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  1. I am currently looking for new seats and while I like the way the aftermarket carbon seats look I am in love with the new CUP 20th anniversary seats with the seat color matching the exterior color combination.... I wish that car was going to come to the states. Does anyone know if there is anything around similar? Thanks
  2. I cannot view the item in the link do you have pictures? PM me I am interested thanks
  3. Yeah Im gonna do the turbo in a couple months.
  4. Hey guys I have an update and some questions. I recently got some DBA slotted rotors with AP pads, a new K&N filter system, the hard top relined, Ngkr spark plugs and all fluids changed. I am planning on doing the turbo in a few months with new suspension and wheels & tires. My question is where can I get replacement OEM parts such as front head light covers or the entire housing? I currently have Elise sport floor mats which I would like to replace since they are slightly worn? Some display buttons on the dash are slightly worn as well which I would like to replace. Ive been online searching and it seems like there is nothing available for these cars. Is there a place most of you go for replacement OEM? Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Chris
  5. haha.Yep ur right. I took it to the local Lotus race shop and got a list of upgrades I am going to do. The list is long and involved the shop here works only on Lotus and McLaren. Im going to do this progressively because I don't want to be without the car too long since I'm addicted to driving it. I said f*** it n never bought a beater I just drive the Elise all over the place its to much fun to save for weekends its my daily and now that I have it I want an Evora too. I love this Lotus brand its so unique and different. U see so many vetts and mustangs and even Ferrari and McLaren here but I have never seen a Lotus ever I really like the rarity of it. Im sure u guys all feel the same. Once I start updating the car with the new custom stuff ill add pix so u can see the progress.
  6. Installed the Pioneer deck and my JL Audio speakers came to life. The sound system sounds incredible now. Its 10x better than the stock Blaupunkt I never would have thought a new deck could make such a difference but its night and day. I am taking the Lotus next week to a race shop local that deals with Lotus and see what engine mods I can do. Is it wrong to love a car more than you're gf??
  7. Hey guys!! Cannot express how infatuated I am with this car. Ive been driving it non stop since I got it. I have not looked at the trunk or interior or anything Ive just been driving n refilling the tank and driving. This car is absolutely incredible. And I know I'm preaching to the choir on this but I just gotta say you were all right about this car trumping the S2k which I was very skeptical on. I just sat down and ordered the Pioneer DEH-X8800BHS based off Crutchfield and all the reviews I read. I am hoping it works well with the JL audio speakers the previous owner installed. It will be delivered tomorrow and ill install it tomorrow.
  8. Yeah this was my absolute favorite color. My second is that highlighter green color. I don't know how to turn on the lights yet I was driving all night with no dash lights LOL... I just starting driving and couldn't stop. I have to look in the trunk and figure out how the hell everything on here works. Does the car come stock with JL audio speakers because I have all JL audio although my deck is that Blaupunkt. Ive read the stereo sucks but mines good. The car doesn't creek or rattle nearly as bad as the old civic I used to drive and the stick is smooth not as smooth as my S2k was but its surprisingly easy to drive. I will say getting in and out is a bitch and way more difficult than I could have imagined and I am in good physical shape. I was gonna buy a beater to drive for work and stuff but I never wanna get out of the lotus so I might just save my money. I LOVE THIS CAR!!
  9. Ok Ok LOL... I have not taken pix because I have been in the car driving it everywhere... I went thru a tank of gas in a day. Ok let me go out and take pix for u guys... I have that old school Kool-aid perma-grin on my face!!! BRB with pix
  10. OMG this thing is freaking incredible !!!!
  11. DELIVERED!!! Car was delivered today!! First off the driver was top notch. If anyone needs a car shipped this guy was amazing. First I ordered the car to be shipped on an open truck. The owner of the truck upgraded me to a closed semi (not a soft closure but hard) for no additional cost, in fact I had no idea until the seller told me. He also was on time for pick up and delivery to the hour. He was in contact with me the entire time and was texting me about the car condition throughout his drive. Okay now the car! It had to be delivered to my folks house since I am out of the country until the 4th. So my parents are sitting in it pressing all the buttons and pretending they are driving it 🙄 SMH.... Thank god they cant drive stick. Anyway 3 days until I am taking full possession. Once I get there ill post pix. Oh yeah and for everyone who said its hard to get in and out of my parents are in their 70s and had no trouble.
