh 🤮
  13. I’ve got the exact same issue with my car also a 400, @richard what was the solution for your car please ? Cheers, Phill
  14. No not garaged but no sign of corrosion on spindle though, hopefully it’s sorted it (fingers and toes crossed), if it has sorted it then it was one of the quickest and cheapest fixes ever 🤪🤪😎
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