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  1. Saw your car at Lotus Silverstone on Saturday, while mine was in. Looks great in the flesh, love the colour.
  2. Anyone got one they want to sell?
  3. Thanks guys - and apologies for posting in the wrong place!
  4. I’ve wanted a Lotus for a long time, ever since trying to buy an original NA 190 S2 Exige. Finally I can say I’ve joined the club after picking this car up from Charlie last week. Over the moon with it. Im away this week with work, so frustratingly I won’t get to drive it again for another week! Look forward to seeing some of you about. Plus a big thanks to @GFWilliams for putting up with my questions Oh and @alias23 I’ll be in touch
  5. Has anyone done anything different/new for improving the headlights since this post was last updated?
  6. Hello! Quick Summary - is there anyone in the Cambridgeshire area that could spare me some time for a natter and chinwag on the S3 Exige? Any flavour is good. Basically, after years of Type-R Honda's, track days, farting around with and obsessing over suspension bushes, tyres, tyre pressures, weight saving, etc, I spent a few months actively looking to get into a Chrome Orange S2 Exige in 2010, and had the rug pulled out from under my feet a few times. Cue life stuff, house purchase, relationship woes, new job, and the like, I eventually swapped an S2000 for an AMG C63 in 2015. I had no time for weekend tinkering and track days, so a brute of a daily has been an excellent experience. The C63, whilst it isn't a precision tool, is a thoroughly fun and enjoyable daily. Throughout this time, a friend of mine James (who @alias23 knows it turns out), has had many a Lotus/Radical/Atom to keep potential Lotus in the back of mind - his current Red S1 Honda SC car being incredible. I am likely to be in an opportunity over the next couple of months to acquire a non-daily which I can keep in the garage. Straight on to the classifieds on PH for an S2 Exige I went, but I kept finding myself drawn to the S3 cars and I ended up here obsessing over S3's.... I'd like to chat to some locals if there are any and see if there's any meets I can attend to get some first hand visuals and experience of the S3. See whether it'll fit my brief etc. Hopefully chat to more of you soon
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