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    Yeah, its funny because I didn't really understand that part until later last night watching various videos on the cars. The fact that these particular variations were in the Chapman era and the brand did build their own engines in keeping with his vision and alignment with his racing car philosophy makes it special indeed and worthy of keeping the package as-is. I won't be able to help myself from upgrading many other aspects of the car but I think I will limit that to either creature comfort or out and out aesthetics while maintaining the cars originality as much as possible. In other words
  2. Hey Folks, My name is Bernie and although new to the forum, I have a decent history of working some pretty cool cars. Like most of us I assume, we tackle some of these machines out of pure love rather than as a investment opportunity and I am no different. I have lusted after the Esprit from the very first time I saw one in the James Bond movie but admit that my primary inspiration comes from the original wedge designs and the smaller engines. Although the newer cars are stunning and the V8 option would certainly make a helluva ride, I keep referring back to the earlier cars.
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