  12. The torque difference was 11ft lbs. Idk If the power increase is worth the cost. Ill keep searching the forum and see if anyone reviewed it. God the suspense of just getting the car is driving me insane.
  13. Huh not yet it gets delivered today at noon so like 10 hours from now. Its 2:30am I can't freaking sleep because I am too damn excited. But the worst part is I am out of town and wont return home until 4th of July. I am having my folks take delivery for me and keep it in the garage. Once the plane lands on the 4th ill be shooting right over to get it immediately. I feel like I'm 13 again on xmas morning its great haha.
  14. Hey guys. Car is inside the trailer they just picked it up it's safely nestled away inside the trailer on its way to Florida. Ill keep you updated and send pics as soon as I get it. I am relieved I don't have to drive the car 1,400 miles home. Has anyone done the ECU flash? I read its about 5hp from BOE and costs just under a grand. Does anyone have it and do they think the money warrants the difference in power? Thanks
  15. Thanks man. Yeah your right I'm more emotionally invested in this so its worrying me whereas they are just doing their daily job. Ill post pix of the car once I get it. Still super excited. I can't wait... Ill keep updating you guys and post pix as soon as I get it.
  16. Update: I booked with the most reputable broker for car shipping on google based off of BBB and reviews. They have promised me they will be able to get the car shipped by the date I need with the window of pick-up being tomorrow, I have yet to hear back from them with a confirmed driver. Im getting a bit nervous with this entire process now. If I do not hear back in the next day or 2 I will most likely cancel and book a plane ticket and drive it the 1400 miles home. I really didn't want to put 1400 miles on the car immediately or sit in a car for 23 hours straight but I may have to.
  17. No I bought it sight unseen. So on delivery its gonna be the first drive
  18. Car is scheduled for delivery. Pick up is next week and Ill have it the following week. Ill update this and let you guys know how the shipping went and who I used. Also how the car is once I receive it. This waiting period is brutal LOL
  19. Yeah I was enamored by the s2k and everyone has been telling me the lotus is going to be even better. I can't wait for this! I was thinking about that but I don't really wanna rack up 1300 miles on it right off. But ill definitely consider it if the shipping looks to risky Thanks man!!
  20. Hey Guys I just purchased my first Lotus!! Hard to believe it still. Transaction went through now I need to get the car shipped to me across the country. Can anyone recommend a shipping company that isn't a broker and is decent? I want to get the car before the month ends or just after. Thanks Chris
  21. Does anyone know a place in the Tampa / Clearwater / St. Pete area I can take a Lotus in for service? Thanks Chris
  22. HaHa. U guys are getting me so excited for this car. I don't know a ton about cars but I am assuming if you lower the rpm's the power band will hit quicker adding acceleration? Is a re-flash just a reprograming of the current CPU? Wow I looked up the 250 Cup that thing is sweet!! I hear the Exige S is great too. Thanks for the info Neal I'll keep updating you on the purchase I am hoping to have it completed by the weeks end. Chris. Man I cannot wait for this lol
  23. Wow better handling? That's awesome and hard to believe because my s2000 was the best handling car I have driven. The Elise I am purchasing is a 1.8 L 16 valve Toyota engine that has 190 horse power. Sorry for my ignorance I'm still learning about these cars but the seller said it does not have a supercharger in it, so Idk how that would stack up to the s2k. Man I am really excited about this, cannot wait to get it. What are you driving an Elise or Exige? Oh yeah your definitely right the stick shift on the s2000, it was so smooth by far the best stick I have driven. It was so easy that my buddies who had never driven stick got out of 1st almost always on their first attempt.
  24. Hey Neal, Yeah I loved my S2000's the handling and feel was stellar. I found a great Elise today online I am going to check out. I would be using it probably 4 months just to commute to my residency which is about 45min in one direction. After that 4 months ill get a cheap beater for the commute and use the Elise on the weekends. As far as drivability would you say the Elise is better handling and quicker? I have yet to test drive the Elise. Thanks Chris
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