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  1. Had my car serviced recently, and it was noted that there was 'front splitter damage'. I had no idea, and hadn't noticed anything whilst driving it. Either way, I have small chunk missing from the splitter on my 2018 Exige 350. Standard Lotus replacement looks to be £362 ish. Are there any other options out there? I've seen some of the ones made from wood, but I'm not sure I'm 100% keen.
  2. Has anyone tried anything like this with the front speakers?
  3. Hi Mark, I was there a few weeks ago when you test drove it I think! I turned up in a white 350 😎👍🏼
  4. Did you expect anything different on a Lotus forum? Ask the same question on a Porsche forum too
  5. Interesting topic really, as I bought and fitted a 2Bular Valved Road exhaust this year, and it totally transforms my 350 Sport into something way more exciting sounding. I knew I was going to be ruining my chances of trackdays with it specifically, but had hoped there are options. The 2Bular road exhaust comes in 3 sections:- 1) The pipe from the downpipe section to the silencer 2) The silencer/backbox section 3) The tailpipes section from the backbox I've emailed Jim to see if I can buy a track friendly #2 section. It seems logical in my head, but I don't make these systems for a living. I feel like I could quite easily drop out #2 pre/post track days and it gives me the flexibility I want. I've emailed once and followed up once with no reply yet. Until Jim responds, does anyone know if what I'm suggesting is possible? Thanks
  6. A new grille is £44 or there abouts, I've just bought one to run my car with/without tow hook depending on how I'm feeling
  7. First thing I did in my house, is fit porcelain tiles on the floor of the garage... Priorities right? Good luck with the search!
  8. I’ve ordered the HB3 LED bulbs from classiccarleds above 👍
  9. These ones @Choppa ? Did you buy the extension leads and where did you put the little IC boxes?
  10. I thought the flap automatically opened at certain revs, regardless of the switch position?
  11. Which velcro did you use Mark? Looks like Screwfix heavy duty stuff 🤓
  12. What a lovely car! 😍 Tyres look massive on the back are they 285 or 265? Also, what was the cost of the Lotus rear boards? Do you know what the name of the red is called too?
  13. Did you already have a sub Mark? Keen to see how you get on with this!
  14. I ordered a 2Bular Valved Road exhaust on the 27th Jan. So far, 2 promised delivery dates have been missed and we're on course for a 3rd missed date. I've already had to cancel 1 appointment for fitting. I've been nothing but polite and patient in all my correspondence, but the wait time is really tainting the general excitement for it to actually arrive.
  15. If you get any info, can you update the thread?
  16. Did you sort the DAB reception issues out? I've been eyeing this HU up for a while, and wasn't brave enough to take the plunge! Good job on getting it done.
  17. Saw your car at Lotus Silverstone on Saturday, while mine was in. Looks great in the flesh, love the colour.
  18. Anyone got one they want to sell?
  19. Thanks guys - and apologies for posting in the wrong place! 🤦‍♂️
  20. I’ve wanted a Lotus for a long time, ever since trying to buy an original NA 190 S2 Exige. Finally I can say I’ve joined the club after picking this car up from Charlie last week. Over the moon with it. Im away this week with work, so frustratingly I won’t get to drive it again for another week! Look forward to seeing some of you about. Plus a big thanks to @GFWilliams for putting up with my questions 🙈 Oh and @alias23 I’ll be in touch 👀
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