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  1. Hi Bibs, dont know why but my discs have a 12 mm raised portion inboard of the radiused brake pad. This is not due to wear. Every pad I can find is flat bottomed so hits this raised portion of disc, hence 95% of the pad does not touch the disc until the 5% has worn away. So- have bought a nice pair of Brembo discs with no raised lip so the Mintex pads Now fit perfectly.😀👍🏻
  2. Cheers Bibs, they were on my radar and I have ordered a set. Might go the whole hog and splash out on new discs as well, after all they are the originals so are 20 yrs old!!!
  3. Putting the Elise back on the road after 6 yrs of sorn. Front brake pads are low but Replacements seem like rocking horse unless you want to be paying £150 plus just for the four front pads!! EBC have poor reviews whilst Pagids are a fortune. Got some from a motor factors which fitted perfectly but they were flat bottomed rather than radiused so were rubbing on the inner raised portion of the disc. Anybody any ideas??? Chris
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