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  1. Komo-tec has the lotus dust cover available.
  2. Thanks for raising this post! I just got my 2018 Elise 220 sport couple weeks ago, Looking for some options for the exhaust as well.
  3. Thanks all! Finally got my first Elise this Monday and fell in love this little car. I want one more advice from this group... I wanna install some carbon exterior parts from Komo-tec, such as carbon hardtop and mirror covers. Any user review on this? Any other recommendations? Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks for all the great inputs! In fact, this potential elise which I am trying to get has been sitting in the showroom for 12 months. Not sure, if there are any issues in this car or has been put on track. For a "brand new" car, the mileage has reached 700-ish km.
  5. Hi all, I am currently driving a Mazda Miata ND (2.0) and trying to switch to a brand new 2017 Model - Lotus Elise Sport 220. I am very new to Lotus, should I go for this latest model? Or anything that I need to watch out for, such as reliability, maintenance or issues for this little car? Thanks a lot! Cheers! cary
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