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  1. Hello Guys I've been lurking on here for a fair few months doing my research before taking the plunge & getting a V6. Planning to view this car at the weekend & just wondered if anyone from the club knew it/it's history or had any advice on viewing it? Thanks in advance Chris
  2. Thank you 😊 Nice to see another Evo fan. I absolutely love them & have since I was a teen because rallying was my favourite Motorsport. My dream car was/is a red Tommi Makinen edition, which I managed to get & owned for nearly 9 years. I planned to keep it forever, but a stray rachet strap on a country road had other ideas, puncturing my rear tyre & causing me to spin into a ditch. That was a little over two years ago & it's only now I'm beginning to move on & get another performance car. In my opinion, the Evo 5 & 6's are the best, because they're the quintessential rally versions & the ones I dreamed of owning. I look at getting another every Evo every day, but I know it'll never replace my Mak hence looking for something completely different. I can understand why your so excited about the 5. I hope you'll be sharing pics when you get it 😁
  3. Thanks very much for the reply. I do prefer the open gait, it has to be said. The lower weight is appealing too. The glass Vs louvre I swing back & forth on film one day to another & whist I agree the interior looks a little nicer, to be fair neither of them is a rolls, they feel more function over form, which is exactly what I like. With the exhaust I will probably need to ask in here for anyone who's been to Blyton, whether they had an issue. It would be my go-to track & whist I only do 3-4 trackdays a year, if I couldn't go there it would be a bit of a pain.
  4. Hi & thank you I have read into the comparisons of the S Vs 350, thought quite a bit about it & contemplated the whether the improvements would be worth it for what I want. As yet, I'm not convinced, although I would consider a 350. What was it that made you decide to go for a 350 in the end? One of my concerns was I heard the exhaust is even louder on the 350's. I'm already thinking I'll need to get a track friendly rear silencer & even then I'm not sure it'll be enough because I do trackdays at Blyton which is 95dB limit.
  5. Hi all My names Chris and I'm currently in the market for an Exige S3. This club is full of great info which has been useful. I've never owned a Lotus or a mid-engined car before, but after having spent 9 years with my dream car (modified Evo 6 TME) and being a couple of years without it, I'm now looking for something a bit different. Looking forward to getting an S3 and being part of the community. Cheers
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