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  1. Hi Guys, Is there anyone running the 430 remap from Komotec who has any feedback. Interested to know if you can genuinely tell much of a difference in performance / mid range torque etc? Any issues etc? Thanks J3ST3R
  2. Looks amazing... Welcome
  3. Thanks Ramjet, Any problems I'll let you know.... including if I need any ice packs to be sent over for the car
  4. Yeah hoping it will help a bit with the heat... but I actually also like it in white (stormtrooper fetish) so it's a win win 👍
  5. Hi Guys, After owning a pretty heavily modified 1990 Elan SE for almost 20 years, I’ve finally got round to signing up. I’m currently living in Dubai (elan safely tucked up in storage in the UK). And I’ve just bought an Evora 400. Absolutely love the car... it’s everything I hoped it would be... looking forward to seeing how it copes with the Dubai summer, although I suspect it will cope better than me. 😆 Already picking up lots of tips from the forum. I’m considering tracking it at some point (I’m less than 5 mins from a track) but I’ll wait till it cools down a bit first... J3ST3R
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